Lets Talk About Lancer

With Lancer’s crowdfunding campaign being wildly successful, now seems like a great time to talk about the newest Mech TTRPG to hit the block. So let’s talk about Lancer!

Got any hot takes? Deep thoughts? First impressions? What mechs do you like? What mechs don’t you like? How do you like the lore? If you got Lancer thoughts, I want em!

(my thoughts are just wow too many incredibly cool mechs I can’t pick which frame to get first)


The artist behind the TRPG is fantastic. They do a webcomic I read from time to time:



my only thought is that lancer is so goddamn cool and I can’t stop looking at it and I’ll never find a group to play it (irl at least)


I really need to get to it, but did they fix the weird “gender dysphoria as negative effect on a table” thing?


I ran Lancer on a pre-release build a bout 6 months ago and its real good y’all, and the shipping prices just dropped for overseas shipping!
My biggest recommendation that i can give is joining the official Discord its a super cool group of people and an awesome space i can recommend hanging out in.
As well as checking the resources hub there there’s some really good tools for running the game and they keep making more including a compendium+character builder called comp-con which is on itch for pay if you want and a whole bunch of other stuff, i think the roll20 formfill character sheet is up now too!

shill over but for real this is a great project with an allstar diverse artist cast and something worth paying attention to


I remember seeing this and actually tweeting about it basically as soon as it was brought to my attention. IIRC, the issue was that one of the negative things that could happen to pilots based on a random roll on a table was essentially a forced transition. I believe they took it out as an option once enough people pointed out how fucked up it was they even put that in as an option. However, I don’t know how the rest of the game handles the subject of gender.

Admittedly, Lancer looks pretty cool, but it also looks like a fairly systems heavy game with a set and established universe. Those tend to be really hit or miss for me, entirely dependent on whether or not the framework of the game in question is moldable enough for me to customize things; the things in question for this particular game being mechs and factions.

That, and just like every tabletop, the real challenge is finding a group, a time, and a place–and this includes Discord or Roll20–where we can all play it.


Yeah I heard about Lancer ages ago because I support the KSBD Patreon and they sent out in development rulesets. My group and I are pretty set on universal systems, though.

The game runs on a rules-light out of mech downtime phase ala blades in the dark where you have time to go do all the good roleplay stuff and then a medium rules gridbased tactical mech combat phase. and the true depth is in the progression and customization system which has loads to tinker with. its not as complex as say shadowrun or burning wheel with dicepools its all still d20/d6 roll based its not too hard

in terms of adapting it for the game i ran for a couple of months i ignored the established setting and put it into a sifi setting i was more familiar with and tweaked some stuff with scale and it worked just fine for my needs but im quite a combat focued gm and we didnt do a huge amount with the downtime stuff so i cant speak to that a huge amountbut with the rules light nature i bet it would work fine.

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Now that I’ve gotten a few sessions of Lancer under my belt I gotta say, I’m incredibly impressed with the modular nature of the mechs. My friends, who are playing some of the weirder mechs like the Balor and Goblin, are figuring out weird ways to mix and match mech parts. I personally didn’t think I’d be doing much of it since I’m playing the Tortuga, but I realized three different ways I could build my own mech in ways that I think are cool as hell.

If anyone is still on the fence about supporting the kickstarter, I can say that I’ve really been enjoying what I’ve played so far, the stretch goals have all been fantastic, and the very last one (which we’ve only got two more days to meet) should be great based off the track record.


I’m gushing about this game, despite likely never being able to play it in the near future due to probable lack of interest in meatspace, and no time to play it anyway due to parenthood.

There’s also enough in the setting and aesthetic to justify the backing of the campaign alone. Love reading it through an anti-fascist, leftist lens, especially since it seems like that’s the writers’ intent too!


In a quick pitch on the setting the Lancer twitter called it a “Communist Utopia” so I’d say it’s safe to say that’s the intent.