Let's get a PC specs thread going!


Hello again old thread. My 2011 desktop was finally properly dying (failure to POST with more than 1 RAM slot populated; the beginning of crashes with the OC pushed it down to a 4.3GHz max clock; sometimes it just didn’t want to POST from cold/display never got signal - all stuff that probably says the motherboard was not totally there) so I grabbed a new system (this time in a case with all 140mm fans and acoustic insulation - basically silent which matches the old GPU & PSU that don’t spin fans unless they absolutely have to).

Ryzen 2700X
GTX 1070
16GB DDR4 3200MHz (I’ll get another 32GB when prices are more reasonable, for now it’s enough and prices are coming back down)
500GB Samsung 960 EVO (Pro is a tad too expensive and even this is already shockingly fast with that M.2 PCI-E interface) + those old Samsung 830/840s as extra room.

Some games that had been giving me some troubles hitting a solid framerate (without that 5GHz OC to lean on) have been fixed, the working experience is pretty amazing, and it’s generally been a really easy move to a new OS (even if Microsoft really aren’t interested in making anything easy).