Lets talk about KPOP


Big double header today with MAMAMOO and BLACKPINK both putting out new singles. I really love them both: “Yes I Am” is a super summerjam straight out of the gate and I really like “As If It’s Your Last” as well, although the chorus feels weirdly quiet compared to the verses.

Mamamoo put out a full MV for their “dad jokes” track, too, which is a perfect complement to Yes I Am’s super colourful video - it has a very drab, “business-like” look to it, but it’s still super goofy and fun.

I’ve really been enjoying 9MUSES’s new EP, as well - the lead track, Remember, was a bit of a slower burn on me than today’s releases, but I like the rhythm shift just before the chorus hits a lot and the EP as a whole is some good stuff from them. I think I was expecting something more summery given the release timing, but once I’d gotten past that surprise I got quite into it.


poppin back in here to say that the new blackpink is SUMMER AF

italo chorus omg yes


Hell yah. That, and this preview of their Japanese version of Whistle is p lit also. Their native accent doesn’t show in their Z-sounds and U-vowels, and Lisa’s rap is on point. Mmh.

So. Red Velvet just got confirmed for next month. Seems like SM’s dipping back into their pool of Swedish producers for my girls’ summer track. If this July release gets postponed until September again this year, I swear. I’m flipping a table.


I’m starting to think that Black Pink isn’t ever going to put out anything as interesting as Whistle again.

NCT 127 are super good dancers imo. They execute a lot of novel moves really well and some of them look difficult af.


SM veterans suddenly making noise again. With DBSK/TVXQ, SuJu, SNSD, and EXO also coming back it’s going to be quite a year for SM.


I have never listened to KPop. Where do I start? Sorry if this was mentioned earlier. Just give me a song or album to listen to on spotify.


That’s a pretty broad question with many answers. If you’re up for the boy band/girl group experience, some current stuff you could look up on Spotify would be:

Red Velvet: Girl group. Alternates between bright, upbeat bubblegum pop and ballads, and R&B slow jams. Their Ice Cream Cake EP from 2015 is as good a place to start as any. If you like the title track, check out their LP The Red. If you like the track Automatic, check out the single Be Natural, and their EP The Velvet.

Blackpink: Girl group. Only have five songs out so it shouldn’t take long to know if you like them or not. Their output ranges from club bangers to quieter stuff.

K.A.R.D: Mixed group. Another group with a very short discography. Latin influenced tracks you wanna groove to.

Seventeen: Boy band. Earlier singles are really upbeat, lighthearted and funk-infused, but later title tracks have leaned more towards the electronic genres. Sick 13-member dance routines.

Soloists to check out:
Taeyeon (I, Why, 11:11, Fine), IU (Good Day, YOU&I, Red Shoes, Palette), Ailee (I Will Show You, U&I, Mind Your Own Business), Zion.T (Yanghwa BRDG, Eat)

Should be a wide enough smattering to pick and choose from.


Everyone listens to different stuff and in different ways, but I wanted to mention some of how I enjoy it. The music-videos are somewhat essential for me. The fashions are wild, the imagery is surreal, and the choreography of the male groups is super fun.
Another part of the appeal is that these Kpop stars often have cameos in K-dramas. Watching the folks who played campy characters belt out emotions in the form of song is a strange and entertaining association to enjoy.
Some people enjoy watching the mixture of variety shows and reality-tv shows that these stars participate in constantly. Also, there exists a lot of fanfic.
Of course I’m not suggestint that you should do all that, but it’s worth noting that a lot of the appeal exists beyond listening to the audio of the songs.

All that said, if you like R&B I recommend Primary’s album, 2 https://open.spotify.com/album/74CU3qunOU4OPzdSbK9rPv

If you like dance-pop and campy grand concepts then I recommend EXO’s Exodus.


I really like Apink’s new single a lot. They’re great at those super-catchy hook lines and the “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” definitely hits that note.

Stellar are back too, with a new member (Soyoung) and another new direction - I love that they keep trying new stuff and I hope they catch more eyes with this style because they deserve more attention than they get IMO.


It’s a pretty wide spectrum, so it’s primarily a case of finding what takes your fancy. Spotify has really stepped up their game over the past couple of years in terms of K-pop, so you might do well just to go on there and browse their K-pop playlists to see what takes your fancy.

Here’s a few quick suggestions, though, to go along with what RaidVelvet said above!

  • Girl’s Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) - I guess these girls are probably the most widely-known thing in K-pop, so as good a place as any to start.
  • EXID - one of my personal favourites, lots of real funky tracks to jam to.
  • 2NE1 - there aren’t many with a sound quite like 2NE1’s, ranging from an often more hip-hop influenced and “edgier” sound to powerful ballads (bonus song).
  • Shinee - boyband with some real upbeat pop bangers.
  • Dreamcatcher - a much more rock/metal sound, I guess you could liken them somewhat to Babymetal and the idol metal scene, but for K-pop.
  • Apink - very cutesy, probably the sound that springs to mind for many people when they think of K-pop?
  • Neon Bunny - synthy/electro pop singer-songwriter, I love her stuff so much; very chill, laid-back vibes.
  • Swings - rapper with some great bars and a lot of catchy beats.
  • GFRIEND - girl group whose latest EP “The Awakening” is super funky and well worth your time.
  • Kisum - rapper with lots of great catchy, upbeat songs. Lots of collaborations with other arists too.

Agh it’s so difficult to stop adding to the list, haha! Anyway that’s more than enough. Just explore and see what you like. I’m sure if you have questions about a specific band or style after listening to some people here will be happy to help you out!


Thanks @Y2Ken, @Clyde, and @RaidVelvet! :grinning: I’m sorry I left it so broad, I try to listen to all genres instead of boxing myself in. I’m gonna listen to some of y’alls suggestions now! I listened to some 4MINUTE on my own and I like them a lot. Also that famous 2NE1 commercial song.


Hyuna is in 4minute, she’s the baby-voice. She’s got a lot of solo stuff I like and I enjoy the Trouble Maker side-project.


Yeah, I know Hyuna’s style can be divisive at times but I love her stuff. Her latest project, Triple H (a trio featuring her alongside Hui and E-Dawn from boyband Pentagon), gave us one of my favourite songs of the year so far:

I’d also recommend checking out CLC if you enjoy 4Minute. They’re a lesser-known group - they’re not exactly the same thing as 4Minute, but they do have a similar sound, especially on their latest EP “CRYSTYLE” (which was produced in part by Hyuna).


I’m a Hyuna fan for sure and I’ll second the CLC recommendation. Hobgoblin is good stuff.


So with my previous experiences with Hyori as a solo artist being U Go Girl and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I did NOT expect to vibe with Black as much as I did. There’s something about the spaciousness? Sparseness? And heaviness that really hits me when I listen to it.

BoA’s track Camo doesn’t hit me as immediately, but I’ve felt it growing on me on repeated listens.


That BoA mv is totally my type of thing. I feel like she hasn’t done much lately that caught my attention, but in this I love the MJ-style, the imagery, and the dancing.


I thought about making a space-whale thread, but it’s not really in space and then I looked it up on TV Tropes and there are just so many examples of space-whales. I like to think that when we look back on the 2010’s one of the things we will remember was that space-whales went mainstream.


someone in my office just called the new blackpink track a ‘horrible song’ when it came on Beats 1, hold me back


I will not, you get’em.

I’m super into that Stellar song right now - their live shows have been super good, I love the outfits and choreo for this concept.

Very excited for the return of Red Velvet, too. It’s already been an amazing summer for comebacks. Worth checking out Hyolyn and Kisum’s Hot Summer Collabo too, if you missed it:


Red Velvet finally has their own V Live channel, and the first MV teaser for Red Flavor is out! (AND I AM HYPE)

Their first live performance of the song will be at the SM Town concert tomorrow, the MV drops on the 9th, Inkigayo performance is also on the 9th, and then the EP on the 10th.

It’s out!! Dare I say this is their most solid EP since… The Velvet? ICC? Ever?