Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


exaggerated shrug? Good question! Maybe it would form part of the character creation process, maybe it’s something we would skip over if we’ve got a shared universe but different groups, maybe it would be something to be mindful of if-and-when we start crossing groups over w/r/t composure of those groups?


I think it’s going to probably involve (depending on the # of players involved) branching out into some of the 3rd party playbooks that exist out there.


I might be able to get to it for a few weeks (and I’m reversing course on my prior claim that I don’t want to run anything), but would anybody be interested in maybe playing a Tremulus one-shot?

EDIT: Tremulus is a PBTA hack (what isn’t?) with Strong Lovecraftian Themes. More info: https://realityblurs.com/shop/catalog/setting/tremulus/


Knew I bookmarked this for a reason! https://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonWorld/comments/3ycr50/complete_list_of_dungeon_world_classes/

@CureWiki, @Video_Games, @Daydreamer and @Matthias, you’ve all expressed interested in Dungeon World. What do you think of running some parallel campaigns, in different groups (probably delineated by timezone), sharing the same universe? Anybody up for GMing one along with me?


I’m definitely up for playing in one of the parallel campaigns. I have a growing interest in trying to GM something but I am not sure a shared campaign would be a good place to start. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be one of the players as well. We’ve been chatting about the world on the discord actually and have a few random tidbits that could be true.
-Perhaps the parties start off separated with a war zone between them - possibly on opposite sides of war?
-One party’s campaign might start on a train
-A city with way too many bells used for a variety of sophisticated but eccentric purposes
-Their football team is called the Bellends

Also one thing I want the world to not have is ethnostates, like in Tolkien. If a small town expands to hold dominion over other folk, the other folk are likely not them. Whether that means they’re another race, or if it means they have other interests (say, the dwarves of farming outskirts vs the dwarves of the quarry city) or both we should avoid making the world that simple in terms of races and peoples.

I think we should get two or three crews together of 3-4 players each, on the low end if possible. Then we should get together on a weekend at a time that works for US and EU and do a world building thing together, and also get our characters set up. I think that’s the next step here.


sure, i’d be down for that, tho tbh i haven’t heard that great things about tremulus (supposedly its a bit overdone?) but its been a game i’ve been curious to check out and i do have a soft spot for lovecraftian shit. anyways, a great one shot is about great players as much as a great system, and you folks seem cool.

also, i run a lot of different story games, and would love to run one here but currently i’m looking to start a sagas of the icelanders campaign. anyone down to play out intergeneration family strife in a hardscrabble icelandic village in the era of the coming of the hwit crist hmu. the game also jas really interesting exlplorations of geneder roles in viking society, which is pretty cool, and gender, both its embodiment and its subversion, constitutes one of its core dynamics.

i’m pst at the moment and some other things i’m really feeling atm are fall of magic, the warren, night witches, grey ranks, montsegur 1244, the clay that woke, dogs in the vineyard, monsterhearts, archepelogo, and well, a lot of others but you get the picture.


We’ve got a post going in the Recruitment channel on the discord to gauge interest in the multi-party Dungeon World game. That way we can tally how many people want in, and also who just wants to be a player and who would be okay with GMing.

@themagus Feel free to post on the discord in the player_recruitment channel. Also is there a specific day you would want to play? I’d be down to try Saga but it mostly hinges on scheduling.


hmm, i hadn’t thought about that too much, but probably thursday or monday evenings. the whole thing wouldn’t be more than 5 or 6 sessions likely, so not a huge commitment.

sadly, i can’t access discord atm but when i get home in a week i’ll set something up. and if you guys are looking for more dw players i would be totally down for a few sessions of that.


Mondays would work best for me. I’m in PST as a heads up.


Great minds link alike, eh? I shared that one in the Discord a few days back.


It’s almost like that’s where I got the link :wink:

Obvs we’re open to group world/character creation, important thing is putting together groups first of all! Way I see it is we put a couple of groups together (presumably me running one for GMT-ish, someone wlse for US) and go from there.


We have 2 GMs so far, including yourself. Just need a 3rd one to sprout up somewhere and then we have enough for 3 reasonably sized groups (hopefully). Then we can start getting groups set up!

Fans of Friends at the Table

Would joining the Dungeon World game require access to voice chat or would it be over text?


Right now they’re all VOIP based I believe, though the possibility of a play by post game was brought up in the discord by @Skeledan.


I’m not sure I’m up for a commitment of that size just yet, especially as a GM. I’d like to feel things out with something shorter, and preferably as a player at first.


i’m moving to japan in october, so i can’t make a super long term commitment, but i would potentially be wiling to mc dungeon world. i’m not the best choice, bc i’ve never played dw, but i can run pbta games in my sleep at this point so i can step up if needed.

also, mondays it is for sagas, i suppose. how is 6 to 10 or 11?


Dang. I have the ability to do VOIP but I live in a situation where someone else is often in the same room as me so that probably wouldn’t work.

Let me know if like, Discord chat RP ever does happen though.


Hi, I’ve volunteered to run a DW game. It’ll be my first time as MC, though I’ve played DW and run other PbtA games before.

My time zone is CST, and my free nights would be either Monday, Tuesday, or Friday after 7 PM CST. I tend to run games semiweekly (every other week). I would probably top off at 4 or 5 players - more than that would be cuckoo.

I hang out on the Discord chats and can be reached here as well.


Oh man, I’d love to get in on this too if possible! I’ve got some experience running Dungeon World and I’ve done Blades in the Dark a little too - I’d be happy to GM stuff like that, or play in essentially anything. I’m on EST. Most days work for me except Sundays.