Lets talk about KPOP


Yeah a lot of mid tier/b tier groups are just kinda sorta ignored for the most part in Korea. Its a very cutthroat industry with so many groups debuting a year and such. You can see the appeal for KARD in latin countries because of the beats they choose. They’re very much appealing to Latinos because of the reggeaton beats or in general dance vibe. The cute stuff will get big outside of Korea sometimes, but the stuff that does connect are things that are heavily influenced by western music.


I can definitely see that. It’s certainly a pretty different sound, I did think of Babymetal at first too. K-bymetal, then. I think that’s why it stood out for me, though, but I’m also a fan of heavier stuff already alongside my love for K-pop.


Hell I may get punished for this but since this is a K-pop thread I will throw in my two cents.

Two best live shows I witnessed in Korea were The Koxx 칵스:.

and Glen Check 글렌 체:

Don’t hate the indies! :blush:


No way man this is cool, haven’t heard of either. In general I find KPOP fascinating for the way they take a western sound and make it their own. The use of so many different producers and songwriters to make something sound so weird yet familiar is crazy.

I’ve been meaning to get into more of the indie scene in Korea as well as the rap scene (its sick, but alot of my favs moved to the US i think). Its just hard when you don’t understand/can’t read hangul and there aren’t many resources available in english.


Don’t feel bad about not understanding the rap. In general, character based languages like Korean lead themselves to puns and word play that non-native speakers will not understand on first listen.

I’ve had my friends explains some lyrics to me, and that helps out a bit. The good news is that Korean itself is easy to read, so if you find some lyrics online you can translate off of that.


Oh I don’t feel bad about not understanding it, I meant more in that its hard for a non-speaker to find resources online like websites or news for certain artists and such. One of my favorite korean bands is Idiotape but you can never find any information for them in english.


Oh no doubt! I was in the same predicament 4 years ago haha


Speaking of the hip hop scene, is anyone else here planning on following Show Me The Money 6? I think Tiger JK and Bizzy were confirmed as a producer/judges team this season. I’ve only watched season 5, but I ended up learning some mainstream names and following G2 a little bit.


For sure! I have to catch up on Broduce 101, to be ready for SMTM when it comes after it.

Season 5 introduced me to the greatness that is BewhY:


This is their best release, imo!


EXO is the only K-pop band that consistently puts out stuff that I like listening to. I like singles from pretty much everyone though.
Last night something clicked with me while I was listening to “You Know” by Jay-Park.

In general, I find his persona creepy as fuck, but I like listening to him. I like how this song feels like a resolution for a heist-movie or something.


Oh, the new Twice was today? All right, let’s give it a spin.

Yeah, no. I’m not about that new one. Their songs have always been growers, but I can’t imagine how this one would. I know I’m saying this as a fan of Russian Roulette, but there’s just something frustrating about the understated vocal range in it where I just keep waiting for more of a flourish.

I’m here for speedster Momo, though.


Like you said, I had to put more time than I wished into TT and Knock Knock to start liking them, but Signal was a instant fave; I also think the MV is on point, everyone’s visuals are really incredible, mainly Tzuyu, though I think that’s just her aging.

The b-sides are all great unlike Twicecoaster Lanes 1 and 2, which had a fair amount of lame tracks, which makes Signal (the album) unexpectedly exciting!

I saw many friends hating on Russian Roulette and Rookie during the release day, and one week after loving those beats; it was funny :smile:


Imo the song is going to be huge despite the initial negative reaction. I feel like the elements are there and it’s gonna slowly become an ear worm.

Korean social media hates it at the moment tho


Yeah true, Knock Knock and Rookie caught so much flak for being repetitive songs released around the same time (by big girl groups backed by big money companies). Apparently the Korean comments were likening them to children’s talent show performances.

I might just let Signal overtake me once it starts pervading the different variety shows, etc.


People probably don’t like it because JYP never says his name during it.


I mean, I know I only listen to k-pop songs to hear that beautiful “JYP” drop. idk about the rest of ya’ll


I will say that watching Dream High had a big impact on the feels I get from the whisper of “jyp”.


I did my major in big bang. With a minor in 4minute.
Caught the bug around fantastic baby time.
Followed then onto kdrama they were funny and likeable.
Maaaan they treat celebrities alot different in Korea.

I’ve seen bigbang live when they can to Australia. Also the running man kvariety show.


“Fantastic Baby” is also the song that informed me kpop exists. The costumes and visuals were so oit of the ordinary and the imagery was used so thoughtlessly that I had to watch it multiple times. Before I knew it I was singing it.
I also found 4minute around that time, but they never put out more songs that I liked. 2NE1 was putting out great stuff. Hyuna was a joke to me with that “Bubble Pop” song, but after “Trouble Maker” I started paying attention to baby-voice and I think she is great.

But really, EXO is great.
I still love a good party-anthem, but I’ve been getting more into the R&B side of things like Primary and Crush. That Bermuda song is one of my favorite songs for sure.

Some of my love for kpop can be seen pretty clearly in my game This Too Shall Pass