Lets Talk About Rainbow Six Siege


Recently, a day ago to be exact, I fell in love with Rainbow Six Siege. There’s no other way to put how I feel about this game now. Even just watching other people play it is extremely engaging for me now. I can’t even think of another FPS that’s so entirely built around the necessity of teamwork and strategy the way Siege is. I’ve also been thinking about what message this game is implicitly putting out into the world.

Siege has no single player. It does however have a lore that acts as a framing device for everything that happens in the game. An international group only known as the “White Masks”…exists and not much more than that. They’re not given any motive, political position, objectives, goals. They’re not people. They are however an excuse to form an ever growing army of super-cops. But it’s deeper than that. Siege is effectively a Hero shooter where the “Heroes” you choose from are agents the most elite police and military forces in the world, by name. SAS, FBI SWAT, GIGN, Spetsnaz, GSG 9, SEALs, JTF2, BOPE, SAT, GEO, SDU, GROM, 707th SMB.

These are all real organizations, most of them police, some of them military, and many of them intentionally blurring the lines between the two and more importantly blurring the lines between things like enemy combatant and criminal, terrorist and activist. Many of the organizations portrayed as larger than life hero archetypes in Siege have been accused of human rights violations and war crimes. And none of this is brought up at all, and no I’m not gonna give Siege a pass because it doesn’t have a single player campaign. Because it has a narrative, and in that narrative these real world giant powerful government organizations are given names and stories and distinct appealing character designs. Meanwhile the people they’re fighting, people who aren’t backed by some of the most powerful states the world has ever seen, people who are presumably just citizens of the countries in which they reside who’ve chosen to fight for something…those people aren’t even given faces.

I don’t think Ubisoft did this on purpose, but regardless of intent the message is clear. Siege is propaganda for every elite “counter-terrorism” force it portrays in it’s Operators. Thankfully the core of Siege revolves around these hero-like operators fighting each other, instead of gunning down people denied names and faces and humanity who never really stood a chance against the powers that be.


I really really love this game.


It’s very easy to fall in love with Siege. Siege has single handedly brought innovation to the oversaturated Tactical FPS genre. I just wish it was more self aware I guess.


I’ve never really thought about the fact that they use real-world government enforcement organizations. Now that you bring it into question, it seems like an odd choice.
I think the implicit message is much more the way the game suggests that these architectural structures change dramatically when they are fortified or sieged. The house-map is the best example. The way the master-bedroom closet becomes an inner outpost while defending changes what a McMansion means.
I see the game being a combo of G.I.Joes, Home Alone, and Die Hard. There is something really satisfying about playing out those fantasies in simulated spaces that are representative of real structures with non-siege purposes.
The trap-doors are always weird though (except on the boat).


Can we talk about how good their take on L4D is with the temporary new gamemode? It isn’t just something they threw together either, it’s 6 long maps with a good amount of VO. I would go so far as to say I might even like it more then L4D since the mechanics are so much better.

As far as main game goes I just started playing it about a week or two ago and I fell in love with it immediately. I used to really like playing CSGO with friends but this just feels overall better then CSGO to me. I think what really does it for me is that it caters well to all kinds of FPS players.

Do you just want to play co-op with friends? There’s terrorist hunt and the new gamemode. Do you want to play casually but not have the game balance ruined by doubling team size? The normal modes there for you. Do you want to play serious with a 5 man stack and go for the gold? You got competitive.

What ruined CSGO for me was the idea that you are either playing the garbage casual mode that ruins the balance of the game or you are playing competitive and you better all be on point. Siege lets me and my friends play the normal game while still being able to hold conversations and not let a loss get to us too much.

And to top it off it’s cast of playable characters are fairly diverse and no one feels like they are straight trash.


Games have taught me more about police forces than I ever wanted or expected to learn. My education started in Counter-Strike, as I selected the counter-terrorist skin that I thought looked coolest. I read of the SAS, the Spetsnaz, and the SEALs, gleaning historical info and training regimens from the brief descriptions of these skins. When the match midway point came and we switched teams, I wasn’t presented the same information. I chose from skins called the Arctic Avengers, and the L33T KREW. Just…some fake dudes. No historical context or known purpose. Targets, basically. And duh, they were the “Terrorists”. It was pretty clear who the heroes were.

Nothing’s really changed in the decades since. Games still refuse to even suggest that citizens are as (or more) just than police/military forces. Giving them a profile as real or as detailed as those given to military forces would be to give the player the opportunity to think for themselves about who the ‘good guys’ are. It’s easier to circumvent that moral conflict by defining it as canonical fact.


What really bothers me about this newest Rainbow Six installment continuing this horrible trend, is the fact that they almost broke it. Before Siege began production there was another Rainbow Six installment in the works called “Rainbow Six: Patriots”. It was going to be about a civil war in the US. They literally wouldn’t have been able to not portray the rebel factions as nameless faceless drones. But that got canceled, now all they’ve done is continue that trope of basically creating propaganda for warrior cops.


Gameplay wise, there’s definitely a lot to praise about Siege. And I do so a lot. Contrary to what my mostly negative tone in this thread might have you believe. Outbreak is incredibly good, good enough to be a replacement for L4D 2 as far as I’m concerned. Which is why it sucks that it’s going away.


youve done it. youve both done it.

i am going to play the problematic game


You won’t regret it. You hopefully will see the problem in presenting these hyper-militarized state forces as heroes, and their enemies as essentially not being people. But you’re gonna be spending most of your time using teamwork and tactics to beat opposing teams of players also playing as the same problematic archetypes you are, so it’s not something you’re gonna be faced with and have to try and ignore constantly.

It’s an amazing game.


cognitive dissonance, baby!! embrace it!


I just realized that this game casually depicts Chemical (Smoke) and Biological (Lesion) Warfare in this game. That’s an entire can of worms that I’m not about to open. It’s just something I realized just now and thought I’d share. It’s interesting to think about if nothing else.


You’re making me want to play the cop game. Don’t make me want to play the cop game!


Good! It’s a great game and constantly getting better. I want more people to play it. I also want more people (especially the devs) to recognize how and why this amazing game is also a massive piece of propaganda for some of the most powerful forces of the some of the most powerful states the world has ever seen.


Here’s something that hasn’t been brought up in this thread yet, how international the Siege community is.

I’m not sure if this is just the first time I’ve seen such a diverse community around such a traditional looking FPS, or if this really is something new and different. Either way it’s great to see. I’m not very engaged with the community outside of who I play with, same was true when I played CSGO. But this feels different. Siege doesn’t feel as toxic as I definitely expected it to. There’s also a surprising (to me) amount of women playing Siege. Not surprising in a “girls play video games!?” way. In a “A Tactical FPS that isn’t so completely toxic that it’s community constantly drives people away from it!? Wow!” kind of way.


Does Siege have dedicated servers (for example, are there clan-run servers with specific rulesets and stuff like that)?


I think of the R6:Siege community (PC) as being incredibly misogynistic and racist in their language and sense of humor. But maybe I’m just thinking of what it was like a year ago. I did go back into casual mode for the first time in months the other day and I was shocked that people were pretty chill. It used to be horrible in casual-mode (might still be).


It hasn’t always had dedicated servers but it does now.


I can’t speak for casual either. Haven’t heard much bad about it, but that’s not saying much. Standards for communities around games like this are really low.


The thing that kept me involved in Counter-Strike for probably a decade was dedicated servers. I had two or three primary clan-run dedicated servers I always played, and that was it. They were always populated by 80% the same couple dozen people, the server had strict rules about bigotry and TKing and that kind of bullshit, and there was always a moderator around to enforce them. Any time I ventured to some public server to try out a different map or mode, I was summarily disappointed.

I feel like a lot of the discussion around toxicity in online games is generally discussing public servers with no rules or moderators, and while I realize that’s the majority of servers, dedicated servers are not exactly an edge-case. People who are having difficulty finding anywhere to play that isn’t full of shitheads should pursue dedicated servers if the game offers them.