Let's get a PC specs thread going!







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I like it a lot. Great speed and performance for the price. At the time I bought it, I couldn’t afford an i7 and the i3 6100 benchmarks made it seem like an incredible performer at the price. I haven’t regretted it yet. The 960 has definitely been my major bottleneck, though it’s been fine at 1080p for most games. Hopefully I can grab a 1060 or even a 1070 (or switch to one of the new AMDs) in the next year to see how much further I can push this CPU.


If you go for an AMD, don’t go for the 500 meme. They’re just rebranded 400s. I have a 480 8GB and it’s pretty much the same as a 580.


has anyone tried the new ryzen’s from amd?


Built this guy 4 years ago, and periodically updated when I have the money :stuck_out_tongue:

i5-3570 @ 3.4
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
32 GB DDR3
2x 1TB HDD
Dual Monitor

and my newest baby: Hyperkin’s Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard (link)

I love my goofy Super Nintendo Keyboard Son.


There’s a 6GB variant of the 1050 Ti? Or was that meant to say 1060?


Oh shoot, sorry it’s 4GB. I typed in 6GB as a guess and never fixed it :joy:


Got prepared to order the Ryzen 7, then the benchmarks and specifically some regressions vs a consumer Intel (especially overclocked vs overclocked as it seems AMD have virtually no spare headroom on this first gen of Ryzen chips) scared me away. Prepared for the Ryzen 5 (thinking less cores but keeping a high-TDP chip meant what I really needed for gaming) but it again got me to the point where I’m preparing to wait out another generation. They’re not bad chips, they certainly put AMD right back into the game, but I’ve been waiting a very long time to ditch my old CPU and it seems like they could do an annual revision to Ryzen that fixes the initial issues and overclocks a lot more without cutting the IPC.

I hope someone makes a great case for why my ~5GHz 2011 CPU is not only failing to deal with ideal threaded loads but also has a deficiency when dealing with the more mixed loads of a typical video game and other tasks that aren’t encoding a video or zipping a file, which I really don’t mind being not nearly as fast as a new system - especially as nVidia’s Pascal h.264 and h.265 encoder is staggeringly fast and only slightly behind in image quality at a given bitrate. I’ll live with a 15% larger file for the ability to get ~100fps encoding a 4K video file (even for HEVC).


What program is this?


AMD A8-4500M @ 1.9 GHz
Integrated Graphics

I mostly play 2D indie games and really old games, so I don’t usually worry about specs at all, but I have a very sad copy of Subnautica sitting in my Steam library unused (one day…).


It’s Speccy. Great program for monitoring your temps.


Phenom 2 955 overclocked to like 3.7
12GB Gskill Sniper DDR3
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
R9 270X

Old as dirt but still plays everything I play fine. Probably gonna upgrade to a Ryzen as soon as I can get the money.


Love it! I happened to snag this for only $600 from a friend’s boyfriend (without the GPU.)

i7 6700
GTX 1070

Just picked up an Acer Predator XB1, which if you’re not familiar is a 144hz monitor with Gsync, so when I can get a reliable 144fps it’s absolutely life changing.


GTX 1080


Ah yes!

i5-4690k with a Bequiet Dark Rock 3
RX 480 black edition from XFX (stock cooler but it runs at a constant 1330 Mhz after some software tinkering)
8 Gigs HyperX RAM
160 random solid state drive, 1 TB WD Blue
Define S (so lovely)
I forget the mobo but its an MSI that lets the CPU be overclocked

Got all this stuff to be able to overclock the CPU and realized I have almost no need for it and kinda left it at stock…


i7 6800K
GTX 1080
32GB Ram
512gb SSD
8TB HDD(s)

Most of it is new but some salvaged from my last build. I want to take my old 970 and make a portable PC with it someday.


It’s a couple years old now, but here’s mine:

I keep thinking I want to upgrade it, but I also haven’t found a game I want to play that I can’t run on max graphics with no issues. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I give it another year or two.


I have an Alienware Alpha that I’ve upgraded the HDD to an SSD. I think it has an i3 and a GTX 770 equivalent inside of it.

I’ve been very happy with it and I can’t imagine replacing it anytime soon.

[edit] oh yea and my wife added more RAM. I guess it helps for Civ V?