Let's Groove to Wargroove


thanks Alveric! that invitation mode seems like exactly what i’m looking for. i’m tempted. i’m extremely tempted.


You are welcome. Think it over and, should you give in to your temptation, please know I am not great at this game but always keen to play with more people.

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Worth knowing that the Nintendo online service is $4 for a month if you just wanna dip your toe in and don’t know if you’ll actually use it for very long.

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so i was able to use my nintendo e-coin stash to get 1 month of the online service for 11 cents. not bad!

played a couple of quick matches, which quickly ended with me realizing that i suck at this game! hahah. a good time anyway…

i’d love to play with any of y’all who would be willing to help me practice a bit, i probably won’t offer too much of a challenge. :blush:. i prefer smaller maps at this this time but i’ll play whatever.

edit: again, brand new to this nintendo business. do i just drop my friend code in here and then people can add me?


You can drop your friend code here and folks (I) will add you, but you don’t need to be friends to play Wargroove.

If you want to create a match and send me the code (you’ll be provided an invite code during creation) I would be happy to play with you. Otherwise, happy to set up a match this evening.


Bumping this thread because I have essentially abandoned playing the campaign mode and am spending all my time playing online and making maps. It’s very fun!

Would love to continue to play with new folks (and try some of the 3 and 4 player maps) so, yeah, is anyone interested?


I forgot to post about it here, but I made a Google sheet and shared it on the discord for folks to post codes when they wanna post multiplayer games. I don’t want to post it publicly, but if you want to see the doc feel free to DM me and I can pass the link on for you to join games/host your own.


Fun game, but I’m finding it extremely difficult so far. Had to turn down the voice volume due to Ragna’s extremely loud dialogue bits.


I’ve had mixed feelings about the difficulty. It can be frustrating to replay a level in the campaign multiple times due to the lack of in-mission saves. But, I’ve also had some super satisfying experiences of turning the tide of a battle in a slow grind of attrition that finally results in a 1-star victory after repeated failed attempts. I can remember those maps almost down to every terrain feature, whereas the levels that I finished in one try are forgotten quickly. I’m looking forward to revisiting some of those to try for 3-stars/S-rank

I think this is compounded by the fact that the difficulty isn’t due to the AI but the scenario design. The levels sometimes feel like puzzles where you are trying to suss out a correct solution (I’ve only dipped a little into puzzle mode which is this x100). At least in my experience playing against the AI in arcade is much easier than the campaign, once you’ve figured out some basic strategies.

That said, I’m garbage at online play.


I recently lost a battle after 2 hours, so I can empathize with the sentiment, but I’d rather it be too hard than too easy. I was setting up counters for the enemy units that were approaching and they were just staying back and waiting for reinforcements and trying to flank. That’s greatly preferable to something like a Fire Emblem where the AI is going to just suicide against units they can’t damage.


One thing that trips me up is that I keep expecting the AI to behave like AW1, which it 100% does not.

I just finished up the side mission where Greenfinger fights Sedge; I pushed hard in the beginning, made sure to hold the central island, and combined by Groove and a trebuchet to take out the golem before it had a chance to hurt me.

By this point, the enemy’s forces were basically nonexistent, even though they still had a fair amount of cash and barracks. Foolishly, I lackadasically rolled forward onto their island, only for the AI to turn on a dime and start rolling out their commander and trebuchets!

That kind of strategic shift in how the AI behaves based on where you’re progressing in the mission keeps catching me off guard.


Bringing this thread back because I know a lot of folks have mentioned they’d like checkpoints. I’m personally very excited about being able to read the unit effectiveness chart.


These are some very good very welcome patches.


I just want to say that I am 20 hours into Wargroove, I just played like 3 hours tonight, and I am absolutely loving it. The new icons for reading the unit vulnerabilities helps a lot. But even before they fixed that feature, I was really feeling this.

I find that the challenge curve really suits me. I recall commentators complaining about the lack of checkpoints (which have been added, but which I haven’t been using) and the frustration of being punished for not choosing the correct units. But I really have not found this to be the case. After the first few hours, I found it became quite intuitive and satisfying to look at my enemy’s army composition and to figure out what to invest in for the upcoming rounds. I have definitely lost a few frustrating missions, but it’s usually been the result of my own carelessness, overcommitting to an attack and leaving my hero exposed.

I also really find the character designs and the writing charming. I just played a mission where the bandit army tried to use bothsideism as a defence for attacking villagers, and it was quite good.

I don’t know if I will exhaust the multiplayer and extra modes, but I feel like this game is really going under appreciated.

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I finished the campaign last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is pretty basic, albeit cute, but the mission design and curve were incredibly satisfying.

I continue to spend the majority of my time with the game playing multiplayer and have not touched the arcade mode. I see Wargroove occupying a similar role on my Switch as Into the Breach as a game I will likely return to again and again for little sessions.

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I just managed to beat the side missions at the ocean part of the campaign, which had been giving me grief for AGES. Very much enjoyed the Sea Dog mission in particular, dominating the ocean before storming the beaches.

Also Vampires being Actual Bat People is a good decision and I’m very happy about it.

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Did folks end up adjusting the difficulty following the latest patch? The game’s default is Hard but can be adjusted down at the expense of rewards; for example, the Normal setting allows you to receive a maximum of 3 stars but you can’t S rank a mission.

Because S ranking is based purely on speed I ended up dropping down to Normal on the final level after failing it a few times. Game still felt challenging and I was grateful for the inclusion of the option.

(Unrelated: @CaptainMorton, what is your user art from, if anything? I really dig it.)


I’ve not messed around with difficulty stuff yet, though I can imagine I might now I’m approaching the end of the campaign(I think). Dunno if I wanna get stuck on a the same 2 missions for a month or so again. (And it’s Morag from Xenoblade 2, by Hungry Clicker/click-burgundy. They mostly do very good headshots, so they make for good icons)

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The difficulty adjustments are very good for avoiding the situation you are describing. Based on your comment about “side missions at the ocean” and “Vampires being Actual Bat People” I think you are pretty close to the end. Like you may be way closer than you realize.

(Cool thanks! Although now I am sorely tempted to check out Xenoblade 2 simply because of that illustration…)


Good to know about the difficulty sliders. I hadn’t actually looked at them, but I could see using them if I get really stuck. I am just getting to the sea combat in the campaign myself, so I look forward to the Sea Dog mission.