Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


ah yeah i remembered their being a ketchup domain but forgot the name


gotta have an intro to the podcast where Austin lists off all the redirects a la Bodega Boys.


It’s nice to leave an impression.


New as of a patrick joke at PAX @Niko bought http://wokegamers.life !





  1. I strongly object.
  2. Using a rewrite instead of a redirect so that the domain hangs around in the address bar like an awful smell is a deviously cruel touch.
  3. Good job!


I’ve owned giantbomb2.com for like four years at this point so I might as well do something useful with it


I just registered goopscoop.online


Welcome, woke gamers, to woke.games


In light of the recent affirmation of toilet humour (“I laugh when my kid farts” – Patrick Klepek, Waypoint Radio 105), I introduce: fartz.lol

Buying domain names is frighteningly easy.


fyi http://bazinga.zone/ is expired


This is the worst news.



I didn’t know sadrobots.club was one. I may have to use that instead of bastionfucks.com

Posting sad robot Tom Hanks as tribute


Well, I finally got around to updating haunted.domains to acknowledge the fall of bazinga.zone, and in so doing discovered that austinwalker.games is also gone (but not its more verbose sibling austinwalkergames.games, of course), and that youalreadyknowwhatit.biz now points to Spawn on Me. I went for a simple strike-through (which might not show up for you until the CSS refreshes) since that was the simplest. My original intention (and the reason it took me this long to sort it out) was to have a whole separate page of “In Memoriam”, either overly sombre and tasteful, all serif fonts and tasteful beige, or alternatively a festival of spinning skull GIFs and a MIDI of the funeral march playing in the background. But I found myself without the design skills to do the former, or the energy to do the latter. Anyway, I hope everyone thinks it’s an OK solution.


I’d like to thank this thread for introducing me to discourse.zone which is how I get to this forum now.


i should note that since maintaining multiple joke urls gets expensive past the first year that i will be keeping poppliopals.moe (so long as i remember to pay the renewal fee) but dontmesswiththegohan.club i will let expire on June 21st of 2018 i’m sad to say.


Is none of us a secret billionaire willing to annually put significant funds into Web infrastructure-based humour?



55% of Waypoint’s funds are directed to purchasing and maintaining these URLs.

21% goes to overheads

21% goes to fairly compensating it’s workers

3% goes to acquiring fresh radishes