Let's talk about Game Deals!

Let’s talk about the best deals for games, and places to go to look for those deals:


This is the dude.

This weekly humble bundle has some good stuff on it, I might pick it up for UnderRail.

Anywhere else you guys look for good game prices and sales? Post 'em here!

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I like to use http://www.cheapshark.com/ because it searches 9 different stores and you can set it up to email you when a game drops below a price you set.


I’m a big fan of the Humble Monthly deal. For 12 bucks a month you get something like 150+ worth of games and with a crazy variety. This year I’ve gotten Inside, Total War: Warhammer and The Witness and well as a ton of other stuff I normally would not have gotten into.



Humble Monthly has been pretty great so far. There are inevitably some “I have most of these” months, but for the most part, it’s done a great job of filling out my catalog with games that I had been interested in but passed on because I was busy with other stuff.

And yeah, like 95% of deals I find are via internet hero Wario64.

Hilariously reliable protip for getting in on limited edition Nintendo products: Turn on mobile notifications for Wario tweets on days when something is likely to go live.

I really need to meet and hug Wario64 one of these days because that fucking dude has saved me SO MUCH MONEY

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Sweet sweet Golden Week. Picked up Nier Automata and was so close to getting Gravity Rush 2 and the Suikodens. But I’m only (only! lol) 30 hours into Persona 5 and still have FFXV (and Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dishonored 2 and The Witcher 3) hanging out in my backlog. And I only just got Ending A in original Nier. Damn game deals.

I’ve been using GameDealsCanada for Canadian specific deals. The guy has a Twitter account - @GameDealsCanada which is really active. Plus, he updates the site weekly. I’ve saved a lot of money because of the site over the last year+.

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Oh dang this post reminded me that I want to pick up Odin Sphere and Dragonball XenoVerse 2 on this sale :ok_hand::+1:


Honestly tempted just for Stephen’s Sausage Roll but I’ve never pulled the trigger before because it’s hard for me to understand just how difficult it is. Is it like, Snakebird hard? I just don’t want to get 10 puzzles in and then already feel completely clueless.


I wonder if I can get a Switch by the end of May. It’s my fiance’s birthday and she really wants to play Zelda. I’ve seen some on amazon selling for ~$575 CAD, I’d really just like to get a retail one though so I have a warranty.

Woops, I also created a thread about game bundles, which is a very similar topic, I guess. Did not see this one, sorry. Anyway, I use isthereanydeal.com for deal tracking, the e-mail alerts are super useful.

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Paradox Spring Sale

Charities supported:

Stellaris for $12 on Humble Monthly
Also gets you ~5+ mystery games later on in the month.

Just a heads up: the new Humble Bundle has some absolutely amazing games in it - 3 of the best LucasArts games in their remastered forms, Flinthook, the gorgeous Abzû, and Everything (which you should really check out if you’re into Alan Watts and weird, beautiful experimental games)

E: and if you grab it but are not planning on redeeming all the keys, and you’re feeling generous - head on over to the Giveaways and gifts thread :wink:

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