Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


I blame my pal alerting me too late that .party domains were stupidly cheap to acquire!


Is this list still being updated?
Apparently, http://bastionfucks.com/ has expired.


Sorry. :sweat: I keep getting the emails on my phone, and thinking “I should go through and update the list next time I’m at my computer.” and, of course, by the time I’m back at a computer I’ve completely forgotten. James seems to be keeping up with updates for his sites, so those are probably the best bet right now, but I’ll set myself a reminder to update the OP when I get home this afternoon (and hopefully I’ll actually have time to do it).


No worries. I was just checking out the list on a whim and noticed that one.


@OneDollarWilliam is right: I try to keep my lists up-to-date according to what people post in this thread (and if I happen to spot anything elsewhere). I have this thread bookmarked, and I try to check in pretty frequently, so it is helpful if people keep posting all their updates here (including reports of URLs going inactive). I don’t always post anything because I feel like I’ve got way too many posts in this thread already, but I do take note.

I also occasionally click on all the links on the site to check for any duds, and every now and then check to see if any dead links are back online, or available for cheap (as was the case with bazinga.zone), but that’s really only when the thought strikes me, so reporting that kind of here is definitely appreciated.


I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have a redirect about feet yet… so I fixed it.



I need some advice. I was thinking of domains to register as goofs, as you do, and came across some gems in the auto-suggestions. Which of these is worth registering as a redirect?

  • cyberpunk.republican
  • cyberpunk.mom
  • cyberpunk.attorney
  • cyberpunk.university
  • cyberpunk.accountant
  • cyberpunk.sucks

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For some reason I’m personally fond of .dentist.

cyberpunk.dentist conjures a pretty disquieting image.

Anyway, I doubt this is of much interest to anyone, but I kept reading about how the Web really needs to go HTTPS everywhere, so I’ve finally got around to researching how to get Let’s Encrypt working on my shared hosting. If any other amateur website admins are having similar problems, I highly recommend getssl. It’s pretty flexible with regard to setup (you can run it on the server if you have SSH access, or on a local Linux machine that uses FTP to add a file to the server), and all you have to do is edit a couple of config files, run the command, and schedule it to re-run periodically to check whether any of your certificates need renewing.


My personal favorite is cyberpunk.mom. Kinda has a Danika vibe.


It’s working for me.


you’re right. it just isn’t working on the network i was on, on which it normally works fine.


Since I couldn’t limit myself to just one, http://cyberpunk.university now points to http://wayoint.vice.com. And in honor of Danika and her excellent shitposting, http://cyberpunk.mom redirects to http://twitter.com/waypoint.


@idkicarus Just a heads-up: Looks like Waypoint have put a frame-ancestors content security policy in place that blocks the site from being loaded in an iframe that isn’t hosted on a Vice site. As such, it’s broken cyberpunk.university (as well as crunchpouch.expert, which had been using an iframe in order to fade in images over the top of the site). The solution is probably to go for a straightforward redirect, or some kind of rewrite tomfoolery like how I presume mario.nipples.zone does its thing.

All of this came up because I did an audit of the list; sadly a lot of them have now lapsed. It’s only to be expected, but it’s a shame.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll switch over to a simple redirect without URL masking.



I promise this one will make sense in a few days!

(Sadly, wokegamers.life has now expired. Out with the old jokes, in with the new!)


Unfortunately woke.games is expiring very soon. May they be at rest.


I brought this up on the Save Point stream but who.could.say would be extremely good