Let's play together

Just thought i could make a thread for people who would want to play some games together (or against) other members of the waypoint community.


Great! Who plays Smash Bros for Wii U? I’d love to have more sparring partners!

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I play smasho on both WiiU and 3DS and am obv awaiting Switch one. I can’t give friend code right now because I’m on my way to Munich(!) but will do.

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I’m heavy into Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Overwatch on pc. Play Battlefield 1 on Xbox one with some friends. I’m happy to share platform ids if anyone wants to team up.

Usually play evenings on week nights, Eastern time. Swearing I am 100 % on board with but not much for slurs or the like. Hopefully most of this community isn’t but want to state it up front.


Hit me up on PUBG! I’ll DM you my Steam name. I’ve got a great crew that I roll with, would love to have another to join us.

I play quite a bit of rocket league and I wouldn’t mind reinstalling Borderlands 2 or Dark Souls for a bit of jolly co-operation so hit me up in the personal messages if you’re interested.

i Would not mind getting a crew of 4 Waypoint fans and playing Borderlands 2 sometime. I also would like to maybe try out Heroes of the Storm sometime maybe? And since that is free maybe it will be easier to get together some people from here and play someday?

I’m not really big into MOBA’s but I would love to play B2 with some Waypointers sometimes. We should arrange a hangout!

The Waypoint Fan Discord server seems like a good place to coordinate or host this sort of thing!

Is that a thing? How do I join?

I’m interested in having a group to play Rainbow Six: Siege with. I don’t care what skill level you are I just want to be able to play without having to deal with racist/sexist/homophobic/ableist oral defecation.
Also it would be cool develop a team play-style over time without anyone being bossy.

I was thinking about this: what would be great fit for the whole Waypoint community? I don’t mean co-op games for two-to-four players, but something big-ish: guild/clan/whatever in some MMO or server for something like “Minecraft”.

I mean, just playing together is cool and all, but I feel specifically with this community we can do better or at least different. So, game that have tools for players to create a society or something like that maybe a good fit? We can test if communism will win over capitalism :slight_smile:

What do you smart and handsome people think?

I think if we are going to have that kind of a game we might need one that is free? It would suck if fans feelt excluded because they needed to spend money to feel as a part of the community.

Accessibility is important, of course. Free or cheap, can be run on not-so-powerful machines (we talking mostly PCs here, right? I and mean PC in a Windows, Linux and Mac sense, not PC = Windows), etc. Questionable content is another thing to keep in mind, I think (Asian MMOs, I’m looking at you).

On the other hand, I don’t think we gonna find one game to rule them all, so if there are enough waypointers who are OK with buying $60 game and paying another $15 every month, why not. I think “Binary Domain” can be a good test run for that: how many people gonna buy it just to be part of a conversation? I already own it, and almost finished my first playthrough. Would I buy the next game in yet-unnamed podcast series? It depends on the game. And same here: right now I’m more interested in finding a good game and enough people who think the same, and then I’m gonna think about price.

Rocket League !

I like the idea of a bigger, more accessible game that a lot of Waypointers can join in on, but I think @Aeneas and @onsamyj are right, that there’s likely not going to be a one-size-fits-all. I’d be down for trying anything larger-scale that the community sets up, and heck, I’m always down to play Overwatch and such with other good people. Feel free to add me on PSN — same username as here!

Heeeeeeeeeeeck yeah, I love video games!

Overwatch (for-funsies-only), Titanfall 2, Metal Gear V Online on XB1 (NvrGiveUp420 is the gamertag. aaaw ye)
will also always. ALWAYS. bust out Dark Souls 3 at a moment’s notice

Smash, Pokken, and Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU

On PC mostly Eternal Card Game (Jesse+4063), but I’ll also creep back into Hearthstone & Minecraft when there’s stuff going on in those spaces. Really I’ll play anything that’s free though (buying games isn’t really an option for me financially so it’s all free-to-play/games with gold/retro emulation/stuff from friends)

Been playing a lot of MK8D! Feel free to add me: SW-3380-2916-4222

If there is a good project (I’m tired a bit of “just ‘Minecraft’”), I’m ready to go!

But, let’s step back for a second: what is good way to organize this thing? Right now people just write whatever they want to play on a system they have and it’s (would be) hard to follow and find groups. Maybe sub-sub-forum (Games → Video Games → Let’s Play Together, and similar one for Tabletop category), where people would create threads with titles like Game@Platform (like “Minecraft@PS4”, “Minecraft@PC(java)”, “Minecraft@Windows 10”, etc.)? Some other online tool?

P.S. That sounds awesome: “WILD WEST ONLINE is a emergent systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much, much more.”