Lets talk about KPOP


This choreo is SOMETHING ELSE, best so far this year.

The new Loona is :fire:

It’s the first song they’ve released that managed to grab me.


Yeah, it’ll be a shame to see them go their separate ways - they’ve been the Queens of Summer for so many years now. Will definitely miss them. My friend shared this acoustic ‘Touch My Body’ on Twitter and it’s real good, so go listen to that!

Thanks for all the Jams, ladies.


Since the last post:

  • Sistar has now officially disbanded after their last promotions
  • **SVT’**s rad ass performance video is up
  • UEE left Pledis and After School. There was still an After School to leave???
  • KPOP Star 6’s Filipino-American contestant Kriesha Tiu has debuted as a solo KPOP act under Urban Works Ent
  • KPOP Star 6’s Sohee (from earlier in the thread) has debuted in a group called Elris (Alice???) under Hunus Entertainment
  • Blackpink is filming their new MV this week, and are slated for a “mid-June” comeback, followed by Japanese promotions in July
  • Meanwhile Seulgi from Red Velvet, Moonbyul from Mamamoo, Somi formerly of IOI, Sujeong from Lovelyz, Sohee formerly of CIVA/IBI, D.ana from Sonamoo, and Yooa from Oh My Girl are currently four webisodes deep into their current project: Idol Drama Operation Team. Kpop twitter says articles state the fictional girl group in the drama, the Girls Next Door, will be releasing 4 tracks in total. (Yet another temporary girl group for Somi to release music with after IOI and Unnies…)

There’s probably more going on where I’m not looking, but phew. I’d been looking forward to the Idol Drama thing for a while now seeing as Unnie’s Slam Dunk 2 just ended and I just really miss the first season of Invincible Youth. I need KBS to step up and just give girl groups a show to hang out on.

Edit: Oh right, for IOI fans:


Thanks for this, useful to read a summary of the latest news. Can’t wait to hear that new Blackpink song!


It’s gonna be weird having summers without Sistar, but they’ve given us so much over the past few years and it’s great to see them ending on such a happy note. Hopefully they all go on to more successes in their respective careers - a super talented group of people!


I heard that Idol Drama is only doing love stories, which is disappointing. I remember Moonbyul saying way back that she’d talk about how she feels about being “the one who raps” in Mamamoo, and doing nothing beyond that. I wanted it to talk about their struggles too


True. Them talking candidly about their struggles is one of the things that initially had me hooked. They’ve continued to say throughout the thing that they’d be telling a story based on their past experiences, but it did also pivot hard towards love triangles and such once they started brainstorming (Seulgi, why). They haven’t shown us anything substantial past the initial meeting yet, though. We’ll see how much of the non-love story hooks make it in once they actually start doing stuff.


T.O.P found unconscious, under suspicion of drug overdose

Holy shit… from the sound of it, looks like he tried to end himself with meds after all that happened in his last weeks.

Imagine the pressure that these idols must feel to keep working for ~10 years and see everything coming down after one single mistake.


That sucks.
Sounds like it might have more to do with getting expelled from the military though. I didn’t realize he was doing his service now.


Oh! I didn’t see it had escalated like that. Even before the weed stuff he was getting flak about doing his service in like a police station in the city or something. They get Super Bitter about that stuff.


just an update since no one’s mentioned it yet, the report on him being unconscious was maybe a bit misleading, and he’s apparently OK: https://twitter.com/oniontaker/status/872072799078064128

that whole thread has more detailed info. obviously glad he’s OK, when all I heard this morning was “TOP was found unconscious and is in the hospital” I just about panicked.


Now his mother said he may have suffered brain damage.

There are a lot of sites rushing to cover the tragedy before others, it’s hard to believe in something. I’ll wait until these (frankly, despicable) rumors die down.

In another note, SONG OF THE SUMMER IS HERE:

Chung Ha looks so gorgeous, god damn.


Chungha went and done did good, I’m so glad :raised_hands:


Taking a break from video games to finally check out what Mamamoo’s up to this time.

They’re always up to some mischievous shit, lmao. With subtitles, since the entire song is a long string on puns/dad jokes.


“Don’t tell me ‘Bye Bye’.
That’ll make me cry cry.
Love is a lie lie.”


I love Mamamoo so much, this is incredible. They’re really playing to my weakness for puns again, too. This plus their new official teasers… I can barely wait for next week now!


BLINKs where you at, BeulPing is coming back.


I enjoy how consistent NCT 127 is at hooking me with odd sound-qualities.

This is still my favorite though:

…oh shit, that is NCT U.
ungh, that is a long-ass ride.


The 7th Sense absolutely owns though.


Welp, E3 is over, and so is Broduce 101. The 11 winning boys are now a group called WANNA ONE (Koreans pronounce it One Oh One), aaaaand Mnet’s greedy bum’s already expressed interest in doing another season for the girls again.

I hate it, but there’s also no way I’m not going to watch it if it happens.

And maaan, does Mark get A Lot in that new 127 track. Good on him.