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okay you’re right


S5: What is Pearl going to do when she finds out Homeworld is a short walk away now? she built a spaceship out of garbage to get back there one time.


I’ve been catching up on this! I’m mid-season three, and [spoiler]when Peridot joined I was very pleased. As a villain I wasn’t too into her, but her antics after joining have cracked me up and I quickly fell in love.

I just got to Lapis joining up, too. Like, literally, about an hour ago, before I stopped for the night. I’m excited to watch the rest.

I’m hoping spoilers of two-season-old stuff aren’t a big deal here. Especially since both of these characters are in the poll. >_>[/spoiler]

EDIT: Eh, put em in spoiler tags anyway. I don’t care about spoilers but I know other people do!


I think that was the exact moment for me too. I don’t even care for wresting, but it was such a great portrayal of everything people actually like about its storylines.

And then the lore kept me hooked.

I liked the S5 stuff so far. When it was over I really wanted more. Lar’s arc has been really good.


I watch the show when my girlfriend remembers there are new episodes and we watch a bunch at a time. It’s a pretty fun show with a good message and well fleshed out characters.

The recent set of episodes did a good job of having a stand-alone character centric episode to flesh out a character and then directly after integrated that character growth into a story critical episode AND THEN gave that character even more growth in service of advancing the critical storyline. I was super impressed by that.

To be specific:The story with Lars and baking. It gave him a lot of depth. I like that it ended without him overcoming his fear because it made it more real. Then they seamlessly transition from that story to the central plot of the Diamonds and integrated his growth and used it as a method to resolve the conflict.


omg (s3 stuff) peridot and lapis showing off their art is killing me

i am slain


her bowtie is so good


I think (end of s2) Peridot yelling about Percy and Pierre was the most I’ve ever related to a fictional character. “It’s subtext, Steven”. God. Yes.


Steven Universe is personally my favorite show on television, regardless of genre medium or target ago demographic. It ticks all my boxes, they even had a giant robot episode! It handles so many different tones and weaves in between them so well, the dialogue is SO good. Lars and Steven’s conversation in “Stuck Together?” I was FLOORED at how real it got. And any time it gets real or emotional or scary it never feels like some forced “grimdark plot now” thing, the show is able to grab you and make you feel what these characters feel. It’s paced so good.

The character designs are so creative and varied and some people are annoyed at the lack of strict on-model continuity depending on who’s boarding the episode but tbh as an artist I love being able to tell who worked on it. To each their own, like it or don’t. The backgrounds are so GORGEOUS, this is a beautiful show. The score is so cute and chip-tuney and soft and the songs they have the phenomenal voice cast sing are so great, the gems are mostly voiced by singers and it’s such a nice casting choice that adds a lot to the show.

Just top to bottom a great show.


i’m all caught up on this show and ;___;


Lars man

Overall that was one of the better story arches they’ve done


Time to bring this thread back up after a year of silence! The new set of episodes that aired this week were absolutely fantastic even if they were overly sweet at times. I just really wish the airing schedule was a bit more regular, but I’ve gotten used to that while watching Adventure Time. Any thoughts about the new episodes?

The emotional arcs of Ruby and Sapphire were so touching to me as someone in a relationship where sometimes I feel like I need a bit of space and how that space can actually make you two closer. Also, I know that marriage isn’t the end-goal for many relationships and has it’s problems, but the wedding was so beautiful including the swap of what they usually wear for Ruby and Sapphire.


i liked the cowboy episode most. it kinda matched the uniquely bittersweet tone of the show more than the more action-filled episodes that followed? all “yeah i can totally make it on my own” followed by “i can’t. i lied. help”… it spoke to me quite powerfully.

also this is my first time in this thread and amythest is losing the poll??? how dare you waypoint


Amethyst had some awesome moments in her episode with Steven this week including her amazing suit with a scoop-neck shirt and tied up hair for the wedding! She’s really grown in the second half of the show so far.


Amethyst crushed it imo her episode was great.
It was good episodes all round but I’m bitter they teased and did not deliver rainbow quartz


Chiming in to say I loved the music (as always) in this new set of episodes! The country-ish Ruby Rider was both fun and affecting and something a little different. And I loved the choreography for the love song before the wedding.


How did this show end up? Worth watching? I have seen many a thumbnail on YouTube saying something along the lines of “Stephen Universe is Garbage” but reading this thread it seems most of you all really like it?


Opinions are opinions, but that video is dumb. Steven Universe is incredible.


I mean your first mistake is paying any attention to YouTube thumbnails

yeah it’s a good show! it’s sweet, and funny, and nice, and etc. you read the thread I guess


It’s definitely worth watching, even with some of its flaws. It started off as cute light fun and season 2 hits and you suddenly get drawn way the fuck in. When you zoom out and actually look at it as a whole it has hella pacing problems but fans that watch it week by week (or used to until all of the damn pauses in production) were along for a really enjoyable ride


what is UP steven universe thread. january’s new episodes of over. season 5 is over? and while I’ve kind of been losing enthusiasm for this show, those last 4 episodes (/single 4x length episode) was some incredibly top-notch stuff imo

spoilers, natch:

so, first of all: love everyone’s new forms. pearl’s jacket, amethyst’s cutoff shorts, garnet’s slightly over the top visor, lapis’ gold details, peridot’s dorky attempt at cool glasses. it’s all good stuff.
also love: the new fusions. I’ve been waiting for rainbow quartz forever and they did not disappoint. sunstone was perfect. OBSIDIAN (I’m fairly certain most fanart I saw of The Temple Fusion went light with the gemstone - Angel Aura Quartz or stuff like that - going dark was INCREDIBLE. (and you know, is a contrast to White Diamond or whatever)).

(what about the actual plot) URGH FINE:
white diamond was legitimately terrifying. her whole demeanor, the control - I’m kind of a sucker for Stepford Smiling and she did it great. I also really liked the colours in her chamber - the bright light making everything kind of washed out and slightly fuzzy, giving it all kind of an old-school cartoon vibe?
Steven and His Gem was… very good. (and they really went All Out on animating the reunion, huh? wow)

I would be happy if that were the end of the show. Yes, there’s more they could do with the uncorrupted gems, and the new fusions, and they kind of threw in Lars’ return, but I’ve felt about ready for it to end, and that was satisfying to me.
I think we’d have heard if this was The End, so I don’t think it is, but I’d bet it was written as an ending.
(I know there’s the movie but like, The End of the show… with the movie as a post-script or standalone thing, you know)

Steven Universe: It’s Good