Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


Just chiming in to say I’m also interested, though my schedule isn’t great right now (I’m waiting to hear back from a different job and if I get that I’ll have more consistency and better off-hours). I’d definitely be glad to hop into any one-shots that I happen to have time for.


I’ve had an itch to play rather than GM for a decent bit now, and am open most evenings, though usually during the week. It looks like we might be getting multiple groups worth of people here, so hopefully everyone can find a game they’d like–some talk about expectations, systems, etc might help sort folks into like-minded groups?

I’m sure we could also use the Waypoint Discord server, though I haven’t spent much time on it…


I’d love to play! I’ve got caught in the GMs curse and feel like I don’t get a chance to be on the other side of the table often enough. One shots would probably be best bc of time constraints but I wouldn’t say no to a longer campaign…


Discord server for arranging particulars seems to be a popular suggestion! If somebody wants to set that up, I’ll add a link to the top post.

Heartened to see so many people into this idea! Shall collate a masterpost of everyone who’s expressed interest so far, along with their timezones/availability/preferred systems/GM or player status, if that’s cool?


I would love to play some burning wheel or torchbearer over roll20.

I’m in the UK and free on any day except for thursdays and fridays.


Commenting just to keep updated. Discord group would be great to serve as a central hub for this. My schedule is hectic right now, but once school starts back up I should have my weekends mostly free.


My schedule is weird sometimes but I would love to do some play.


Central time here (GMT -6 typically)

I think a discord group is a great idea. I’ve never done a Roll20 style game, so that could be a lot of fun. I probably love White Wolf games more than is reasonable, but getting into any game should be lots of fun!


I’d also be interested, both as player or GM. I’m in Germany (GMT+1). Games that I’d like to play include, but aren’t limited to: Blades in the Dark, Dungeon World, Stars Without Number, and Masks.
My English is pretty OK but not perfect, if that’s something that might bother you.


that sounds like a good idea to me. for the record I’m EST and should be available most nights besides Monday & Tuesday. player only tho.

also echoing the idea of start up a Discord. it’ll get used somehow.


I’m EST and usually free Friday nights, Saturday/Sunday afternoons/nights.


How about tomorrow night (Friday) for a Fiasco game? I’d usually prefer Saturday around noon, but since the Friends Post Mortem is Saturday afternoon I’d rather do it Friday in case it goes long or something. I dunno how many people would be up for it on such short notice, but I figure sooner we can try something the better. Off the top of my head maybe around 8:30 Central would be good for US folk? That’s 9:30 Eastern and 6:30 Pacific.


I will have to doublecheck later tonight but that should actually work for me. I guess I should start craning the rules for Fiasco tonight.


I just slapped together a quick discord here: tabletop.zone

If we want to make any official changes (like coming up with a better name), or if we want to assign anyone as administrators let me know. I just figured better to get it out of the way then keep saying it would be a good idea. Especially if people want to play Fiasco tomorrow night, which I am down for as well.

Feel free to add the link to the top post @thundarrshirt We can probably put the member reference list on the discord as well once you’re done with it.


By the way yall, in the Discord we’ve added a “Game Schedule” text channel we’ll put game sessions in, one shots and possibly more regular ones too down the line. In Discord you can add emoji reactions to any post, so I figure it’d be cool if anyone who wants to attend RSVPed by slapping an emoji on that message.

I repeat, it’d be cool if yall could RSVP by going to the Game_Schedule channel on the discord and emoji-ing on the game. One emoji per person please.

(This is at this point sort of improvised so we might figure out better ways to handle it over time. Is this system cool? Not cool? Let’s find out together.)


I am very much new to this whole tabletop RPG thing, and i would probably be a bit awkward atleast in the beginning. But i would really like to try it out sometime if someone needs a member in their group!

My timezone is UTC +1


Similarly to a few people here, I’m pretty much inexperienced with tabletop RPGs but have always been interested in playing. If folks are willing to put up with a total newbie, I’d be happy to be a part of whatever. I’m GMT -5, but my schedule can be pretty whack.


gmt or whatever <3


What does the room think about posting projected session lengths to help out people that might have hard stop times or scheduling questions?


That is a good idea. I’ll make a note on the discord.