Let's Groove to Wargroove


Terrible title, I will not apologize.

Wargroove finally has a release date for the Switch–February 1! I don’t know about y’all but I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced two years ago. Woooo!!

While I wanted to start this topic to share general hype and such, I also thought folks may be interested in coordinating and setting up matches against others. Seems like there will be some good fun online play.

That’s all. Groovy.


I didn’t know this game was a thing until very recently, which is probably good because Advance Wars But You Can Be A Dog occupies a lot of my brain’s processing power every time I remember it exists. Really excited to get my hands on it!


Alternative title for thread:

War!(Groove) - What is it good for?

Edit: Game looks real vibrant, though I’m not 100% how the gameplay loop works.


Goddamnit that is a significantly better title.


I am very interested to see how this game comes together in practice. It has done a good job of capturing, but building on, ‘a new Advance Wars’ as a concept – which is a very open gap in the market. With that said, I’m still a little murky on it conceptually.

The super-robust map and campaign designer would have been amazing for wee baby robo, though.


I’m about as pumped for this as I am anything else this year. Been waiting since the announcement, I’m so ready.


This is the first I’ve heard of this game as far as I can recall. Holy shit how did I not know about this?!


Yissss looking forward to this one, glad it’s finally coming out.
I hope it is as good as it seems to be, that Tiny Metal game looked promising but didn’t really deliver the Advance Wars spiritual successor goods


awww I came in expecting a rhythm game, but all I got was an Advanced Wars style strategy game…
(still cool, but not what I’m looking for rn)


never played anything like Advance Wars before but i really like tactical games like Door Kickers or strat games like Civ V or whatever. what’s the closest comparison one could make? maybe like XCOM?


@ukapu Not really like Xcom, those games are much more about angles and cover where Advance Wars is more about resources, unit matchups, and positioning in the chess/checkers sense. Civ is also pretty different, since there’s none of the city or empire building, but the combat (from V at least, haven’t played VI) is sorta similar. There’s also probably a decent comparison to be drawn there with how you need to build units.

Closest comparisons would definitely be Fire Emblem (which was made by the same studio iirc) and to a lesser extent Final Fantasy Tactics; with the RPG mechanics stripped and an in-battle income and unit production system added.


Advance Wars was like Fire Emblem but with generic units that you earn money to buy. So instead of every unit being a named character you deploy, you capture bases to build currency and buy infantry, tanks, planes etc.

It also had a more complex rock paper scissors, because there’s lots of different power dynamics. Infantry is weak but captures buildings quick. Tanks are good against infantry. However you can get a platoon of anti tank infantry. Then there’s specifically anti aircraft guns, and so on. Everything has some weakness to target and strengths to maneuver around.

I’m very curious to hear how Wargroove reviews because it’s been in the making for so long and we’re obviously going to just now start hearing reviews.


I’ve played this a couple of times on Xbox at various game shows. It’s going to be great on the Switch.


What’s the moment-to-moment gameplay like? Is it straight up Advance Wars or something else? Also, what’s up with that base building stuff?


I’ve never played Advance Wars, but essentially Wargroove is a turn based strategy in which you have an overworld, in which you control units to take garrisons and gather resource, that plays a little like Fire Emblem in that you have to think about how you move and position your troops. It will go to a turnbased battlemode when you encounter enemies, depending on whether you’re holding or attacking a garrison, the winner will take it. It played a little like an arcadey version of Civilisation with cool pixel art.


Looks really good, and do I see that chucklefish made the Floran a faction? Does this mean both games are in the same universe?


This has been on my radar forever! I’m so glad it finally has a release date. I’m feeling good about 2019 as a year of strong Indies.
We’ve got this, Ooblets, Indivisible, and Fae Tactics as games I’ve been looking forward to for quite a long time.


I am split between buying wargroove and waiting for news on my other most anticipated indie game, Baba Is You…

Checking in on this thread though because when I do get it I’d love to have some async battles with y’all!


Very interested in the scenario editor, particularly the fact that you can make cutscenes. Excited to make both incredibly silly and extremely grim fanfic maps, possibly at the same time.


Extremely excited about this.

My Friend Code is SW-2058-0806-9600, username Alveric. Anyone who wants to be friends and set up some matches, I am ready to lose day one.