Let's Play a Game of Exquisite Post


Here’s an idea: Let’s play a forum thread version of Exquisite Corpse! When replying to this thread, spoiler out the text of all but the last line of your post, and don’t un-spoiler any of the text in the posts you’re replying to unless you’re done participating!

Let’s see how this goes:

I’ve been thinking lately about the games we sort-of inherit from our folks. Both my mother and her father were avid computer solitaire players–when we would stay with my grandparents over vacation, every day I’d wake up and find one or both of them at my grandpa’s immense Windows ME tower PC playing the bundled copy of Microsoft Solitaire. I didn’t really get the appeal back then, but over the past year or so I’ve gotten in a real habit of it–I’ll usually play at least one hand as I’m waking up in the morning and a second as I’m heading off to bed. Anyone else?


it’s important to have a good bedtime routine! part of cutting back on smoking for me was giving myself set times for when i would have a smoke, and one right before bed is always very relaxing and fits into my routine well. also helps remind me to brush my teeth, the smell/taste is way too strong to ignore when you’re tired


, and it couldn’t be done now. It was that sour taste of cold pleather car seat. A wasted afternoon spent face down and exhausted. Twisting back up to the front seats now, over the gear shift and bumping into the buttons on the radio. This was the shoulder, the buzzing passage of cars punctuating each nasally breath. It’s too cold to focus right now.