Let's Groove to Wargroove


Some reviews are out and they are pretty good! In particular, I really enjoyed the thorough overview done by GameXplain (along with a really fun showcase of the customization available in the game) and Destructoid.


RPS has their review up to (by Brendan) and it’s a really considered breakdown about what works and doesn’t work here. It sounds like it carries the whole legacy of Advance Wars (including some of the fail first & retry) design that that series has.

I’m more than okay with that personally, so it’s going on my Switch wishlist.


Patrick just put his thoughts up today too!

Honestly, his review might be pushing this game up my to buy list. I mean, it was already on there, but wow he was glowing.


I first heard of it around this time last year and boy am I happy that this is coming out tomorrow! I need a nice tactics game and one with good bois sounds like a great way to spend the weekend.


So fun lil hiccup I just discovered. I thought Nintendo let indies do online stuff for free. That does not seem to be the case with Wargroove, I can’t access online multiplayer. I am not angry or feel cheated but this is a little surprising and frustrating. Guess I finally need to bite the bullet and get an online account.


Can you still share/download maps and scenarios without Nintendo online? I have zero interest in multiplayer but the sharing aspect is key for me.


I am not sure. I literally opened my Switch to start a multiplayer game with my brother so we could relive old Advance Wars tensions and was blocked by the account notice. Haven’t poked around beyond that and haven’t found anything online reporting on what is and isn’t available.



Alright, I have plunked away at the campaign and the game is fun and cute and oh my god I miss GBA era Advance Wars so much.

I also went ahead and got a Nintendo Online account because playing this with friends and family seems like it will be wonderful (until I start losing). Anyone else want to start some matches? Casual atmosphere and gameplay on my end but I am up for anything.


Happy to see Day9 streaming this, looks like the game deserves the attention.


I wasn’t going to buy a game this year until Sekiro came out, but I think this game could be an exception. It looks so good and fun and it has dogs! After playing so much Into the Breach I want to try my hand at a different type of strategy/ tactics game.


Worth noting, Wargroove has crossplay between Switch, PC, and Xbox. Which is really cool to have for a game like this!


Good to know, as I was considering getting it on Steam since 1) it seems like it will run no problem on my ancient hardware and 2) I fucked up and accidentally put $50 in my steam wallet.


I caved and bought it. After feeling a little bit skeptical in that first mission, and messing up the first fight with Ragna, I’ve now had the chance to play the first 5 of the campaign and Wargroove is getting its hooks in deep. Im already replaying missions hunting for that S medal.

(For context, I’ve played a lot of Advance Wars and AW: Dual Strike but never any FE)

I really like the way they’ve tweaked the capture and healing mechanics; it’s a much more interesting risk/reward system. On the flip side, though, it seems like you can no longer join units, which is a bit of a bummer.

I have a fair few little gripes with some of the UI and controls (honestly the unit matchup info is really hard for me to parse) but the core is just perfect and I can’t wait to dig into it more.


I think I am in the same boat in terms of gripes and already replaying missions desperately trying to hit a maximum star reward.

I am a little optimistic about some of my quality of life gripes, as Chucklefish did a Reddit AMA and said they “Quality of life fixes coming soon.” (Link is to a news story summarizing it, not the AMA).


It’s probably more than a little patronizing to say this, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with Wargroove, but honestly my strongest takeaway is that Into the Breach is immacuatly designed and I have not appreciated that enough.


Oh amazing, they explicitly say they’ll add some tooltips to the effective/vulnerable display! Honestly, that’s currently my biggest gripe (other than just being really bad at Fog of War.)


Into the Breach is a perfect game, it’s true.

I’m enjoying this one. I’m thru the forest and did all the side missions so far. I’m getting 3 stars mostly and not sweating a 2 here and there. I like the mission variety and the game looks lovely. My main gripe is that missions move slowly. Even if you get some Wagon supply chains going, spending a turn to load and a turn to drop before you can attack just drags. Makes it hard to read how well you’re doing on the momentum.


As with Valkyria Chronicles, I think it is a friggin’ drag that your ranking depends entirely on how quickly you complete a map as opposed to considering other factors. I had been struggling with side mission 2-2 but finally cleared it, taking control of pretty much every base along the way and ending with minimal casualties and surplus resources only to receive one star because I took too long.


so this is the game that’s really pushing me towards getting the nintendo online service… hmph. i must resist!

has anyone played online? is there any sort of matchmaking or is it direct w/ friend code only? i’ve never messed with nintendo online anything, it’s all kind of a mystery to me still. is there true a-synchronous multiplayer? as in… can i start a game, play some, turn off my switch, come back to it later, my opponent having moved, then enter my moves and walk away while it plays out, etc?

i am loving the campaign so far, especially caesar the dog. :hugs:


I have been playing online. Here is the breakdown of it and my impressions:

There are two modes: Quick Play and Invitation. In a Quick Play match you are paired with a stranger pretty immediately and then you each have two minutes to make a move per turn. Sort of like timed chess. Important to note that this match/timer is live so you need to either finish the match or, if you quit, be prepared for a loss. I learned this the hard way by starting a bunch of matches, closing my Switch, and then being surprised the next morning when I had lost all of them. In this regard, I do not consider Quick Play to be truly asynchronous multiplayer. Having said that, if you got like 30 minutes, it is a fun way to play.

As to the Invitation/hosting multiplayer, that is true asynchronous play. You or your opponent choose a map, set the rules (weather, damage, fog of war, resources, etc.), and then the game is given an invitation code to which other players have to enter to join. In this sense, you need to coordinate with players outside of the game to share the invite code but aside from that it is precisely the environment you described and seemingly desire. This version is great for me in that my brother and I have a few games going at the same time and we have been playing against each other at our leisure, making a move or two every day, etc. The downside is unless you know people who also have the game or have a community to coordinate with people, there is no way (that I can tell) to play this version with strangers.

I was in the same boat as you and ultimately caved and bought the online service for this game. I do not regret it (at this time). Should you choose to try it out and want someone to play with, let me know!