Let's Talk About Dadification and Games


Austin, Patrick and myself got together this afternoon to discuss the hulking behemoth of the moment: God of War. Don't worry, we stay away from any major spoilers, but got at the game's themes, combat and sheer size. Then we chatted up the Zelda-with-a-twist antics of Minit and got some quality question bucket time.

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I wonder if Daddy Nier came up at all, I’ve been thinking about him recently in regards to this topic. Nier was one of the first games in the recent “daddy-sim” wave of games. What makes him unique is that, for the first portion of the game at least, he’s super positive and kind. When you first meet Kaine, she finally gets her revenge and is ready to die. But he tells he to keep living because “you and I are friends now”. Coming from the 8 year old the character was originally intended to be (and is in a Japan-only version), this would probably be the expectedly line. But coming from this gruff, 40 year old dad, it’s somewhat unexpected and overall I think the game works so much better with Dad-Nier as opposed to Brother-Nier.

I dunno, I just love Nier.


“These allergies be messin’ up my allegories!”