Let's post awesome AMVs!


Gonna shamelessly plug my End of Evangelion AMV/fan trailer here. It’s my first attempt at video editing, so it’s a little rough as far as mastering goes, but:

Music is “The Girl Next Door” by tomppabeats


Haha yeah, the production team really got that Nickelodeon runaround.


check out this unreasonably good AMV of the Kirby anime:

here’s a real good jojo one, too


I have a few more AMVs to share! Honestly, I have too many AMVs to share…

This AMV is aa really great capture of what makes the first Digimon work so well. All the kids get their chance to shine in this one, so it’s cool for anyone. Also, sorry for the quality of the footage. This was done back in the early 2000’s.

One of the first AMVs I got into. Moody and action. Obviously, it’s about Spike and Julia.

Almost as crazy and bombastic as FLCL itself. A fun and quirky ride.

All praise our editing AMV god Nostromo. May your project files forever remain saved.

And of course, the naruto AMV. Cause everyone’s gotta have at least one. Some of the editing and transition work is rough, but I still believe I holds up quite a bit nowadays.

Final one for now. Kinda a tribute to Key. VERY melodramatic, but that’s Key to a T. Good sappy AMV when you’re feeling down in the dumps.


Gonna post some more of these b/c why not.

Safety Dance: ShinAMV (Nichijou)



Danger Days: Squall (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)


I thought this show was occasionally a mixed bag, but this amv distills all the good bits into one amazing 4 minute thing. Like all good amvs do, it redeems music I’d never listen to otherwise

Everything You Want: ??? (Evangelion)


I dunno whether this one’s any good or not, but it for me it does a good job getting to the core of one of Evangelion’s myriad of fucked up, not entirely healthy relationships. Nostalgic i guess??

99: ??? (Mob Psycho 100)


There are tons of Mob Psycho 100 amvs already set to its amazing theme song, but this one is hands down my favorite. The editing!

It’s Only: MadMegatax (Yuri Kuma Arashi)


One thing I’ve noticed about AMVs based on shows by Kunihiko Ikuhara is they all tend to focus on the climaxes, you know? Keep in mind this vid has heavy spoilers (it’s a good one tho)


I don’t know if this counts, being based on an actual anime OP but this will always be my favourite use of Cruel Angel’s Thesis

It’s a shame it hasn’t been updated because some shit has happened in Steven Universe that fits the original even better than it already does but


Amazing AMV to “Right Now” by Van Halen. I think this is the first AMV I ever saw way back in the early days of Youtube.

“Bitches Love Me” by Mindless Self Indulgence.


“Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. Paniponi Dash is a super weird and hilarious anime.


Before you click play on this first video, three quick notes:

  • It’s very NSFW (mostly violence but also about a tenth of a second of boobs)
  • It shows pretty much everything that happens in Akira. So potential spoiler warning there
  • You might want to avoid the YouTube comments on this one (more so than usual)

“Humans Are Such Easy Prey” - Perturbator

This next one is a sharply edited DBZ video for a song from the soundtrack of middle school boy problematic fave, Fight Club.
“This Is Your Life” - The Dust Brothers

One of my old favorites from middle school
"Come Out Swinging" - The Offspring

This classic doesn’t seem to be on YouTube (any more?), but DailyMotion came through for us!
“Mama Said Knock You Out” - LL Cool J

This FLCL video might be my overall favorite AMV
"Perfect Drug" - Nine Inch Nails

I present this final AMV without comment. Enjoy.

PS: If anyone wants some good DBZ/Linkin Park videos, folks, I can hook you up with some bangers.


This was the first thing that came to mind (other than AMV Hell):


There’s a distinct lack of Maboroshi Studios in here!

Information High - Marcoss Plus (Remastered, 1996 orig.)

Sleep Now - Serial Experiments Lain (1999)


NIN - The Becoming (Lain, Akira & Ghost In The Shell

i remember a pretty great monster amv with rammstein song (i think sonne)
but it just disappeared from youtube :confused:


Sorry for the bump but
This one’s legitimately giving me chills


Here comes a Big 2001 Mood, get fuckin ready


Edit: aw dang it got taken down :confused:


As someone who’s been watching fanvids and AMVs since 2002ish, I’m apalled and offended by the lack of the True Champion: AbsoluteDestiny’s “Shameless Rock Video.”

AbsoluteDestiny went on to be one of the most influential vidders in fandom, and I highly rec everything they’ve made.


I’m glad I watched it when I had the chance then.


A classic. The Classic.


The team behind the Cipher anime were so ahead of their time that instead of making an anime people could make AMVs out of, they jumped straight to making an AMV that future generations would gape at in awe

EDIT: Actually while I’m here, here are some more good AMVs I’ve found recently!

100% Salt (Mob Pyscho 100), pieandbeerAMV

This one does a great job of capturing the vibe of the show! The action scenes are there but also the goofy and heartfelt character bits

From the Flame (Flip Flappers), SuperEltanin

This one’s kinda cheesy but the editing and flow is cool. Plus I really like Flip Flappers

This Shirobako MAD

One of those “oh, this music video distills the show’s reason for being into 5~ minutes” things


Saw this one on an Evo stream, for some reason?


Hotaru of Fujita Maiko is my favorite.

You can read the lyrics and translations here.