Let's Enjoy and Share Some Electronic Music


I’ve seen a couple threads in here devoted to a particular genre of music, so I thought it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to make one devoted to electronic music, or any other chillwave/ambient/instrumental/beat-driven genres. In any case, I’ll start.

I have two I want to post. The first is an artist I’ve had on repeat every since I discovered them years ago, [Giraffage]

The second is a new artist that I love, [Smog]:

I look forward to see what everyone is listening to.

Don't post any songs

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. I’m a huge fan of The Magician. He posts a new “Magic Tape” every month, and is currently on #70. Super consistently good house music. My current fav:




Great topic! I’ll leave this one here…


Here ya go, y’all:

This artist is really great if you are trying to relax and play video games. Super good chillwave, sample driven electronic.

I hope people keep utilizing this thread because I am loving these tracks!


i love Autre Ne Veut’s sort of post-jazz synths and sampling, not to mention his vocals + lyrics are amazing too

and then the more ambient side of that kind of singer-songwriter electronic stuff would be Majical Cloudz, who i also love


(begging this to embed properly):

I’m definitely… not? An electronic music person? But Rose Quartz has a general crispness to their synth that I find is missing in a lot of othermore popular electro-pop. Their collab with Brothertiger up on their soundcloud is also pretty interesting, a lot slicker than their usual style.


Please come back to us, Jai Paul.


GOD YESS damn that song is soo good. Was even happier when I found out it was on the GTA 5 soundtrack INCLUDING on one of the discs from the Vinyl Box set.

Damn what a good album…

Anyhoo, just to add to this pile a bit

We were all going gaga over Onuka at Eurovision but PLEASE look into listening to her 2014 album and EP cause man those are some fresh af tunes :tired_face::ok_hand:

This one actually a real surprise. My experience with Mako’s work had mostly been pretty typical of power festival EDM, but this song has such a wonderfully strange sense of pacing and structure, its still pretty captivating to me.

And of course it isn’t complete without my senpai Yasutaka Nakata. Though I was rather surprised (and delighted) to see him branching out and working with more than just inside Capsule or with Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and with a male artist no less. Very cool :purple_heart:


Here’s another awesome chillwave artist:

Been in love with this artist for a while now.


One for the old school IDM heads, Richard Devine off the Lily of the Valley comp:


Oh also a couple of rad electro songs from Soul Oddity the duo that would later become Phoenecia (and run schematic records):

for good measure, here’s them as Phoenecia before they had entirely shed their electro trappings and moved on to more IDM stuff (and later more, I’m gonna say, dark ambient) type stuff

This is one of theirs off the Lily of the Valley comp:

Schematic Records is pretty great is what I’m saying. Their roster also includes Scott Herren (Prefuse73, Savath & Savalas).


Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Odesza. It’s on the chiller side of thing, but that typically does excellent wonders for my productivity when writing, so it’s been getting a lot of mileage lately.

Also, Hollywood Principle when I want stuff a little less background.


Lauren Bousfield’s always been a favourite of mine going back to her old alias (Also god bless her for being maybe the coolest person on the planet)

Also Ceephax Acid Crew is amazing. Love a bit of acid and especially his brand of cheesy high-energy stuff coupled with some fucking incredible videos

And just for the sake of it because who doesn’t love an amen


Every song I post will be by an artist I adore, so if you like the song I definitely recommend checking out the artist’s page. They’re all very consistent musicians!


sidewalks and skeletons:

blvck ceiling: (song not from blvck ceiling’s soundcloud. you can find the artist here: https://soundcloud.com/blvck-ceiling/tracks)

clams casino:

Amen to that!


Here’s some Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith because she is doing some amazing stuff at the moment.


Electronic? Music. Well this dropped today. I dig the ambiance.


Couple more other lesser known acts come to mind:

  1. Geskia
    kinda glitchy melodic IDM in the vein of Matmos or Prefuse73’s instrumental moments. Uses treated vocals in a similar way.
  1. Two Fingers
    an Amon Tobin side project, not as good as his mainline stuff (especially not if you like his jazz trappings like I do) but would play well as a soundtrack to something like that Ruiner game. Music to commit cyberviolence to kinda stuff


I don’t really know anything about the subgenre, but I’m a big fan of working to this psybient mix:


My daily spotify playlist is mostly electronic music in some form or another. Here are some picks. Most of these songs have stayed on there for quite a while now, and I hope everything embeds properly. There is a variety of genres but since it is for work its mostly upbeat-ish and energetic but there are some exceptions

crapface - alone

animal hack - 500 days of innocence

barclay grenshaw - the gene sequence

alaska in winter - crystal tears

makeup and vanity set - a glowing light (a promise)

pyramid - send and return

alaska in winter - crystal tears

fear of tigers - i can make the pain disappear

Diskjokke - Flott Flyt

Fuckbuttons - sweet love for planet earth

Rummelsnuff - Salutare