Let's Talk About The Star War

Attempting to crystalize my thoughts on this series. I think I was one of the few people, outside of the group I’ve been watching the show with, who really vibed with the early episodes. Certainly, the show doesn’t have the polish of the first season of The Mandalorian, nor was it exploring themes as interesting as perhaps the Knights of the Old Republic games or innumerable books. But I quite liked this story of a bounty hunter who has gained an appreciation for the world and the value of his labour - this idea that these crime lords never paid him enough for the danger he went in for them, I think, is reflected in the way he reacted to the Mods being underpaid for the jobs they were doing before he hired them.

Obviously, I hardly expected Disney to give me a Marxist critique of the Star Wars universe, but I think there’s still a good story in there, and I think it meshed well with the wholly positive view of the Tusken raiders offered and carried over from the second season of The Mandalorian. It’s fun, and the performances sold the ideas in places where the script and edit perhaps began to fail it.

But while episode 5, at least, stood as a decent episode of the Mandalorian if a somewhat meandering episode of The Book of Boba Fett, these final two episodes just… felt like the MCU, overladen with references and full of crucial character development for characters who are going to have their own show. The Book of Boba Fett is essential to the watch order of The Mandalorian, in the way WandaVision is likely essential to the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange. And, whether you consider Boba Fett’s arc or its numerous flashbacks a strength or a flaw of the series, I think it’s a shame that the show lost its character. Especially since that character was played by Temuera Morrison, who remains my favourite part.

Anyway, Olyphant is the thing that saves Cobb Vanth for me, so perhaps his inevitable show will be a bit of fun. Agree with @MattadorD though, would like it to be off Tatooine, especially since I imagine the Obi-Wan show will also primarily be set here. It’s a big planet, but with all the crossovers and cameo appearances, it’s starting to feel a bit crowded.


I thought they would lace the last episode with way more cameos, so I’m sort of glad they didn’t. When Luke’s X-wing turned up, I was like, here we go again, so the fact he just had R2 drive was quite funny to me. Kid doesn’t want to be a jedi, take him back to Tatooine. No, I don’t want to go back there. I have a friend who is currently 20 whatsapp messages into explaining every single plothole in what he thinks was a lousy climax to a show that disrespects the legend of Boba Fett. Eh… maybe… I think Temuera Morrison is better as a noble character but still think the show could have been nastier, rooted in crime lord stuff may have been more interesting to see a more roguish Mandalorian next to the actual Mandalorian.

I did enjoy all the bits with Mando and Fett shooting up the streets together, another reason why there needs to be a Mando video game. My guess is Cad Bane will come back someway, he seems too interesting a villain to dispose of, but haven’t finished the clone wars, so don’t know what his arc is. What if Cad Bane joined forces with Boba Fett and all the other bounty hunters for payback against the Empire? That would be the ulitmate riff on Magnificent Seven.

Nice one in saving the day with your Rancor Boba, but do you think you want to come back and stop it rampaging across the city streets and eating everybody now? cheers - your motley gang of allies.

Favourite thing was the end credits music. The main theme of this show was a bit of a grower but I gradually found myself singing bom badada bom with the passing of each day. Loved the final episode rendition where they reveal the true intention of the theme music to just sing Boba Fett over and over again. Not on spotify yet… but it’ll be going into my favourites when it does.


IIRC the backpack/tubing apparatus he has is some pretty heavy medical augmentation thing where like he has like a redundant respiratory system and stuff so I’m sure he’ll be back. He has enough of a cult fandom from the cartoons that there’s no way they bring him into live action just for those two or three scenes.

Plus it would be in line with the show’s inconsistent writing making Boba out to be a complete moron that he wouldn’t make sure the guy that gave Boba that dent in his helmet is dead for real.

I agree about the show’s tone too, the Clone Wars show itself had much meaner violence shot in a more adult way several times and that was a kids show. Boba’s hands stay weirdly clean throughout the series considering his character. Then he went to all this work with Fennec throughout the series and then at the end is just like this doesn’t suit us, like what was the point of him even doing any of this? I really felt like he was so absent and hands off for so much of the show because there was going to be some crazy machination that would come to ahead in the last two episodes but then Boba would reveal it was taken into account already and reveal some actual endgame or plan he was building towards the whole time.

I don’t know, show was goofy fun and I dug it I wish they just gave it some more time in the oven before starting filming.

Was fun to see Amy Sedaris and David Pasquesi together in a few scenes (he was a main character in “At Home With Amy Sedaris)
I bet they would never have guessed they’d be together again in a frickin Star Wars serial.
One one hand the very unflattering makeup is very on brand for her, but on the other I kind of wanted her to be some kind of wild almost unrecognizable alien.
She’s my favorite character in the ungoing series, Filoniverse, whatev.

Only if they enlist Walton Goggins to be in it as well.

“We farmed moisture, Cobb.”



Amy Sedaris in these shows as a broad comedy character gives me severe “Art Carney in The Star Wars Holiday Special” vibes.

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This Place Was Home - by ND Stevenson - losing it.


Bumps the thread for Obi-Wan, because Ewan McGregor is looking great in this trailer.

Watching it, though, makes me wish Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, etc. were basically a very elaborate, fully-developed Star Wars version of What If…? “What if Boba Fett survived the Sarlac and was saved by Tusken raiders?” is basically the premise of that show, and while not intrinsically against the canon (he’s old enough that I doubt he’d live to Force Awakens, regardless), it certainly skirts it a bit by having him live at all. And having Obi-Wan need to deal with Vader feels like it could almost be as bad as Anakin and Grievous’ never-the-twain-shall-meet schtick in Clone Wars.

Like, the Disney canon is a hot mess, anyway, I’d just like them to have fun with it.

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I would love a Star Wars ‘What If…?’. I think the closest we’ve got is the Star Wars Visions anime anthology, though that’s more “canon doesn’t matter” than exploring specific alternative history scenarios.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Obi-Wan: not necessarily that it will turn out great, but that at least the premise isn’t inherently flawed and we won’t have to deal with the Anakin/Grievous situation again. I saw a reasonably compelling argument that it actually makes sense for Obi-Wan and Vader to have met between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope based on dialogue from the original film. But that argument was on Twitter and finding old threads is a nightmare so I forget the exact points that were made!


I expect there will be some cheeseball “You still have much to learn” line after Obi-Wan cleanly defeats Darth Vader and that’ll be them attempting to land that plane.

I am cautiously optimistic. A lot of my issues with The Book of Boba Fett had to do with them not really knowing what to do with Boba Fett as a character because there was so little for them to hang their hat on. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, is arguably the most well-defined character in the Star Wars universe. Ewan McGregor’s a great actor who loves the role and James Arnold Taylor has been a superb steward of the role in Ewan’s absence. And the Rebels (or slightly pre-Rebels) timeframe is a really good spot to stick Obi-Wan - what would get him to break his watch over Luke? What’s going through his mind right now? The Jedi lost - what now? I think if they can answer these questions in a compelling way and hide it from Dave Filoni they might be able to justify this show’s existence


Finally got around to watching Season 7 of Clone Wer.

MAN, I was about to turn it off during the whole Prison Sisters plotline. That arc was absolutely atrocious. Bad Batch arc was fine, but it seems like it belonged early in the series.

But oh my GOOOOOD. That final 4 episodes. Incredible. Disgustingly bad uneasy vibes throughout, and then Filoni was like, “What if I put the Blade Runner soundtrack in here?”

Loved it.