Lets talk about KPOP


New TWICE is out for those of you interested

Dance the Night Away



Just saw that video by Holland. Freaking beautiful. I don’t know much about kpop overall, but in any case seeing that this kind of video is out there was a huge, wonderful surprise.



Haven’t been paying much attention to k-pop recently (aside from listening to some favorites) but I heard Hyolyn’s See Sea and Dally recently and WOW k-pop is saved. Bae teaser has potential too.

Dally MV, hiding cuz suggestive outfits


I’ve been enjoying Mamamoo’s Egotistic too, but I like just about everything they do lol


Just adding LOONA’s predebut and debut MVs

Really disappointed in the line distribution favoring the popular members when WJSN manages to be fair. :confused:


TWICE’s “TT” just became the first KPOP girl group’s music video to hit 400 millions views on YT.



All these comebacks lately and no new posts?? Anyway, I’ve basically been listening to Yubin’s new track on repeat all morning


Any K-Pop lovers here learning Korean? I’ve been a K-Pop fan since GG times all the way to I*ZONE (La Vie En Rose is the bomb) and recently got hooked on K-Dramas like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as well!

I’m using Viki Learn now to learn Korean - I can watch the episode in both EN and KR subtitles and I can click on the subtitles to reveal the word’s meaning.

Have you used it and what do you think of it? Are you using other resources to learn Korean? :slight_smile: