Let's do some Destiny raids


I’d be down for something around noon Mountain time Saturday.


I’m tentatively available on Saturday evening for anything people feel like doing.


Yeah, I can do Saturday evening. Sunday is probably no good for me (except maaaybe in the evening).

I’ll do any old raid if we have enough, or if not strikes and stuff are good.

I do have a few that are related to mission progress, though.


Yes lets raid this weekend! Who can make a 1 pm EDT-ish start time? I would be down to do either old or 390 raid!


Sure, I’m down for that.


Any XBox raiders up for something this weekend?


Also if anyone’s chilling out tonight and wants to do some strike stuff or help me tick off some of those boxes on my quest list then I’d be down for that. Now I’ve hit 390, I’m less inclined to visit the Forge as my go-to place, so I’ll be looking for something else to do.


I’m down for something tomorrow around that time even if only enough people for a nightfall show up


Tomorrow sounds good for me! I’ve finally broken through the 390 ceiling so I’m down to do whatever.

Also, I just got the Monte Carlo today, and man that thing is sleek looking.


Hey what’s your PSN? Making the PlayStation event now :slight_smile:


IHateDRM75 and yes I would like to be able to change that


SurplusGamer on PSN in case any one missed it before

(Please PSN. Lemme change it. I’ll give you money)


Just checkin’ when this is happening - I don’t see any event yet


6PM UK time, so an hour and 15 minutes.


I sent you an invite! Did you get it?


Hmm, I don’t see it. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but it’s not in my notifications


Strange! Well I’ll send an invite when we’re partied up, should be good to go in 15 min!


oh dang Im actually able to play today hit me up if anyone needs to ouch out etc.


ah bummer! I’ll definitely hit you up if we get a slot!

If anyone wants to hang out I’m streaming here: https://www.twitch.tv/cadokun/


Watching you guys stream. Congratulations! Looked like a fun time.