Let's Talk About Destiny 2 Some More (Forsaken)


Here’s the thing about the Guardians… they’re bad, actually.


True but I wonder if the series is ever going to do anything with that fact or it will just be a point of intrigue that eventually grows into a new selling point for the bro audience of Destiny.

“Guardian, you used to be a legendary protector of the solar system but now things have changed! Reveals about the nature of the Traveler, the Vanguard, the galaxy, and yourself have muddled your image as a hero and though having to follow along only puts a light on your mute character’s lack of agency, thats stuff for the lore nerds. That’s right, we said lore nerds! You can do that now because you’re not the greatest good in space anymore. You’re a flawed gritty 80s anti-hero. Your a rude dude with attitude doing what you think is right your way which is actually our way but you can’t do anything about that because video games. Now get ready for the new nonstop 6-day long raid. Riven’s back and she and Emporer Calus are getting married. You’re invitation only extends to a plus one but you’re gonna bring plus five. That’s right you’re going to kill them both. The first teams to complete the raid get Destiny snowboards!”

Or who knows, maybe Destiny 3 will have your Guardian flip sides as Zavala’s imperialist agenda becomes apparent and he goes on a campaign with very obvious allusions to the First Crusade (because Bungie is still weirdly really Catholic).


I read that whole quote in Lance Reddick’s voice and it was chef’s kiss


How’s everyone doing now that we’re a month into Foresaken?

I’m sitting at 545, which means that I’m finally high enough LL to tackle some of the more fun activities in the expansion. I’ve run two Ascendant Challenges successfully so far and tried out the Whisper quest. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful as one of our team got stuck on a jumping challenge and never made it to the boss rooms. I’ve also hit a handle of Tier 3 and Heroic Blind Wells clears, netting my last Seed of Light.

I feel like I’ve finally settled into a groove in the game. I’m leveling up subclasses, knocking out daily and weekly bounties. I’m really enjoying everything, except for the infusion economy right now. I think there’s a balance to be had between infusion being cost-intensive enough to make players consider which pieces to bring up versus the current state where infusion is so cost-intensive that nothing gets infused until you’re 570-580. I hope that the increase in MW cores helps alleviate some of this because it’s tough to Fashion Destiny right now.


The economy is the one black spot right now for me. The infusion cost is just too damn high…they either need to remove MW cores from the cost, or immensely increase the ways we can acquire them.

Besides that, the game is a blast. I just hit 560, and found some LFG people to run through about half the raid with (got through the first 3 encounters). There’s such a great variety of things to work towards each week with the different challenges for powerful gear.


It looks like Bungie’s adding more means to get cores at the end of the month!

I’m still having a great time with Forsaken! I finally got up to 550 and started getting a couple Y2 exotics. The Ace of Spades seems like it’s well worth the quest grind to get it, and I also got the Cerberus+1, which isn’t exactly a viable weapon, but is just so much fun in PvE that I can’t begin to care about taking into Last Wish. In addition I masterworked a Bygones (the Gambit pulse rifle) with Rangefinder, Headseeker, and HCR with a “range” masterwork slot, so I can now spam at trash mobs from sniper distance and I love it. I also finally started to recognize that it’s a good idea to have alts, so I’ve been playing a lot of Hunter as of late (their triple jump has absolutely soured my opinion of Warlock traversal and I wish I could go back to simpler times).

As of now I think my main goal is getting some of the Y1 weapons I’ve missed out on (Whisper, IKELOS shotgun, Sleeper). But yeah, all in all I’m enjoying my time still.


I want to work on my alts, but for the first time in Destiny, I feel like there’s enough stuff to do on just one of my characters, that I feel like I just don’t have the time to spend on alts…which is a good problem to have!

I also just got all three of those weapons a few weeks ago, and they are absolutely worth the time and effort. I’m spoiled by how good each of those weapons are (particularly Sleeper, which is just great in pretty much every situation).


I’ve just hit 560 and am eager to go after the raid. A friend coming to town this weekend may make it tough for me to have a Big Destiny Saturday though!

I’m still having a really good time! I like the daily milestones, think Gambit is a lot of fun, and love all the dreaming city content and challenge. I haven’t touched an alt, yet — so much to do just on my hunter… including still not having a single EP weapon yet. Argh. Same for heroic Whisper — have to go run those soon.

I masterworked my bygones with outlaw and kill clip. It’s my precious. Haven’t masterworked anything else yet, though, and agree that the MW (and mod!) economy is way too tight right now. It would actually be easier to make those decisions without random rolls because I wouldn’t be so paranoid about investing in a gun only to get a better roll. I’m looking forward to the scout rifle buff. I can have fun with scouts on patrol right now, but it was comically bad taking a (high impact!) scout into gambit last night.

I’m still working on armor load outs, not sure when to use mods and very much back and forth on the min/maxing. Feels like the current system really requires high resilience, but the hunter armor doesn’t give me a ton of options for that. (So my space doll doesn’t look nearly as good as it should.)


I kinda want to masterwork my Bygones that has kill clip and under pressure, but in the back of my head, I keep asking myself, “but what if I get one with outlaw and kill clip?” And now you point out that you have one, so now I’m probably never going to masterwork my current Bygones (that’s still pretty good!). So thanks for that.


I saw the announcement! I really do hope it helps. The saltmine at r/DTG is already convinced that it’s not. It might be a bandaid while they rework the system or a step to see if the system needs a rework in the first place.


Forsaken has been a great addition to Destiny, the daily milestones giving you plenty of different ways to get new and better gear is a smart choice, I don’t just play for a couple of hours and get done for a week, which is especially frustrating when you’re lagging behind and you want to get ready for a raid.

On that note the new raid is fantastic. It has a very interesting aesthetic and framing that leans on some of the more interesting aspects of Destiny lore. The encounters are fun and flow nicely into each other, and there’s a lot of space to poke around in between encounters, as well as some fun puzzles and secrets.
I’m inclined to say it’s the best Destiny raid content I’ve played, but as I’ve only played the Destiny 2 raids I can’t say for sure.
Wish I got some better rolls on my first run weapons but I’m sure I’ll run it again soon enough.

I’m glad they’re looking into the masterwork core economy because that’s been a real problem. The seemingly only reliable way to get cores right now is to buy them once / twice a week from Spider, or go through this vendor exploit which is made incredibly tedious because of the way Bungie has designed the Destiny UI to discourage mass purchases (as well as slowing down rep turn in).

If they let you get cores reliably from activities or engrams, or cut the cost from legendary infusions (instead relegating them to exotic infusions) I think it would improve the situation greatly.
I do appreciate that you can infuse the same gear into an identical version of itself for some glimmer, but I would trade that for a more balanced MW core economy.


I dunno, I sort of agree with it being a band-aid, but the way I see it is that it’s probably in Bungie’s best interest to implement changes incrementally and build off feedback rather than patch in every economy fix all at once. I think there was a recent Datto video that talked about this, but it would be so much easier on them if they were left with the freedom to add things later as opposed to putting themselves in a position where they’d have to remove something that’s not balanced (and deal with the community reaction in doing so).

@Gjallarsean Yeah, I kinda went overboard with my Warlock last week and ended up clearing all the powerful reward challenges, so I was left thinking “guess it’s time to play the Forsaken campaign again.” I’ll say that while leveling to 50 can be an absolute chore (I finished the campaign at ~43 so I had to play so many strikes), getting up in power level is way easier the second/third time around. LIke, my Hunter is already 530-ish with mostly comparable armor and I only just got her attuned for the Dreaming City.


Yeah, I think I’m just not looking forward to the level grind again. My Titan and Hunter are both sitting at level 20 and around 260 power, as I haven’t touched either of them since finishing the main D2 campaign. I have one of those upgrades to boost one of them up to Forsaken power levels, but the other will involve a lot of grinding, because I’m pretty sure they only give you one of those power boosts.


Yeah, you just get the one. I actually used mine already on a Titan (who’s still waiting on the third Forsaken mission), so I had to play my hunter fresh through Red War and the DLCs a little while ago, and I just started/finished Forsaken this past weekend. Luckily I’ve had a ton of podcasts to catch up on, so the time it took went by pretty quickly, but it was still a definite grind for sure.


Sorry?/You’re welcome? :grimacing:


Alas, tis the curse of the loot game…there’s always something better to chase…


Also, the Dreaming City is jaw-droppingly pretty. I’m still finding new areas to explore and new mini-activities.

I’m glad that we finally got a sci-fi Rivendell to run around in.


Every year around September I take two weeks off. It usually coincides with my birthday and is time that I like to have to reflect on being a year older and where I’m going in life. However for the last 3 years this time off has usually always coincided with the release of some Destiny expansion… And though I never want to take time off exclusively to play video games all day- especially a game that is never hotter than within those first few weeks of expansion - I have been making steady progress improving my light level and completing certain quests.

On one hand I find it amusing how much they restored so much of old Destiny into Destiny 2. Like your character can talk once again. The lengths in which they’ve 180 degree turned on elements from Destiny 2 is funny. On the other… sure - I’ll take it… It’s good to have career Destiny back.


  • Campaign - Campaign in Destiny is always a littler weird as my fireteam and I really just want to get it done and dusted as soon as possible because the real Destiny usually always begins after the campaign. I think Forsaken does better in packaging the fundamental parts of Destiny in a breezy but consequential package. I perhaps never cared that greatly for Cayde 6 - I think there are too many sassy robots in Destiny and that doesn’t even include all the sassy non robotic people in that game. So I appreciate the inclusion of shadier characters like Spider and Petra who feels like she is on a mission to save the dreaming city.
  • The Dreaming City - I can just about hold my own now in the dreaming city. But it’s cool to have a brand new space that isn’t immediately spelled out. Enjoying the Blind Well as the new Court of Oryx, liking all the Lovecraftian/Bloodborne vibes of secrets being hidden to you. The Ascendent Realm offers a hellish new weekly challenge aside from Nightfall and Whisper of the Worm.
  • Bounties - A friend and I completed the hardest bounty from spider at the weekend - again, it’s cool to see existing arenas (lost sectors) being utilised in harder weekly challenges. I like how gambit occassionally chucks in a harder bounty along with loot drops. It’s cool the way previously meaningless tasks such as breaking down equipment can now result in new challenges that can perhaps give you legendary marks and tokens.
  • Lore - I’ve yet to go into this properly - but this was a thing the first Destiny should have had rather than all of that Grimoire located away from the game…
  • GAMBIT - At first I was lukewarm to the Drifter as a character - but now I relish the twinkle in space Matthew McCounaughey’s eyes before he reveals who we are fighting. As a game mode, it’s just terrific - effectively a horde mode with some PvP thrown in to keep things interesting. Easy enough to play but just enough tactical depth to lead to some really tense situations. And the Gambit specific loot is probably my favourite particularly the weapons - just antique looking WW2-looking-earth-ass weapons. I just want the parcel of stardust shotgun - looks like something from Resident Evil or Doom.
  • Long term and short term goals - there is more grind, but the game is good for signposting just what you need to do every day/week that will guarantee you a powerful engram drop. I’m missing the more regular exotic drops but it does make them more special when they do drop.
  • That prison of elders strike was a trip down memory lane and just a trip. If you want to have fun - just add trains. The new post Raid strike is real good too, the way it can scatter your fireteam across dimensions.
  • The fuckin’ ART man - One of the many things I’ve always loved about Destiny is the art - The Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City all look so great. The Tangled Shore is like a wild west/pirate dwelling - that has a mini dreadnaught to get all nostalgic over. Dreaming City is space Rivendell with a lot of parallels to some of the art design of Bloodborne. Also the fact that there is a raging hell space in the ascendent realm - does well to convey the idea of this cursed paradise.


  • Constantly going to the tower to refresh bounties - can’t we have some orbital internet. Feels like guardians would have some means to procrastinate whilst awaiting up in orbit…
  • Ikora still sucks?
  • It’s a lot more addictive with time based bounties. Up till 1am last night to see my Gambit super kills bounty through before reset tomorrow… I’m thinking about this game in every waking hour.
  • Give me more exotics! Okay I guess I can’t have everything.

All in all, I’m excited for Destiny again. I liked Destiny 2 fine even when everyone else was deriding it for lack of content. It was still the best feeling shooter out there, and no other game quite captures the social element that allows my friends and I to drop in and perhaps work towards powerful gear. Can’t wait for the return of Heavy machine guns at Christmas (“ho ho ho now I have a machine gun” - I see what you did there Bungie) intruiged by all this talk about expansions whose content won’t immediately be spelled out to the player and will have to be discovered presumably by one big community effort.

After Whisper of the Worm, I’m looking forward to the randomness being brought back to Destiny. I came across an invincible taken enemy underneath a bridge that I immediately regretted bothering. Now I just want to know how to take him down.

Liking all this speculation into division within the tower - are we talking about Destiny: Civil War before the triangle people hit? It would be cool if they tapped into some of the invasion tactics of Gambit and applied it to the single player perhaps. Since other shooters are dabbling in the invasion mechanics (Doom and The Division) seems like it could be a cool twist on Destiny. But man if a member of your fireteam went rogue and stopped you from getting an exotic. I think there would be an upsurge in Destiny related outbreaks of violence.

I still just want a Shaxx related DLC. You and Shaxx wake up one morning with a hangover with no memory what happened last night. You have to work out what potentially world ending plot you may have unleashed upon the galaxy before Zavalla finds out and totally shouts at you both.


You basically covered everything and more about this expansion for me.

It’s 585 LL I believe. First time I encountered it, I couldn’t even damage. I’m looking forward to grabbing my buddies and melting it’s face off.


Ah yes, the ‘bridge troll’…that was a fun thing to discover…