Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


I hold you at least 40% responsible for haunted.domains.

It draws from the exact same source data as whereiswaypoint.info, so they will always be exactly in sync.

Speaking of which, if anyone else wants to help curate that list (@nightpool is already on board), let me know and I’ll set you up as a collaborator on the GitHub project.


Just btw, all the links on haunted.domains don’t redirect - they just add ‘/givenurl’ so you get a 404!


Oops! I’ve fixed it now. Thanks!


Ok. I think I’ve gotten all of the recent additions added up top.

For the record @wmporter, committothebutt.com is definitely still funny.


Fair play to whoever it is browsing on their PlayStation.


How else am I supposed to post my Gravity Rush 2 screenshots on the Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)?


Does Android count as Linux, unknown, or unknown UNIX? Because I’m on vacation and have been visiting on my phone.

Also, I know that unknown UNIX probably just means Android or some other weird Linux distro, but when I read it I imagine someone visiting Waypoint using z/OS on a backup mainframe or the firmware GUI on their Brocade router. :grinning:


skeleton.world is missing i noticed


I was wondering the same thing, given that this has all been largely developed and tested on my phone. I’d guess it counts as Linux.

I also wonder what the one visit from a BSD system is. Perhaps some sort of Web crawler? And “Java” as an operating system? The same?

A sad state of affairs that has now been rectified.


divorced from context this is one of my favourite posts from any forum ever


Maybe a Wii U? I know Nintendo’s systems are BSD based. Could also be a firewall. Now that I think about it, that’s the most likely answer for the Unknown and Unknown UNIX systems as well.

They could be using an Oracle VM. Sun actually made a Java OS back in the day, and a lot of that code still exists in the Oracle back end.


And now there’s a Twitter bot: @WaypointURLs

Any suggestions for an avatar and header image?


I just registered pubgtips.info because of B&B. Also pubgtips.info/tips goes to Cameron’s article from yesterday


One week in and it’s already repeated itself. I wonder if I should make it go through the whole list (in random order) before repeating anything. Or prevent it from repeating a URL within X days.


I was talking about the Waypoit redirects to a friend, and I mentioned gamesare.art and gamesarenot.art, and he asked if there was an aregames.art, so now there is.


Stolen from Paul Ford (@ftrain on Twitter), posted here without comment. :wink:


we got a new one: millennialsarekilling.me


I look forward to these being future community game jam themes.


avocadotoa.st would make a good addition imo


Also spotted on Twitter: casualpopplios.love