Let's Talk About Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is a show about a boy whose mother was an alien rock. He is being raised by three other alien rocks who are trying their best. They try to protect the Earth and cry a lot and teach a lot of very good lessons. There are also a bunch of humans in this show who are very good and cool. Except Marty. Marty is the worst.

You can watch this show on Cartoon Network! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should, because it’s probably the best piece of children’s media in… ever? That might be a slight exaggeration. You can also watch it on the Cartoon Network app, where they sometimes put up new episodes early!

And, of course, there is a poll where you can vote for the Best Gem on the Show. I was gonna limit it to the original three, but I like Lapis even if a lot of other people don’t, and Peridot is delightful. So there you go.


No separate poll options for Ruby and Sapphire? For shame. Also voted for Garnet on accident but that feels about right anyway.


[spoiler]I wanted to avoid spoilers for one of my favorite moments in the show!

Though I guess I kind of did that already by including Lapis and Peridot.



arguably ‘aliens’ is a spoiler (it’s not explicitly stated for… a fair while, right?)
I voted pearl she’s my favourite yeah she’s kind of a mess but! aren’t we all!


This is a very cute show and I absolutely never want to read anybody else’s opinions about it.

Also they need to hurry up and put Lapis and Peridot in the intro already godddd also I feel like putting them in the poll is kind of a spoiler also???


I feel like it’s a very gentle spoiler, though. It doesn’t really mean anything unless you’re actively watching the show, and they tell you pretty early on why that’s significant.


This is a fair point!

[spoiler]But I don’t think it really qualifies as a spoiler, TBH? People could feasibly have liked Lapis or Peridot before Spoiler Things Happened, and their inclusion in the poll could reflect that!

…okay, reaching at straws here, I know. But I want to leave them in the poll now since people have voted for them.[/spoiler]


I voted for Amethyst because I really like her character arc of figuring out who she is and realizing who she is is perfectly fine.

Also spoilers for the latest Stevenbomb but Aquamarine is evil and terrifying and I love her. I find it interesting Blue Diamond’s court has a very British administrative theme going on too.


Apparently there was just a promo for a 1 hour special airing on Memorial Day. Get hyped.


that’s fair.
I just feel like, for me at least, part of the gradual wonder of the start of the show is not really knowing what gems are. They’re just, these cool magical ladies, who are here. Okay. And there’s hints of a larger gem society that used to be here? But what happened to them, why aren’t they here now.
Not that that at all is what draws me to the show (I love character and hate plot, give me townie episodes over Important Gem Stuff any day) but it’s like a background, wonder, yknow?


Haha I’m like the complete opposite. I like the slice of life episodes but I will always take a good lore dump.


Oh, and can we all come to an agreement that the most horrifying episode of this show is…

Cat Fingers?


What’s unnerving about this?


I like a lot of children’s shows, but Steven Universe is one of my favourites. It has its ups and downs, but between a cute and interesting lore, a solid dedication to and development of the non-Gem characters, and just some really good music, it is hard for too many shows to compare.

I voted for Pearl! Garnet was my favourite until Last One Out of Beach City, but Pearl was so good in that episode so she got bumped up to #1.


I really like this show but I have not watched it since the did the important plot bit with the cluster (I hope that is vague enough)

I accidentally voted Garnet instead of Pearl but they’re all excellent anyway. It’s the kind of show I wish had been around 10-15 years ago, same with Avatar and Korra.


Steven Universe is the best pick me up in the world if you’re having a sad day. I’ve only come to it in the past uhhhh year and a half or so, but I love it so much.

Also Garnet because she is the best.

I wish they put out some official blu rays for it. Any rewatching I’d want to do is contingent on an internet connection. Plus I just love having a thing for something I love, ya know?


in one episode (story for steven? or something) you can see greg has the picture ronaldo took of steven and his cat fingers up in his van. why would you want to keep this picture, greg, that whole ordeal was a nightmare


I actually found aquamarine’s voice acting to be pretty weak but maybe I just have really high standards for Creepy British Child Voice


i can’t beLIEVE amethyst is losing the poll.


Steven Universe is my favourite magical girl anime.
Also, what gives you guys? Pearl is getting robbed.