Lets talk about KPOP


I know it’s the equivalent of having my favourite pop artist be I dunno Katy Perry or something but I do really love Girls Generation.


Nothing wrong about liking a mainstream group!

I came to kpop while SNSD and SuJu were winding down, and I wish I had experienced that phase because right now I’m seeing the influences of that bigger exposure.

Promising banger


Haven’t listened to much Kpop recently, but some friends recommended me these songs recently.

And this


So which groups would y’all describe yourselves as stans of? I’ve seen a fair bit of BTS and Red Velvet love in the thread, but it’d be interesting to see who you go for.

I’m SHINee through and through :smiley:


oh, I just remembered one of my fave songs/videos…

the choreography :weary:



I went hard on SNSD and their entire back catalog during their The Boys era around 2011 because Gee hooked me in 2009 and I eventually decided to act on my curiosity. From then on it was mostly SNSD, f(x), and Kara for me for a couple of years. I also kept up with various variety shows like Invincible Youth, Running Man and Star Golden Bell and got acquainted with more groups through that.

Then I stopped paying attention for a while until Kara had its lineup shaken up in 2014. I came back gradually throughout '14/'15 (watched some Roommate because of Orange Caramel) until I discovered Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb and wondered why I wasn’t hip to these SM babies already.

Maaan, their performance of Replay from that concert is so powerful.


This was and still is so good! I wish they’d do more goofy concepts. Did not like Never Ever much :disappointed:

@regresssion, I used to be into Orange Caramel, f(x) and Crayon Pop when I started listening to kpop. Today all those three are dead, sadly.

I’m always following

  • Mamamoo (they use a lot of jazz in their songs, act differently from others as idols, and are more mature, even though the age difference isn’t that much, without going overly sexy),
  • K.A.R.D (similar reasons as Mamamoo, but latin beats),
  • EXID, and
  • I.O.I and everyone who has gone in their separate ways. Chungha is debuting soon, YoojungxDoyeon are still teasing their new group, Nayoung is fantastic in Pristin, Somi is doing variety shows everywhere but has yet to begin her solo career, and all the others.

Never heard of this (I’ve heard of others) Sohee before:

This is a great track~

@RaidVelvet woooooooooooooooooooooooo, your link is fire :raised_hands:


Oh! That’s Sohee from Kpop Star 6. Thanks for linking that, I would’ve missed it.

Dropping this off here.


I am waiting for the concert film of SHINee World 5 to drop so I can literally fall to pieces. Ngl, Red Velvet are right up there for me <3


I still have faith for f(x) - and until then, we’ve got Luna to skweee over :3


I wish GOT7 stopped having american-based concepts (this setting, english lyrics, clothes, visuals, beats), it’s generic.

Let’s go back to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrdk3IGcau8


That synthy slap-bass stuff around 2:10 is hawt and I like how they shout “yoo-hoo!”

What if they were still at the car-wash, but they were super small and grab onto each other to make sure they don’t get pressure-washed?


Gosh, I like so much but there’s definitely a few that really have my whole heart. 2NE1 definitely did for a long while. Currently I’d say EXID, Red Velvet, and Girl’s Day are probably the groups I stan the hardest for, with Mamamoo and AOA coming in close behind.

In other K-pop news, I wouldn’t have described myself as a big TWICE fan before but I cannot get this dang song out of my head at the moment. There’s just something about it…


This cute boy would never ever (get it?) say the words “my swagger”

They put up a mean attitude and talk about swag while also playing table soccer and throwing cereal around, it’s dumb dumb :v. Just Right’s MV was some goofy, light fun and that was alright!

As a song, My Swagger is good, better than Never Ever to me.

Ah, BTS got an award at the Billboard Music Festival, first korean and kpop group to do so. On one hand I’m not very fond of american influences, on the other hand it gives them more exposure and let cool things like this happen, hahaha.


I only got into KPOP recently, because f(x) and SHINEE both had really similar, very Disclosure songs as singles a few years ago! But it was an eye opener about how open to changing it up constantly KPOP producers were.

The songs in question: (which are both bops)


4 Walls is a banger, and Shinee is one of the most consistently good male groups out there.

The frequent mentions of f(x), EXID and Mamamoo reminded me of that hot collabo with Luna, Hani and Solar:

This had so much potential!!

Do you all have any other good collaborations between singers in your mind?


It’s almost cliché at this point, but I kinda want a new generation SM Performance group with Ten, Taemin, Kai and whoever else they fit in.

Just in case people missed it - Ten is absurd good.


Absolute bops. The Disclosure comp is so on point, but I honestly love how just going back a few releases into SHINee’s catalogue and you’re straight into proper pop RnB, and can hear exactly where a house sound is coming from.


New Seventeen alert - it’s a jam, and Hoshi’s outdone himself on the choreo <3


Newer Seventeen (Highlight, Don’t Wanna Cry) is great, but I miss the high energy, feelgood, funk-infused bangers they started out with. ):

Those singles are what’s up. When I think about it, SM pulling in LDN Noise is pretty much the reason I fell back in so deep.

I remember fans at the time were feeling the “EDM” title tracks were ruining the “kpop sound”, but I’m just thankful to LDN for these incredible The Red B track bops.

Ahhh, Sistar’s seven year contract is coming to an end. This next release is reportedly their last.