Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


His FatT intro voice




I’ll confess that that took me a minute to parse.


So um, y’know, hypothetically… How would one go about setting one of these up?


Namecheap makes it pretty easy if you buy a domain from them.


I like Hover, though the way I have my own redirects set up also requires web hosting (which I get from A Small Orange). I’m sure you can do simple redirects on Hover too, though.

Anyway, there’s been an exciting new development.


hello and welcome to the www.goblin.zone


Hello and welcome to http://rayprincetondonovan.club


Just got http://largestmillennialvideolibraryinthe.biz after this hot take.






So back a few weeks ago, I made one of these having been inspired by an episode of Permadeath. I’m not sure it’s even funny anymore but here it is:


http://dontmesswiththegohan.club (in reference to a joke made on the e3 podcasts)


For the record, austinwalkergames.games without the /games/games doesn’t go to Waypoint, but it is beautiful


Pursuant to this Twitter conversation I give you: borntodie.world/isafuck


You can add riendeaupower.com to the list.


I tip my nonexistent fedora to Danika and Austin!

Congratulations on now having http://m-ar.io forward to you.


please convince me not to drop $14 on goatseinvestigators.club


no if you have the $14 to spare you should definitely do that


do not drop $14 on that. Go to namecheap.com and drop $0.88 instead