Lets talk about KPOP


I’m not 100% how I feel about this, but I do really like Red Flavor & Hear The Sea. and Mojito I think?

Zoo sounds waaaaay too generic though…it’s like somebody found a template for an EDM song in 2017 and let the group sing over it


I super like Red Flavor, it put a smile on my face instantly (I love Rookie, but that chorus took a few listens to win me over). I think I’d still put the Russian Roulette EP top, but I like Red Summer a whole lot. Zoo and You Better Know are both pretty catchy. It’s great to have them back!


yeah the new red velvet is a great summer track. I miss their “trap” inspired sound though.



EXO’s new album is out today. I listened to it twice so I can’t really have an opinion yet but it seems fine with a few highlights.


ko ko bop is EXTREMELY good imo


So i’ve listened to the new EXO album about 5 times now and I like every song on it. I think it’s a great album. One thing I notice is that there are some really fun harmonies and timings.
My favorite at the moment are track 3.

“What U Do” has that awesome brassy synth hook charms me and the pull-and-clap beat just drives it so well. So groovy!


After two years, SNSD is back with their 6th album for their 10th anniversary.

Also Weki Meki’s four days away from their debut which means Yoojung and Doyeon will finally have debuted post-IOI.


I like All Night a lot. I enjoyed the “documentary-style” MV they put out for it but hearing it in its original form on the album really sold me. Also, here’s some other stuff I’ve been enjoying since last posting, while I’m here:

GFRIEND’s ‘Love Whisper’ has a really catchy hook in the chorus. It sounds a little like a track which could have been cut from Awakening for sounding too much like an amalgamation of several other songs from that album, but I’m still really enjoying it.

Dreamcatcher’s first mini-album, Prequel, came out recently. It’s well worth checking out and the lead track ‘Fly High’ is particularly good. If you haven’t listened to them, they have a rockier sound that definitely stands out.

Finally, 9MUSES put out ‘Love City’ - I really like the sound on this. It’s a shame 9MUSES have slowly lost members, but their recent work has still been stellar and I’d recommend giving this and their EP from earlier this year, Identity, a listen if you haven’t done so already.


On that note, the dance version of the MV was also revealed today.


I haven’t played this yet but I’m downloading it when I get home.


Bigbang are true heroes. Who can break as many records as them? Show our voice V.I.P!
They are my hero!


I am not a K-Pop fan by any stretch but my sister keeps playing this and it is a goddamn earworm. Also I think I might actually be liking this song https://youtu.be/bwmSjveL3Lc


Yeah, Black Pink’s output’s been pretty solid so far, though I by far prefer Whistle.

Was anyone else here drowning in Sunmi’s Gashina for a bit?

(Change up: The male and female back up dancers switched parts.)


time to get fucked up y’all

blew my brains out today though, can’t get over it at all


I didn’t like the first two Blackpink singles I heard but I really enjoyed Playing With Fire. I’m always surprised when I end up liking the third single but not the first two.


Kind of out of the blue but congratulations to Nu’est W on their first win !! Five years later !! Their story this year has been a wild ride and I’m so proud of them.



Come get these flamenco vibes.

The outfits and the choreo during the chorus make me anxious for another Automatic from Red Velvet.

EDIT: Man, how come the Japanese MV for Limitless is that much cooler than the original? It reminds me of a grimier version of Kara’s Japanese MV for Mr.

Also speaking of Red Velvet’s Velvet side, my post was only a good night’s sleep away from the teaser for their 2nd full album PERFECT VELVET.


The guitar sounds so clean and bright. I love how the bass and guitar and percussion do that thing.