Lets talk about KPOP


Here are two I’ve heard recently that I like. I didn’t know about either of these bands previously. I love how Pentagon has more than five members and the seem to have bought an outfit, then put different parts of it on various members. Cute.

Here is the other.


I got hooked on Shine for a bit after Love Scenario. They go well together.


Man TWICE is so good. I’ve basically loved every new song they’ve put out.

That BTS song is okay but I’m not quite sure why it’s hit as hard as it has.


I could write a whole piece on the subversiveness of this song and video let alone how it fits into the whole narrative of Loona as a group. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I watched it early this morning.


I randomly saw this pop up when I was playing a huge kpop playlist on Youtube. It’s great, and really weird that Grimes is in it, though I guess she’s kind of a known fan of KPOP.


so uhh
shinee? is fucking me up??

i am so here for this comeback and it is giving me lots of emotions and ahhhh


Been a lot of good songs lately but I’m obsessed with LATATA atm


This is probably the third time I’ve realized that NCT 127 is my favorite Kpop act going right now. Their choreography is so fucking good.


All the Primary/Oh Hyuk videos got reuploaded for some reason. Great excuse to watch/listen to these again!

Also I like how stretchy this song is and how they use the quantity of guys in the visuals. The dynamic between their individualized accessories and the general color-scheme of their clothes is fascinating.


These Blackpink teasers are WILD


I’ve never been a cheerleader, but I imagine that parts of this song would be rather good for emphasizing moments in sporting matches.


So I had to look this up because reggaeton is very much in my blood and I can see it a bit. But too slow from what I expect, like Residente or CNCO.

I first heard the popular songs “gee” and “abracadabra” circulating on blogs and anime conventions, but decided to look into it more once BTS came into U.S. media. So, I’m new to k-pop (I was into Mando-pop back in the day), but it’s difficult to navigate the deeply embedded patriarchal values. Like, c’mon, I’m someone very familiar with machismo and this is too familiar. I also can’t stand the constant praise on white skin! Y’all linking TWICE but I can only imagine how well “Look at dahyun’s tofu white skin!” is going to translate in multicultural markets.

Anyone got some Korean (or south-asian) sociological papers to recommend to read while listening to these songs lol? For sanity’s sake. (Was watching a variety show for more exposure to groups when the hosts gushed over a 16yo idol’s marriageability based on her cooking and told a female fan to get permission from her boyfriend to listen to a male artist… I’m suffocating.)

I also find it hard to follow artists who have been problematic. I know MAMAMOO apologized for their blackface but… ugh. I heard BTS also apologized for their past behaviors and words, too.

The first group I was legitimately getting behind and they had to go and have a photoshoot at a confederate diner and collab with Grimes. Ugh. (Though this collab might have proceeded the Elon Musk mess, why are the fans still praising Grimes??? it’s sick.)

Anyway! There are some good beats I find it hard to get out of my head so I’m not against discovering more. Just please tell me they’ve learned from their problematic past…


Happy to see a critical fan coming in to discuss these issues.
I don’t get deep enough into the performers to see the promotional material beyond the music-videos and my lack of understanding Korean really keeps me from having to address most lyrics.
I do find myself struggling with the clear sexualization of young women and young men, especially considering the ages at which they begin to train. But that struggle involves understandings of gender that don’t come easy for me (Particularly the dynamic between a performer wanting to use performative sexuality and the circumstance in which highly sexualized gender becomes desirable to perform) . It seems bad, but I love the music, the imagery, and the fashion! Plus it feels somewhat distant from my involvement which allows me to feel less responsible for actually correcting it so I stick around in fascination.
I love when feminist and marxist media-criticism gets applied to something I enjoy though.


I don’t have much to add to the discussion at the moment, but I just have to say that my KPOP-heavy playlists have definitely helped me avoid having an anxiety attack on these anxiety-ridden days.



gonna recommend this article a friend of mine wrote to anyone who’s new to kpop / interested in a run through of interesting tracks: https://music.avclub.com/get-caught-up-on-k-pop-in-60-minutes-1826862030

i feel like everyone’s reaction to it is “needs more [x]”, where [x] is their bias, but i think it’s a really well-written and thoughtful article which avoids most of the orientalist tropes about kpop as Weird Asian Music or Rip-Off US-Focused Pop. i dig it.


Y’all seen Momoland’s new MV?

CW: cultural appropriation


I’m not surprised that the focus of imagery backfires so often, but the dashiki double-take makes me pity their next-level ignorance. It reminds me of the time I went and grabbed a cucumber from the restaurant-fridge when the cook asked me for a zucchini.


I’m always nervous about american takes on KPop that forget that Disney exists, but I think this video is a helpful thesis in talking about some of the issues @yenni brings up . Sorry about the name of the channel and the name of the video.

Also there are some helpful corrections in the comments, not just those that the author puts at the top.


It’s been out for a while, but since this artist is more socially aware than the average kpop act figured it’d be a nice addition