Let's post awesome AMVs!


You know what I love? Anime music videos. Here’s a few to get started with

My Iron Lung (Kusoyaro Productions): FLCL


Coin Laundry (sharni??): Revolutionary Girl Utena


OvO Save the World (PieandBeerAMV): Gatchaman Crowds


What are your favorites? In the end, let’s make this matter


Oh are you looking for the best AMV of all time? Cause booooooy

All Sengoku Basara AMVs are top tier cause that anime is gorgeous.




I feel like this Princess Tutu one is infamous and also so good


This one is a classic, of course.


I’ve never liked My Chemical Romance but this AMV works so absolutely well and it’s beautifully edited and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up whenever I watch it.

If you all ever have some free time, I recommend going down the YouTube rabbit hole that is slash mep videos. They’re a unique form of art that my friends and I frequently will just sit around and search through for hours


I always come back to this one.

Oh and this one.


You haven’t truly known AMVs until you’ve basked in the pure glow of HORSE AMV

This is art. Like, I have a genuine an unironic appreciation for this. The amount of passion and hard work someone has put into this crossover romance AMV of TWO ANIMATED HORSES is inspiring tbh.


I’m almost hesitant to post some of these because I’m fairly new to anime and unsure if y’all have seen these already but

by Umika
The way the creator has used footage from Fate/SN (2006) and Fate/Zero to form entirely new scenes is pretty incredible. It really feels like it’s own self contained story. One with a killer soundtrack.

by qyll
This one is a musical mashup of several hundred series from 2015. The scenes are synchronized to the music extremely well and motion is very fluid from one scene to the next. The last segment is probably my favourite, and while using M83 for emotional impact is cheeky, it’s really cinematic. The creator released one of these every year from 2012-2015 so if do check them out.

Something a little silly. It’s No More Parties in the L.M.C by WaifuAvenue

Finally a bad plug for my bad Gundam Unicorn AMV that I should probbaly either go back and complete or delete to cover my shame:


There need to be more Comedy AMVs, or as someone who never took them too seriously this one really caught my attention


into the labyrinth is a fucking masterpiece.


I can’t seem to find the original version of this, but this AMV with Peter Gabriel’s “Signal to Noise” is gripping.

WARNING: It’s also super violent and has spoilers for Jin Roh.


This is one of my favourite early-Youtube fan-made music videos. It’s not Anime but it was my introduction to City & Colour:


Rubs hands together. Alright, here we go.

This is just a good fun one.

I always come back to this one. Hasn’t aged well but it’s a good use of the seasons.

This AMV hits a person in the chest and makes you super hopeful.

Man, this anime could have been amazing. I’ll have to settle for this AMV instead. Super adorable yet very heartfelt.

This a fun one. Good beat and fun action.

This is from one of my favorite AMV creators, Chiikaboom. And she’s pretty awesome. I’d recommend checking out her channel after you watch this one.

An Escaflowne AMV in 2013?! Whaaaa? And it’s great! Awesome! Pacing of the editing can be a bit fast at times, but it knows when to slow down too.

A good capture of a bit of Eva’s “feel”. I believe most of the footage is from the movie Death and Rebirth. So, yeah. This one is NSFW

Another great AMV creator. Shin is a bit more of a recent creator but has quickly show how amazing they are. Check out they’re channel too!

Another Chiikaboom AMV. This one gives me goosebumps. Fun action AMV however.

WATCH THIS ONE! This AMV is a great way to work yourself up. Slow build up, great editing. Love this amv.


The best AMV is this fan trailer for Evangelion with Peter Gabriel’s cover of My Body is a Cage:

I also really dig this Code Geass / You Know My Name AMV:

And for comedy, this very NSFW one is golden:


i’m sure i’ll remember more later, but most recent fave:

and if MEPs count:


YES!!! Someone posted this one so I didn’t have too. YESSSSS


Shame on me for almost forgetting the only AMV to ever make Patrick cry:


A little tangential, but a while back a couple of my friends made a video about Amon from season 1 of Legend of Korra set to Radiohead’s Trickster


This bums me out cause I loved Amon so much and then that character arc kinda wiffs it at the end… This is good good AMV tho