Let's Make a Comprehensive List of Waypoint Redirects

Is new.donk.city not working for you? I went through and checked which ones are still working, and that one seems to be OK.

I suspect that the redirect craze has faded, but I think about getting fcgh dot info from time to time.

It wasn’t working when I checked yesterday but it seems to be up now. Nice.

I support you getting the fcgh redirect!

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I noticed today that asseaters.info expired on the 7th, just to let folks know. =(

didyoulearnthatat.bird.school is also gone, as well as arkane-aust.in.

I wasn’t doing a comprehensive check or anything, just goofing off while waiting for a call at work.


Just a heads up: http://fivestarruntime.com/ will expire tomorrow and I will not renew it.

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I’m sorry to bump this old post, but I wanted to announce that largestmillennialvideolibraryinthe.biz has been fixed and now points to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWu9QuHF-dcakBmhullIH6w (Waypoint YouTube channel)

I have two other domains that I needed to fix and should be working again since they still pointed to the http twitter links. (presidentofonline.games points to Austin’s twitter and takesobad.today points to “y’all ever see a take so bad” tweet)