Lets talk about KPOP


the new red velvet album slaps so damn hard.

kpop album of the year


I’m totally in agreement - did my K-pop toty list a few days ago and RV really took the thing over after a while

if anyone is interested x


Happy new year, peeps


What do you all think of the comebacks so far this year? I’m really loving Red Velvet’s Bad Boy, and I like Run It, even though it’s basically a Nike ad. I’m happy for Sunmi’s comeback as well, despite the controversy. And Hyolyn has a solo release out now!

As for the future, I look forward to what EXID will do (i hope solji can comeback soon), and CLCs next comeback.

Also…Bboom Bboom by Momoland keeps getting stuck in my head, and it’s such a weird song? But catchy?


I haven’t really been listening to much new outside of Chungha’s Roller Coaster, Sunmi’s Heroine, and RV’s Bad Boy. All of which I’ve enjoyed a whole lot. Heroine is really triumphant-sounding and catchy, and the whimsicality of Gashina’s switch-up choreography made a welcome return. Roller Coaster is a grower. And Bad Boy is really about to push RV to 2M followers on Spotify with a jump of like ~500K.

Apparently The Unit just ended so that’s two new groups to expect releases from this year. I’m not quite sure yet what that’ll mean for groups like Sonamoo, DIA, and Laboum, though. They’ll either go the NU’EST W route and keep promoting with one missing member or the WJSN/Gugudan route and have their members work double duty.


I really like the new Red Velvet and Sunmi, but I’m incredibly bad about keeping up on new stuff so I’m sure a lot of good stuff will slip through the cracks until late in the year.

Meanwhile I’ve been obsessed with EXO’s Power and TWICE’s Heart Shaker, even something really old like Bonamana.


Boss just dropped and it just immediately feels more accessible to me than Cherry Bomb was.


Bboom Bboom instantly grabbed me, it’s so catchy. The live version is definitely even wilder because of them yelling “GREAT!” at certain intervals between lines. But I love it to bits, really got me into Momoland.

2017 was an incredible year for K-pop, but 2018 has started out really strong too. Y’all have mentioned a lot of the big new releases already (Heroine, Bad Boy, Roller Coaster) but I’ve also been loving a bunch of others.

BoA’s Nega Dola is definitely my current favourite, BoA’s absolutely still got it and it’s catchy as heck. Cait Sith from Gugudan is fantastic as well; Chococo Factory was always going to be tough to follow but they did a fantastic job. I also got super into Oh My Girl recently, so I’ve been enjoying their latest album, Secret Garden, a fair bit even if it isn’t quite as stuck in my head as the whole of Windy Day still is.

Jimin continues to be my fav with the release of Hey, Moonbyul’s vocals blew me away in Mamamoo’s Paint Me and TWICE’s Candy Pop is a delight, though it bucks the trend of me liking each of their releases even more than the last. Definitely still a ton of fun, however!

Special shout out to Amber & Luna’s Lower, which came out right at the start of the year and is well worth checking out, I think it’s something quite a few people might have missed out on but it’s spectacular.