Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


Stolen from Paul Ford (@ftrain on Twitter), posted here without comment. :wink:


we got a new one: millennialsarekilling.me


I look forward to these being future community game jam themes.


avocadotoa.st would make a good addition imo


Also spotted on Twitter: casualpopplios.love




http://wegot.hoisted.online from @cockatielcutie

*for those not in the know this is a reference to the podcast Important If True. "to be hoisted by one’s own petard"
to simplify hoisting: it’s essentially a owning oneself


Someone might’ve registered hottake.club to redirect to the forums. Someone. Honestly wasn’t me.

(It was @Sean)


Money well spent.


Tonight, the Splatfest begins. Join us as we crush the tomatoes once and for all. Step into the http://mayo.zone.


I also got http://didyoulearnthatat.bird.school set up c:


vaporwavevehicles dot org


Throwing in http://goldinvideo.com !


In case anyone was wondering, there are now 57 distinct domain names redirecting to Waypoint or Waypoint-related materials. That’s really stupid and makes me very very happy.


As Waypoint nears it’s 1 year anniversary, these domain names will begin to expire. Have any of the people considered what they’ll do when they come up for renewal?

I realize some of these were just a lark, but others have been referenced quite a lot on the podcast and other places, it’d be sad to see them go.


a lot of website registrars have deals that are like… 3 dollars for the first year, 15 for year 2, so it might be a big ask for people to renew them. and I don’t doubt that new redirects are gonna keep coming to pick up the slack.


If that happens, I guess I’ll have to set up some sort of Gone But Not Forgotten page on haunted.domains.


I guess it’s just bots trawling the Web on the hunt for WordPress exploit opportunities, but I’m still pretty tickled by the idea of anyone trying to hack haunted.domains or whereiswaypoint.info:



During the Mayo vs Ketchup Splatfest, I bought http://www.internationalhouseofketchup.org/ to counter http://mayo.zone.