Let's Talk About Steven Universe


I thought the new super-episode was a great ending! Then I went online and saw there will be a movie and rumors of another season?? I love this show but I’m pretty confused about where they go from here now that the diamonds have been convinced to help Steven and it makes me a little worried


yeah it ruled

i have no idea where they go from here - this feels like the first time in the show’s history everything’s been wrapped up and all the questions have been answered. it seems like they can either focus on the rebuilding and adapting to change, or they might just. throw an entirely new Big Bad in? or maybe both. i feel like “hey what are you gonna do now that your eyes have been opened to the damage your empire has done. also empires are bad” should be addressed in more depth.
i don’t know how much control Sugar et all have over this as a single coherent piece given Cartoon Network definitely wants to milk this thing for as much as its worth
furthermore i would be very disappointed if this show finishes without peridot and lapis in the opening sequence at some point


there is one way for this series to go and that’s to pump up the anime, especially with the new looks


Bismuth is love. Bismuth is life. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


I’m just glad that Peridot is happy.


Until Steven and Connie kiss, the show can not end.


Set your eyes on me, Homeworld! I, Peridot, have returned, not as your servant, but as your savior!


I wanna cosplay dandy Rainbow Quartz so bad oh my god. Gives me real Taako from Adventure Zone vibes. Also holy shit the way Obsidian makes their sword???


It was very good. I think one more season as a sort of epilogue, maybe even with a slight time jump would be a good way to cap it off.

Maybe it’s just the basic shonen lover in me, or the times in which we live, but I wanted more of an altercation with White Diamond, like a real fight. I keep waiting for Stevonnie to be the win-in-a-pinch final form even though I know it’s not that kind of show.

Still, the way they keep seeding Rose/Steven’s power to gift/burden inanimate objects with sentience, the literal objectification of most gems–literally building their cities out of living beings–and White’s totalitarian control… It might be a lot to ask, but I want Steven to be confronted with issues of class and situations where am empathetic change of heart falls short. The corrupted gems on Earth are healed, but there’s still god knows how many gem cities where the walls are literally alive. Even the bridge had a face!


So much of the Giga-SU episode was such big trans feels to me. Coming back to a place that feels familiar but doesn’t feel like yours. Being called the wrong name all the time, and even when someone does call you the right name, they do it like they’re just indulging a childish fantasy. Being expected to do things and act a completely different way and perform an identity that isn’t yours.

I was so relieved when Steven refused with his Gem construct and became himself again. I was terrified Rose or Pink were gonna make a reappearance, and it felt so fucking validating when that didn’t happen. When White asks where Pink is and Gem!Steven replies that she’s “gone” and then screams it just so she gets it? That was such a mood for me.


Yeah, one small moment in this special that really stood out to me also was Blue finally respecting that Steven isn’t Pink and calling him by his actual name, but still (seemingly unintentionally) misgendering him.


If you need more Steven Universe in your life, I recommend checking out the comic. While it’s a pretty typical hit and miss licensed comic, they relaunched it in 2017 written by noted NB webcomic artist Melanie Gillman. They only stuck around for the first 4 issues, but those are REALLY good, especially #2. They are all low-key Beach City stories, which is a nice change of pace for the recent Homeworld craziness. You owe it to yourself to read at least #2, which involves Stevonnie going to prom. I was able to get it from my library digitally, so you might not even need to pay for it!


Hey, Steven Universe thread! I don’t really have anything new or interesting to contribute, but I just watched the whole show in the space of about a week, and it’s now one of my all-time favourites! Also, mega disappointed that Amethyst is losing the poll!!! She’s been my favourite gem for pretty much the whole show, and this specific moment:


Kinda cemented her at the top spot, well, forever, heh.

Anyways, on a mostly unrelated note… Does anyone else really wanna see the love triangle rom-com anime that this show is clearly a sequel to?? I love the flashback episodes dealing with Rose and Greg’s relationship, and Pearl’s It’s Over, Isn’t It? is easily one of the most powerful songs in the whole show.