Lets talk about KPOP


I was about to start a kpop thread, lol.

I’m going to the K.A.R.D concert in July in Brazil, will be my first kpop concert \o/


2017 has been such a good year for kpop already!! I can’t wait for Twice’s comeback. Oh My Girl’s last song is really good, too.


I’d like to give a shoutout to Dreamcatcher, which combined with K.A.R.D are one of the most refreshing things in the scene:

The latest EXID album had a vibe so different from their previous output that it also worth hearing (Boy is my favorite track):


Limk Kim is awesome. Also, Neon Bunny is pretty good. Kinda has a similar vibe imo.


still mourning Wonder Girls :frowning:


Pour one out for Wonder Girls, 2NE1, 4Minute, Rainbow, Crayon Pop, and IOI.
And Kara. And eventually T-ARA, probably After School.

But FOR REAL, though. When is the 98 line of Pristin forming their sub unit a la Orange Caramel?

And when is Red Velvet doing another Velvet title track?


Ugh, Orange Caramel…

Crayon Pop is kinda still around, they released a big album last year, but after Soyul left the group I gave up hope :cry:


Crayon Pop’s contracts were up in March. I think they’re done they just won’t ever announce it :’( Them and Orangge Caramel are my ultimate favs. Hell my username on here is a Crayon Pop name lol


I really like Lim Kim, 4Minute, Red Velvet. This is the song that got me into KPOP initially.


Hello k-pop friends :tada:

I enjoy many kpops, but my heart belongs to Girls’ Generation.


yo it was lit as fuck, drunken tiger owns. Even better was my girl Yoonmirae oh my god.


Red Velvet are on an unbelievable run…“Talk To Me” is the song of 2017


Ya, tbh reading the gig writeup on AsianJunkie was like twistin the knife.


This is the thread I truly care about the most. :two_hearts:

I guess finding my favourites should be as easy as clicking my name and checking my banner, but in reality I couldn’t actually pick a favourite. There’s too many good artists out there. EXID, 2NE1, Orange Caramel, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, AOA all have my heart but honestly it’s difficult not to just keep typing out more.

I’m very much in with this post, I was a little slow on the uptake with Dreamcatcher but love their sound to bits. Eclipse has been a joy, they all seem to have been having so much fun promoting it and I’m very much anticipating Solji being able to return down the line.

As we’re throwing things into the mix I want to put out GFRIEND’s 4th mini album (The Awakening), which completely won me over recently. Fingertip is a heck of a jam. CLC’s Crystyle did a ton for me as well this year, and I’m currently in love with IU’s new album Palette too.

Also here’s my Last FM profile, so if any of you use that then please feel free to add me on there as another way to help me discover more stuff!


Oh K-Pop. The Anime of music. Honestly, i’ve tried getting into it. Just not my thang, y’know?
Still, i’m glad people enjoy it.


Dude the anime of music is jpop. Full stop


Dreamcatcher is so weird. Its like the kpop version of babymetal or an anime opening or something. I see the appeal, but I think western fans gravitated much more to it. I spoke to my korean friends that live in Seoul and they told me its cool but a bit too much for them.


Honestly, both Gfriend and Dreamcatcher lean hard into that J/anime sound (Gfriend with their melodramatic synth/strings, DC with this and the previous decade’s Jrock sensibilities), but of the two it’s obvious whose image is going to win over the general public. Never mind that people kinda slept on Gfriend before they went viral.

Man, even Gfriend’s fansubbers came back just in time for the Rough era when they blew up.


I don’t really have anything to add to this convo, but I bought tickets to G-Dragon’s show in Chicago this morning and I’m pretty excited.

That’s all!


same as K.A.R.D!

Oh Nana already had some uncommon beats for kpop, then Don’t Recall was a reggaeton song, and finally Rumor is basically a latin calypso.

As I said before, I’m going to their concert here in Brazil, they have a ton of videos on YT interacting with latin fans, and their only appearance in a variety show so far was Tour Avatar from the Arirang TV network, which produces korean content to foreigners.

It’s funny how popular they are outside of their own country.

This just got out, pretty good song~