Let's talk about Space Adventure Cobra

A while back someone mentioned I should check out an anime from 1982 called Space Adventure Cobra. The US license holders had put the whole thing up on their Youtube channel. You can watch it here.

I just finished up episode 8 of 31 and it’s been a wild ride.

The show is EXTREMELY space opera. It’s dumb stupid fun that takes ridiculousness completely seriously. It’s basis cool space dude who does cool space things and fights cool space baddies. It was clearly made on a tight budget. Even for it’s time. But they do well with what’s there. The characters are all mostly one main color and not really shaded much, but the character designs are all varied and interesting. The world and it’s characters reminds me a lot of FatT’s Twilight Mirage in a way. It doesn’t have the deepest characters, but they all have flaws and (from what I’ve seen so far) are at least well done tropes.

Example or This

The plot is, Cobra used to be a pretty boy space mercenary and wielder of the “Psycho-Gun”, which is basically an arm cannon. At some point he was like “I’m done with this”, got a face change to a more average joe, and suppressed his memories. Eventually (the first episode), he regains his memories and goes back to a life of adventure and ends up on the hunt for some great treasure of legend.

Also the villain is named Crystal Bowie. He looks like this:

He’s a gold plated skeleton man who has a body of liquid like super glass.

I will point out though. It’s a product of it’s time. Women are not treated well. Most of the women are nearly nude and hyper sexualized. While they occasionally do cool or badass things, they’re almost always saved by the protagonist or fridged. One of the villains is a creepy raper guy that using mind control. I really wish it was better in that regard.

So! Have any of you seen it? What do you all think?

Only looked at it for a few minutes, but given the initial set up with the dream/vr thingy I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t seem to be trying to play with the “this whole thing is just the vr trip” angle at all.

I’ve only watched the first episode…it’s certainly dated, but the visuals are amazing for a show of its vintage

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The backgrounds are usually pretty nice! I also like that they tend to have a lot of varying characters on screen. It’s only really the henchmen that are clones.