Let's Talk About Destiny 2 Some More (Forsaken)


Bridge Troll beat me up good, too. I tried a handful of times and managed to do pretty good damage to it, but when it aggros and gets close, those darkness blasts or whatever are really brutal. I also ran into it last week after clearing adds back in the Rheasiliva area on the weekly quest mission. I’m guessing it spawns in each of the weeklies? But haven’t looked it up, yet.


From my understanding, it only spawns during that mission.


Yeah, it’s just during that mission. Once you kill it, it unlocks a triumph that specifically notes killing it in that particular mission. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other things like it in other missions, but I just haven’t discovered them yet. I was around 550 when I ran into it, so it was not easy to kill it. I think I ended up putting down a Well of Radiance with Lunafaction Boots, and just fired away with the good 'ol Sleeper. I think it took me 5 shots.


I know Eververse items can be a contentious subject, but this is important: you can dress up your ghost as a cat!


Double Tessverse engrams is cool in my book.

All in all, the FotL announcement is very exciting! That screenshot of the Forest looks really cool.


I am very into the idea of them repurposing the currently useless Infinite Forest for anything else. So I’m looking forward to seeing how that works out!


Has anyone dabbled with the Haunted Forest yet?

I got one run in last night. It seems like it’s going to be really fun! The atmosphere is perfect.


I made a few runs last night, enough for a couple of bounties and even lucked into good matchmaking to complete level 7 on one run. I think it’s fun! I sort of wish there were a few more objectives within the forest, or secrets to find, but overall think it’s 100% the right direction with that badly under-used concept.


I tried both versions - liking the vibe - with the occassional invincible hive knight chasing after you.

Feels like what the infinite forest as a concept should have been since that DLC dropped.

Just need to get 120 of those things to unlock that lvl 600 autorifle!


i’ve been playing this game a bit with my brother, i’m an ultra-noob compared to most of you posting, and i have a question. would you all say that this game is worth playing if i can’t do the raids? the sense that i’m getting is that grinding to do the raids and then doing the raids is “the game”. is that accurate?


I don’t think so. The Raids ARE fun, and I would encourage you to try them out if you got the chance; they not as hard as you think but are still rewarding. However, Forsaken did add a ton to do at the high end. Crucible has two really strong weapons to grind for, scoring Nightfalls are a big part of the game, and even just working through lore collecting can be a fun.

I think hitting max power and finding the thing you really want to do is end game Destiny, and a lot of people like the raids.


I’d say that if you enjoy the act of playing the game, there’s plenty to get out of current D2 without doing raids. I still haven’t done any myself (either Leviathan or Last Wish), yet things like Gambit, the Dreaming City, seasonal events, collections, and Blind Well all provide for fun experiences that anyone can enjoy without feeling a strong need to participate in a coordinated raid. Sure, the raids are a significant part of the endgame, but for me, I get more than enough out of how good the moment-to-moment gameplay feels to keep me playing every week since Forsaken launched.