Lets talk about KPOP


yeah, I’m really liking this. the video especially is so cool!


Used to be really into K-Pop around the time Bubble Pop came out (which I still haven’t heard a song better than, tbh). Been reading up on it a bit this week to try and get back to being knowledgable, got some good Spotify playlists I’ve subscribed to - does anyone have any recs for blogs/Twitter/Facebook for keeping up to date on releases?


I don’t know about twitter or facebook accounts, but these blogs will cover more than enough kpop and korean culture:

This Youtube playlist has all of the big releases in 2017 so far, created by the kpop community at NeoGAF, which will get you up to speed: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwBXPtjuNGOB6QHuBUhQIzx3bcLl4HDW_


Thank you very much! From what I can gather, Twice are the biggest group of the moment? Shame their music isn’t on Spotify.


Yep, by far the most popular. A music video they released ~6 months ago is now the most watched kpop video in history, and they keep breaking records again and again.

It’s really hard to find a perfect way of buying korean music here in the west; some groups are on Spotify, others are on Google Play Music, others are on Apple Music, etc. :disappointed:


I would love to hear your take on “Bubble Pop”. I can’t stand that song and it would be interesting to here the details of what you appreciate about it.

I mostly just check http://kpopreleases.tumblr.com/
And then I follow a chain of Youtube suggestions. Also sometimes something will come on Pandora that will catch my attention.

I’m shocked to find out that Twice is the most popular group. I thought my tastes were niche enough enjoying Kpop, but now I’m like into particular parts of Kpop, this is getting out of hand.


Hm. Hmmm.
You know I’ve never actually thought about why I like that song so much. Ask me about a hundred different songs or albums and I could sit down with you over coffee and chat for hours, but (perhaps due to the language barrier for lyrical content), I’m a little more stumped for this one.

I find the sampling and vocal hooks just really really satisfying, the whole song has a sharpness to it that really does feel like the first sip of a freshly cracked open lemonade where the carbonation tickles the back of your nose with an acidic citrus kick (I’m resorting to metaphor because I can’t find the technical words to describe it, haha).

It may also be partially down to its inclusion in one of my favourite mixtapes of all time: Elite Gymnastics’ ‘I Want a 38-Minute Truce In Which There Is No Rape’. My enjoyment of K-Pop stemmed from being really into that band’s mixes which relied heavily on the genre in 2010-2012, so it could also be a case of it being nostalgia for one of the tracks that got me interested and excited in K-Pop.

Whilst I’m on the subject I’m also going to recommend their Opening Ceremony mix for anyone who hasn’t heard it, the tracklist is so so good.

  1. Ravex - Golden Luv feat. Maki Goto
  2. Crue-L Grand Orchestra - Spend The Day Without You (Eye Remix)
  3. Bigbang - Haruharu (Daishi Dance Remix)
  4. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Cherry Bon Bon
  5. A Pink- 몰라요
  6. After School - Shampoo (Areia Remix)
  7. Capsule - Glitter
  8. Unicorn Kid - Boys of Paradise
  9. Anri - Oasis


So i was talking to my friend in Korean. He was telling me about the shift in popularity is rappers using reggae.

e.g Skull’s new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpJwLQkAu0I

Not sure how I feel about it, but we will see if it enters the K-Pop mainstream in a year or so.


That song is fire.

Huh, is that only catching on now? I feel like the shift has been gradually going on for a while, what with Drunken Tiger’s The Cure, and Haha and Skull’s older collabs, and even Haha’s talk show called Yaman TV.

Speaking of the mainstream, tho

(edit: realized you may be talking about rappers only, in which case I guess Tiger JK is the only relevant thing I linked.)


K.A.R.D has been using reggae ton and other types of latin beats which is unexpected, but works. But they still manage to keep their own essence, with their looks and voices.

It’s interesting that this one you linked has them imitating for lack of a better word (because I don’t mean this in a bad way) latin culture, with the broken buildings, dreads and tattoos. I didn’t know korean singers were trying that, thanks for sharing!
It’s rare to see pop idols trying something different, so the hip-hop and other niche scenes are fascinating to watch.


hell yes this post rules

gotta say im loving the discussion here.

I’ll post later today on why I think songs like bubble pop are huge but on the reggae thing, i believe its increasing in popularity because of the reggae/dancehall influenced music coming out of the west is finally making its way to the East in their pop culture. Especially since Korea often swagger jacks whatever is poppin in the west and then go on to make a crazy version of that


After watching that Wonder Girls video: I love their crochet dresses and now I kinda watch an entire video of balloons being popped by cacti.

Since we are sharing kpop-reggae, here is my fav:


I just remembered this bonus EXID track in their previous album:

JANNABI Mix, :laughing:

This removes the air horns from the original version, which is an improvement. It also turned up a really good mix!


Well in general Korea has trouble with taking elements from Black and Latin artists and applying them to Korea. Mostly because of the cultural push back against individuals having their own style, you see lots of artists take trends from western artists and applying them to their videos/songs.

Keith Ape using trap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPC9erC5WqU
JayAllDay using trap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=55&v=RAccpT1zYxs

Vasco doing a Busta impersonation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUpzqv6hosA
Dok2 doing a Talib Kwalib impersonation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKdKzBQ6dZI

It is interesting to see the rap/indie industry try and break free of the Idol heavy scheme that CJ, YG, and SM impose. Especially as more artists try to challenge censorship laws


I’m pretty sure this was the first kpop song I really liked. And it’s still probably one of my favourites. [Sixth Sense] (https://youtu.be/pIqkDBsSJOw) is also great, and One Summer Night is a hell of a 90s-style ballad.

Most of my favs are from between 2011 and 2013, when I was paying a lot more attention. It wasn’t really until I heard Lim Kim last year that I got interested again, and I still have basically no idea what’s going on these days.

If this thread keeps going I’ll probably pop in to post more. For now, enjoy this absolute gem:

As a final note, I discovered some years ago that Boyfriend’s Love Style is exceptionally entertaining if you feed it to the infinite jukebox


Hell yeah, I’m glad you found some worth in my ramblings! Getting back into K-Pop after a few years of slacking off was a little intimidating but I’ve found some stuff in playlists I’m really into so I definitely want to hang around this thread and discuss with y’all.

Here’s the faves from what I’ve been listening to:


Man why did I wait so long to check whether or not there was a kpop thread in here :smiley:

Favourite slept on banger of the last little while to kick things off for me:


A cool place to start though - what do people think of the new Twice track? I am slowly falling in love with it, and something is giving me an I Got A Boy-era SNSD vibe about it - they’re so massive and bulletproof that they can get away with being marvelously weird


I already talked about Signal a little above, but I want to say I’m listening to Hold me Tight right now!

@kyonashi Since you linked Blackpink, they’re doing a comeback next month!


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