Let's Settle It, Which Faction In New Vegas Did You Choose?

  • Caesar’s Legion (Under Caesar)
  • Caesar’s Legion (Under Lanius)
  • Mr. House & The Strip
  • New California Republic
  • Yes Man & The Mojave (With Securitrons)
  • Yes Man & The Mojave (Without Securitrons)

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Which was your favorite path?

you better fuckin’ believe I went for a free strip.

I think when I fell off the game I was going for the Free Strip and Mr. House because that was the only faction that I found interesting.

Nah, Vegas needs someone to look out for her own interests. She’s the shining, neon-lit jewel of the west, we can’t just hand that over to California bureaucrats, Legion barbarians or the ignorant masses!

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The main factions are cool and everything, but anyone who didn’t dedicate themselves to assisting the merry band of compassionate humanitarians that are the Followers of the Apocalypse to the fullest extent is not someone I can trust


The followers might not be the best folks ever, but they’re def the ones that I saw as doing the most good in that world, so I helped them as much as I was able for sure.


I should point out that it’s okay if you sided with the Legion, at least, gameplay wise that is.

I mean tbh i think it’s silly to not at least check out what happens down that path

So for my New Vegas playthrough number, like, twelve, I decided to actually become a committed Legion devotee, I progressed down the storyline until I met with ceasar, allowed my Courier to be convinced by him, joined up, and then shortly after that I was happily going as a representative of Ceasar to New Vegas in uniform and everything, gonna bring Caesar’s truth to the poor ignorant masses of the Mojave and then suddenly my courier was decapitated because I was playing on hard difficulty and I had wandered into sight range of Boone, and he shot the courier in the head from the horizon.

I stopped the playthrough there because frankly it’s too good of a story to continue. RIP, Dumb Fascist Courier, you got owned real hard.

That playthrough I also did join the Powder Gangers, which I think is a piece of the game that most people never, ever, see.


A Legion playthrough is also the only one where Lonesome Road totally works. At least there, Ulysses’s animosity towards you makes sense and he’s not just mad at the messenger.

I went for independent Vegas. Even though they’re far from perfect I have a lot of affection for the NVR especially having watched them grow up through Fallout 1&2 and I want what is best for them which in my estimation is not expanding any more.

I thought all the factions were lame as fuck so I just went with Yes Man because it’s funnier.

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I selected NCR in the poll since that’s who I “chose”, but never actually got to see that ending with my character. A bug in the 360 version prevented me from speaking to a necessary NPC in that questline. I ended up just watching it on YouTube.

I was able to make it to the end of Mr. House and the Yes Man (can’t remember if I did this with or without securitrons) stories. Ceaser’s Legion wasn’t an option since I was on such bad terms with them even in my earliest save. Once I got a sense of who they were it was on sight for those fuckers.

I killed Mr. House because that dude is just a shitty glitzy Elon Musk and sided with the NCR because I thought that was the path that would lead to the least amount of human suffering in and outside of the Mojave.

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Objection, Mr House is 100% Howard Hughes pretty much exactly

now if you need me, I’ll be over here, yelling at the clouds about people needing to know their history of horrible billionaires


I almost always side with Yes Man and use the securitrons because throwing the snippy general off the dam is too fun.


I’m in the process of making friends and solving problems so I can kill Mr. House and I’m not sure where I’m going for there. Don’t care for Caesar at all and actively made an enemy of him by helping the NCR, but I also don’t care for them either. I think the faction I like most is probably the Followers of the Apocalypse.

I choose the NCR because I was more of a centrist when I played this game the first time. I played this game with two different characters on my second character and I believe I did Yes Man with Securitrons because I didn’t really think about what that choice really meant. If I could I would have totally sided with the Followers of the Apocalypse.

I used cheats and killed everyone because that’s inevitably what all my Fallout/Elder Scrolls playthroughs turn into once I’ve done all the side quests I think are interesting.

I went with NCR on my first playthrough way back in the day because while they’re full of bureaucratic nonsense, they at least seem to have people’s best interests at heart, and were working towards those in the long run.

I finally decided to do another playthrough and actually try out all the DLC, so this time I’m trying out an independent Vegas run. I don’t know what the yes/no securitrons piece is about, so I’m excited to see that!

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