Lets share inexplicable tabs you refuse to close

Hey gang, if you’re like me half of the tabs you have open in your browser are just things you’re “going to get around to” and leave them up for days, weeks, months taking up real estate instead. Or maybe quick access to a playlist or something. idk i dont know yalls tab habits tbh.

But!! Sometimes theyre not things youre going to get around to anymore, theyre just tabs that are there, their purpose long since forgotten or expired. You look at them on accident sometimes. Its weirdly comforting knowing its there so you dont close it out. Lets post those!

heres mine, i keep a tab open of this jpeg image. i forgot why, probably meant to make a photoshop with it and got distracted so i never did. who knows! now it lives forever in my tab bar - an eternal mood.

hopefully im not the only one with messy tabs! happy saturday.


I have to close my tabs. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot fathom doing otherwise. I have a folder in my bookmarks where stuff I want to keep an eye on goes and I delete it once I’ve done whatever with it.

Sorry that the first response is from one outside of your clan.


I had a playthrough of some LP that I can’t even remember open on my laptop for about 5 months now. Just closed it last week, haha.

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I always have some ASMR video in my tabs. Don’t know if this counts since I will switch it out sometimes, but I will never leave the ASMR spot empty. It might sound silly but I just like to have something playing to keep myself calm while I am at my computer.

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My system is that I close every tab as soon as I’m done with it. I only keep a handful of tabs open permanently i.e. twitter and any forums I’m on.

I also lose all those tabs when I close the browser and I don’t bookmark anything. When I want to get back to a website I use frequently I type the first few letters into the address bar and autofill takes me the rest of the way. Basically I’m a crazy person who shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer.

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My tab I keep changes depending on the time or mood. I could be a sexy anime character to a video playlist and news articles I wanted to read over and over again. On average it the behindthevoiceactors website where I look up voice actors. Reason for this is that I real the art of voice acting and when news pop up on new dubs and go and look up who the people work on the dub and what roles they played before.

Tabs: Giantbomb, this forum, Youtube (then all the youtube videos I plan to watch which rarely stay up for more than a day), then Gmail, then Twitter, then Patreon.

Oh technically I have crunchyroll up in another window as to not distract me too much because of the shows I plan on watching are tabs there too.

I have a pretty lengthy Bookmarks bar, which actually I rarely use some of them cause they’re already open or I never go to the site anymore. Then other bookmarks has everything else that’s more organized with folders and everything. But I’m actually pretty serious about keeping the tabs themselves. Some people want to keep everything clean, but it’s a system; it doesn’t get in the way and it saves time because they’re mostly sites I want to constantly hit refresh on, check if anything’s there, and if not move on the next order of operation. If I didn’t I’d just constantly manually open new tabs, check, and close them instead of refreshing already open ones.

Any tab open when I go to bed becomes dead to me.

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i shut down my computer every night so i don’t keep tabs but this really high definition picture of rye bread has been at the forefront of my bookmarks tab for about 2 years :+1:



I’ve had an article on Dark Souls 3 since open since it was first published over a year ago. I want to read it but it’s got Dark Souls 3 spoilers, and it was only about a month ago that I got a system that could even play Dark Souls 3.

Similar story for some Persona 5 pieces, which I am half way through.

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Me after reading your post: “What do you mean high defini- click -uwahhh”

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Oh dear. This is sort of like the game backlog of shame thread for me. I open tabs and just sort of keep them, so all of you with strict tab discipline thoroughly blow my mind.

Here is a summary of my current Safari tabs:

  • Five tabs about data science and product management
  • Two tabs with swim lessons info
  • Destiny Item Manager
  • Two tabs about using pandoc with vim
  • Three tabs about mirroring git repositories
  • My go-to gluten-free pizza recipe
  • Friends at the Table
  • Three (three!) tabs of coffee grinder reviews
  • Talking Points Memo
  • Three pages for expired Xbox Live sales
  • The home page for the “Symple” symptom tracker (which BTW is pretty cool)
  • Three tabs of bathroom furniture pics because dear god we’re thinking of remodeling the bathroom
  • Three tabs of information about microformats
  • Chef cards at foodallergy.org
  • Bronze by Emily Short at IFDB
  • Jeffersons Bourbon
  • The fish shell
  • Mailmate documentation bundles
  • The github page for jrnl (which I use to write to my Day One journal from the shell)
  • An ice cream recipe
  • Minecraft coloring pages
  • The schedule at my gym
  • This page of images for that time I was looking for a meme about Faramir
  • Two tabs about hantavirus and skunk poop from when I took apart the big flagstone pile in the back yard.

So. pulls shirt collar awkwardly Hooo.


Good luck with the new coffee ritual and/or hantavirus recovery!

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I’ve had a Darksiders 2 collectibles walkthrough open for awhile. Just checked go see the last time I played it: February 1, 2016. It’s there as a reminder to myself that I am going to finish it eventually.

I’ve also had a Frinkiac tab pretty much since it came out, but I use it several times a week.


How do you live like this?

Close your tabs people. Turn off your computers at the end of the day. Let the poor machine rest.


Well I do turn my PC off but I set my browser to save my tabs.


i actually set chrome to always remember my tabs because i got so tired of losing them by accidentally hitting the close shortcut. no insomniac machine required