Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


I’d love to join, though I’m a bit of a newbie. I played pathfinder for a few months, but had to stop because of schedule issues. My timezone is CDT/UTC -5.


OKAY, have updated the initial post with a link to the Discord plus all the info people have given up so far (being a member of the NSA must be such a rush!!), lmk if you want your name/info taken off that list. And if anybody wants to add more info about their timezone/availability/systems and roles they’re interested in, hit me up!

Looks like we’ve got some overlap in timezones and games so hopefully we can get some games going <3 A few of the guys in the Discord are already planning a one-shot of Fiasco for tomorrow (unfortunately at 1.30am GMT for me)


Hello! I’m super new to playing tabletops and I’ve always wanted to try them out as a player. Dungeon/apocalypse world has brought me in and i would prefer some of these more modern? games, but I’m open to anything.

I’m on eastern (-5 GMT) time and my schedule is more flexible than not


My info, then:

PST ([edit] GMT -8), available Tues-Fri evenings, and most familiar with Dungeon World but eager to branch into other systems (especially Blades in the Dark or other PbtA systems) if resources are available/cheap.

And to clear up some confusion, I’m specifically interested in not GMing, if possible, since I have an itch to play rather than to GM.


We currently have 4 players RSVPed for Fiasco. Very nice! That’s room for one more. I think that’s first come first serve? Here’s the link to the Games_Schedule chat channel again. It’s Fiasco at 8:30 PM Central tomorrow.

Current idea for how the discord/thread will be used is the thread will have a list of players who want into games, whereas the discord will be where you RSVP and perhaps see a list of individual games which could also be posted to the forum here or separately. Even if you’re not interested in keeping up with a discord, you could just put what you’re looking for here and perhaps a GM will message you on the forums if they got an opening that fits what you’re looking for.


Our first game, a game of Fiasco, is now in 8 hours and we have room for one more still! There’s also a second game of Fiasco planned ambiguously for sometime next week if you can’t make the first one, there’s 2 seats open for that one. Also also there’s talks of a game of The Quiet Year sometime. Really promising start to this!


For anyone who is interested, or maybe has 10 minutes to kill, here is a write-up we did summarizing the inaugural first game of the discord. Fiasco played by myself, @TheMasterDS, @Daydreamer, and @TheOtherJeff:


The number one lesson we learned is “Always record your games, incase they are hilarious and you want to share them.” Instead of recording we spent an extra hour and a half writing out each scene from memory. It came out really well, but I wish yall could hear the original version. There were some good jokes and goofs that didn’t make the cut for the write up, it not being 3 hours long.

So yeah. Was a really good ice breaker. We had a ton of fun. The next game of Fiasco is full up already, but there’s always the option to offer another session if you want to play one.


Or any other game you’d like to try and organize on the discord as well for that matter. We just decided to use Fiasco because it was a good… Ice breaker? Pun kind of intended?


Sometimes you mock up a logo for the fake company in your Fiasco game.

Note: the blood is not an approved element of the ICE Solutions brand identity guidelines.


great job on the writeup! fun read.


Hey yall, I’m scheduling another Fiasco game for next Saturday at 1 PM Central. Nice and early midday time should let some European folk get in this time! There’s 3 slots open for that now. Here’s the link to the game schedule chat channel if anyone wants to RSVP.

There’s also talk going around about maybe trying some sort of shared world thing where multiple Dungeon World (I think Dungeon World?) games run by different people might be connected somehow. Advantage of that would be we could shuffle players/characters around if we wanted later or do other cool things since a lot of people would be contributing to it. Little shared thing between all of us.


I really like that shared universe Dungeon World idea!


Hello :eyes: I do not claim I could add anything particularly great but I would be potentially interested in Dungeon World (GMT/BST)


I’m also interested in Dungeon World, but as a player, not a GM. I’m available on Fridays and Sundays - I’m at GMT+1 so if we could get a European clique going that’d be swell (I’ve also joined the discord channel for updates!)


Aaaaaaace, I might be up for GMing so we’ll get a recruitment thing started in the Discord!


I have literally no idea what I’m doing with discord (halp, Tom) but…I’m in there. Somewhere.


I’ve also joined the discord if there’s a GMT friendly session planned. I might RSVP once I get my head round how it works…


In the process of putting one together!


I can run a dungeon world thing not this weekend, but potentially weekend after.

How does shared universe dungeon world reconcile the part where there’s only one of each class in the world?