Lets talk about KPOP


aye kpop rules. lets talk about.

some links:

Twice is p much the top tier of the top tier right now. Boy groups seem to be copying the trap sound of last year pretty hard as well now its hilarious


I like me some Girls Day and AOA. I know nothing at all about the genre beyond that.


yo aoa is my shit


BTS are my good, beautiful boys and I love them


I think BTS are the boys that were being trained under coolio for one variety program


For some reason I’ve been really into 4Minute lately. Especially this song.


pour one out for 4minute :sob:


I defintely miss the wave on these things. Here it is 2017 and I’m listening to 4Minute and BIG BANG songs from years ago.


I’m super sad that Crayon Pop are quietly disappearing because they were such a breath of fresh air for so long. Seventeen are pretty great.


I’m also really into this Pristin mv at the moment


Big Bang and 4Minute are the best k-pop groups.
The End.


im digging this vid


Ayy. My favorite group shouldn’t be too hard to guess, I guess. Shout outs to two showings of Pledis in this thread already.


I wish some music wasn’t locked to Apple Music. Spotify is just so much better but I end up not having some music on my kpop playlist.


Yoooooo nice. I saw them live here in Austin at the SXSW showcase. It was cool but the crowd sucked.

E: and by them I meant red velvet


Maaan, I wish I could have been there. For the the MFBTY crew as well. Like dayum.


I always feel kinda bad because I’m no where near into K-Pop as I am into J-Pop, though I’m able to find a lot of J-Pop that’s more like weird electronic music than I can in the K-Pop scene.
That said, I do love me some Lim Kim :tired_face::ok_hand::purple_heart:


Lim Kim has great bossa tracks, too.:weary::ok_hand:

I’m not too knowledgeable about the electronic acts in SK, but have you given Glen Check a spin?


Good thread, ty.

I feel like 2017 has been a good year so far, a lot of big groups ending aside (RIP 4Minute). We’ve had a shift away from overly cutesy stuff back to a more fun energetic vive and I’m loving it. We’ve also hard KARD debuting (well I mean that was technically last year but whatever) a friggin mixed gender group!! Who’d have thought


Twice are coming back this month and I am SO EXCITED