Lets share inexplicable tabs you refuse to close


Do pinned tabs count? If so I have Feedly, Google Calendar, the forums, and some podcast site I found earlier in the year that syncs between my phone and desktop.

Check out Oh My Fish if you haven’t yet, makes Fish even better.


I had absolutely no idea that people did that. I spent a long time with a weak computer so closing tabs to free up resources was a necessity. I don’t keep them open for more than a few hours but I have a tendency to have 60+ tabs so it also helps freeing up my mind when it’s getting overwhelming.




Oh, goodness, that’s a lot of themes :slight_smile:


ive been thinkin about this absurdly hi def rye bread pic a lot and im glad youve opened this door for me to walk through


I actually use the old Read It Later plugin for Firefox before they integrated it into the browser. For I think over a year now it’s had that Mother Jones article about private prisons and a drawing tutorial website. Only this week did I finally take out all the webcomics I was never going to read that had been sitting there for like 3 years and put them in an actual bookmarks folder.


I have several speedruns open in my tabs right now because I couldn’t watch SGDQ… and I will watch them all someday, I swear.




I live the life of the forty chrome tabs.

The things I always have open: Two separate e-mail addresses, my university network, podcast(s) I’m working through, social media, messenger. The things open on a regular basis: a tutorial, a few articles, a webcomic, youtube, multiple music services.

Which of them are hard to explain? None, really. Alas.


Five windows with 20+ tabs each.
I just kill the tabs I don’t use atm with the task manager (chromebook) and I reload them when I want to use them.

Tabs are letsplays, series, and cat videos to watch later, podcasts to download, wikis to read, social media and forums to browse.
I’m a procrastinator but also a multitasker so I can’t help it.


I just closed this tab after months and months since I don’t have to use it anymore: https://bitly.com/


you’re welcome i’m glad my really high def picture of rye bread is bringing so much joy to people


I’ve had the Lego store page for the $500 lego death star open for a few weeks now, just waiting for when a pay day overlaps with an evening of one-drink-too-many irresponsible spending.


These have been tabs on my phone for a month or so, I haven’t checked to remember what they are yet. I haven’t read them so this is not a recommendation to read. It’s just nice to be able to close them. I can now just find them in this thread if necessary.





I’ve had this tab open for a while for reasons I do not know, therefore I am closing it now:


I’ve had this recipe for strawberry buttercream open for about five weeks, because I want to remember it for my birthday. My birthday is September 2nd, so only six more weeks before I can close it. :strawberry:


I just use bookmarks. Am I the weird one and I never realized it? I can’t stand having more than a few tabs open at once. Right now I have this tab and my email open in another tab and that’s it.


I open tabs when looking for reference for art but often forget to close them. I had a tab with I-No in it open for about two weeks. I generally have one or two Camilla tabs open at any given time, too.


This sort of usage and browsing habit info is interesting. Different people with access to roughly the same sets of tools use them so differently!

At some point I stopped using bookmarks entirely, probably when browser suggested hints and strings cleared some arbitrary threshold of accuracy or helpfulness. This has had the effect of removing any sense of “link collecting” behavior I had as a teenager, and also makes the experience of navigating on a “clean” computer that hasn’t been trained to know where I tend to browse feel slow and alien. (Now that I think about it, this may be contributing to my current lack of momentum in upgrading/rebuilding my gaming PC, which is rapidly becoming incapable of running hot new games like PUBG…)

So there’s a few long standing tabs open in the lefthand wasteland of my browser, but the oldest one is probably pointed at http://www.flickgame.org/, a neat hypercard-esque minimalist point and click visual game/story creation tool… I probably meant to make something with it over a year ago and forgot what it was.


I have a bunch of manga tabs I keep open as bookmarks.


I close all my tabs every day. After reading this thread I’m worried that makes me some sort of sociopath.