Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


So one of the branches of the big multi-party Dungeon World campaign, our own humble Delta Squad, decided we’d be recording our sessions. This is the first one, a Microscope game we played to set the scene.

truly heroic audio editing/posting by @MC_Gigglepants, title graphic by yours truly
GM: @CureWiki
additional players: CJ/SuperChaiLatte, Syris/IronSparkSyris

we had a lot of fun doing this and I hope y’all enjoy listening to it!


Expect the next episode by Tuesday the 1st hopefully. Also if we can magically get to 100 subs then I can make a custom URL for the channel. Hopefully anyone who does listen finds something to enjoy.


Currently running some DW games myself, so I’d really love to get some experience as a player? Apocalypse World/Sprawl/PbtA etc. would be cool also! I’m in regular old GMT


I’m considering running Uncharted Worlds on the alternate Tuesday nights (running DW on the other Tuesdays) around 8 PM CST. Post here or over on the discord if you are interested.


hey folks, i couldnt find a more recent thread for this but id be really keen to join up on any games you guys have going! i dont care what system or anything i just gotta play some tabletop with some cool people!


Hey, I’m looking to DM a game of D&D 5e set in a homebrew world we could create together if anyone is interested, I’ve never tried being a DM before but this is a system I know well and I;m excited to try. It’s GMT, European times, evenings and weekends. Obviously if you’re in a different time zone but free at those times that would be awesome! Send me a PM if you’d like to take part or hit me up on discord at RCGrimshaw#8715


I would absolutely love to play a tabletop RPG online, but I have very limited time available, so it would have to be past 9 PM Pacific time. I know, that’s really late for most of the US, which is the main reason why I haven’t played anything in a long time and why I’m so desperate to play again…


Hi everyone! I’m looking to either join or run a game of Blades in the Dark. I’m currently hacking the game to do other stuff, but I want to get some extra experience with the base game so I can do a better job designing my own thing. My timezone is CEST (GMT+2). Send me a PM or message me on the tabletop.zone Discord if there’s a game I can join, or if you’re interested in joining me.


Hello everyone. I’m a GM that’s looking to try out online tabletop gaming (UTC - 07). Most of my experience is in person but I’d like to try it out online. I run Delta Green. Think call of cthulhu but in the modern day. Be warned If delta green was a movie it’d get an hard R.

All experience levels welcome! PM me if you are interested or have questions about GM style or about Delta green in general.


Hi idk if im too late to this party because i’m Bad At Forums but hi I have a hankering for new rpgs to play. I tried running a bunch for some friends but I’m still not very good.

Interested in: any game but D&D (in a v long campaign already, need something fresh)

Versed in: Blades in the Dark, Dungeon World, Monster of the Week.

Time zone: EST

Hook me up y’all :heart_decoration:


you should definitely check out the discord if you haven’t, you can put your message there as well!


Joined the discord, but no-one seems to have noticed my post, so figured I’d double up here!

I’m in the UK and looking for a game of dungeon world. I haven’t played an rpg in a minute, but I think listening to a bunch of FatT has given me a pretty solid grounding in the rules!