Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


Of course! No pressure, was just trying to see where we stood :+1:

We’re looking more at voice chat, there’s actually a section of the forum (which is kinda sparse rn) for play by post! https://forum.waypoint.vice.com/c/games/forum-games

That said, if we get enough people who wanna use Discord text chat, that could totally work!


for what it’s worth a while back I played in a d&d game through text, I think it’s definitely do-able. our setup was that the DM and one player used mics and me and another player used just text and it was perfectly fine.


I would love to be a part of this. Have some experience playing D&D but really want to get into rpgs in general


Very excited to run for Delta group.


We did the 3rd Fiasco game today using a restaurant playset and it turned out well! This time transcribed the events as we went, so these are both pretty accurate and reasonably readable. Also there is a cow. The cow is not the wild animal that gets loose due to tilt.

There was also a Zoo game of Fiasco we did. The notes are available, but they’re more bullet points than flavorful synopsis.

There was also also a The Long Year game yesterday that went really long. I don’t have any notes on the point by point (though someone was taking them and may have uploaded them) but here’s the final map of our pirate island which was more ghost than living as time went on.

By the way, if we’re describing plans for Dungeon World games, we in beta group are doing a game the inspiration for which is “Wind Waker” and “Austin Walker being Inspired by BOTW’s openness.” We got a Sea Hawk druid, a Dryad Fighter and a Dwarven Priest. We might be missionaries from a Deku Tree?


Would love to join that DW universe game if available!


The only group remaining open is the Beta group which plans to meet up every other tuesday at 8 pm central starting tomorrow. If that’s a time that works for you maybe drop in.

Our party is 2/3s weird nature folk and 1/3 priest. We out at sea, and we might be on a mission to plant saplings at the behest of a Great Deku Tree stand in.


That time generally works for me except for tomorrow because of the holiday, so uh idk, that game sounds cool and interesting and I’d like to join except for that

Edit: If it’s just world building/creating characters tho I can create my character in off time and post it in the discord to make sure it fits with the game theme


Jump in the discord and we can talk it over. Maybe we can do it Wednesday instead given the holiday.


Popped into DW beta chat


Hey, heads up, if you missed your chance to get into one of the Shared World Dungeon World groups a 5th group just opened up! We’ve been chatting about what this 5th group could be, and it sounds like the plan is a mix of Majora’s Mask, Star Trek & Doctor Who. Basic idea so far is that there’s an island/continent where time is strange that’s repeating the last week of a war over and over again. Sounds like a Star Trek/Doctor Who episode to me, and very cool! Jump in if you’ve been waiting.

The other 4 groups are close to starting now. We got 4 full teams with start dates as soon as next week. The world we’re building is very large, very Zelda inspired, and is furry as fuck. Each team is basically exploring their own corner of the world which is very cool. Cooperation between GMs should help them figure out a lot, and could serve as a mini-writer’s room as Xiim, the 5th GM, put it. It’s very promising.

We’ll be making a thread for the Shared Campaign later once things start going in full. We think it might be cool if the parties post updates to the forum to let everyone know what’s going on.

To summarize the parties based on the best knowledge I have…
Group Alpha is Human Party which may also be Unsettling Magic Party. That’s humans for you. I think they’re the only pure human group.
Group Beta is Boat Party! A very Wind Waker inspired campaign where we’re doing the Korok thing of planting trees! We got a non-anthropomorphic osprey druid, a dryad fighter, a dwarven cleric and a bear paladin.
Group Gamma is Monster Party maybe! They’ve got a Minotaur bard, a Golden Retriever Gnoll gunslinger (?) and more!
Group Delta is Pride Party! Their setting is open like Breath of the Wild and is ruled by Lions/Elves, hence pride. They got a lot of cat people on their crew.
Group Epsilon is Time Party potentially! They might be very Majora’s Mask with a bit of Chrono Trigger? Very cool!

Admittedly I know most about my own group, heh. We should each write our own groups’ log lines before we make a whole thread for this.


Delta AKA Pride Party, is very much the classic adventure party. We’re all wistful wanderers in some sense or other. And a prominent theme, at least as far as the PCs are concerned, is the idea of departing from the place you call home and everything, good or bad, that entails.

We have a Leonin, a Salamander, a Half-Orc, and a Human, and the dominant ruling party in our lands is the royal family of Aloadia which is a marriage between the Elven family of Tyrimidia and the Leonin family Aloanan.


Is there a time set for the fifth group? I could do weekends between noonish to 8PM-ish for starting times but I work nights so weekdays are kind of a no go.


The sort of general availability of the 5th group so far seems to be evenings. No specific time set yet though.


Alpha are also #teamgoth which I am v excited about


Would you all be ok w me adding this thread to the groups thread that’s surfaced in various places?


Go for it!! These big Dungeon World things have blessedly bloomed from this thread, would love more people to join or use this thread/the Discord to recruit for other online one shots or campaigns :raised_hands:


Are there any openings in groups that are European-friendly? I’m thinking about signing up (though I’m already GM:ing two groups so scheduling is potentially an issue).


Currently the Euro-friendly group is full unfortunately. Feel free to drop into the discord and keep an eye out for anything else that might pop up, though!


So, I posted this on the Discord and I figure the more eyes on it, the better, but I have been working on a custom Gunslinger playbook for DW (the other Gunslingers that are available out there each have their issues that I don’t love). This is kludged together using Class Warfare, the Gunslinger playbook in the “War and Wonders” collection, and some stuff I kind of made up. I’m not sure if it’s workable (I don’t have a lot of practical PBTA play experience), but before I pitch it to my GM, I wanted to solicit some feedback from others.

Here’s a link to a PDF in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m6cbharao9l0e4i/Dungeon%20World%20-%20Custom%20Gunslinger.pdf?dl=0