Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects


I blame my pal alerting me too late that .party domains were stupidly cheap to acquire!


Is this list still being updated?
Apparently, http://bastionfucks.com/ has expired.


Sorry. :sweat: I keep getting the emails on my phone, and thinking “I should go through and update the list next time I’m at my computer.” and, of course, by the time I’m back at a computer I’ve completely forgotten. James seems to be keeping up with updates for his sites, so those are probably the best bet right now, but I’ll set myself a reminder to update the OP when I get home this afternoon (and hopefully I’ll actually have time to do it).


No worries. I was just checking out the list on a whim and noticed that one.


@OneDollarWilliam is right: I try to keep my lists up-to-date according to what people post in this thread (and if I happen to spot anything elsewhere). I have this thread bookmarked, and I try to check in pretty frequently, so it is helpful if people keep posting all their updates here (including reports of URLs going inactive). I don’t always post anything because I feel like I’ve got way too many posts in this thread already, but I do take note.

I also occasionally click on all the links on the site to check for any duds, and every now and then check to see if any dead links are back online, or available for cheap (as was the case with bazinga.zone), but that’s really only when the thought strikes me, so reporting that kind of here is definitely appreciated.


I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have a redirect about feet yet… so I fixed it.