Let's Talk About The Star War

sees star wars drama trending on twitter

I think we should end the star wars.

The Star Peace? The Star Ongoing Trade Negotiations? The Pax Astra?

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A memory called Star war


While I think it suggests a worsening of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the USA I think it’s important to remember that it’s a pipe dream and not actually workable


I’m gonna start shit on Twitter by openly weeping about boba fett or whatever…

Actually holy crap the “Pax Astra” is a really good name for…something. I need to go write now.

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Only tangential to the Star Wars but I watched the new Cartoon Saloon movie and, oh yeah, just like the last episodes of Rebels had a lot from Secret of Kells, Wolfwalkers is, as you might imagine, wolfy enough that Filoni is going to be all over that and in five years one of his projects will totally reference said film and I’ll be the only one calling it out with “Filoni, you magnificent bastard. I read your book!”

Also, Wolfwalkers just rips. Beautifully animation, as always, good story, and all in on the postcolonial dream of Oliver Cromwell being attacked by wolves.


For the love of… First Dragon age and now the Star War? Why am I always the one who has to rez these threads with double posts.

Massive Entertainment got called up for Ubisoft’s Star Wars open world game and the commenters on Kotaku are pointing out that the design of current AC incarnation would rip in the Star Wars.

On the one hand, do you really want to trust Ubisoft with anything anymore? Probably not. On the other, is Massive a skilled and versatile studio and do The Division 1’s highs outweigh its lows? I think so.

Gerighty says the new game will be a “departure from the world of The Division ,” and “totally different” from what the studio has made in the past.

Ah, but I wanted to be the overpowered secret police flavor of Jedi.

Well, here’s hoping it’s set on a snow planet. Massive’s Snowdrop Engine is good at snow and little else.

Anyway, discuss.


I really dislike the Division’s everything, so this does not strike me a great match of studio to franchise? OTOH, I’m totally okay if the Star Wars license becomes a bit less sacred. I’d love to see more studios take a crack at seeing if they could make a good Star Wars game, and an open world Star Wars game is more or less what a lot of people have wanted for a long time.

I’m excited that Lucasfilm is replicating the “Marvel Games” model that brought us Marvel’s Spider-Man, both because I think it can produce great things under the right circumstances (i.e. don’t let the business model eat the game). I’m also excited to see what somebody other than some poor EA studio gets to do with the Star Wars license.

As for this game in particular, I didn’t super love either Division game (for a variety of reasons), so I don’t really have anything to say yet.

Yeah, I’m not loving the idea of the Division people doing a Star War – or really any Ubi studio until they get their shit straight over there, by which I mean purging Yves Guillemot and like half of the rest of management, which is of course never going to happen – but OTOH this is probably going to just be the first of many non-EA Star Wars announcements. That prospect is something I do find very exciting.

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I mostly enjoy Ubi’s open world formula, at least for the AC games. I’m imagining a Star Wars game where you would have a cool droid buddy instead of a raven/eagle doing the aerial stuff. I just hope it’s a full single player thing. I’m not interested in a Star Wars division at all.

But yeah, hopefully Ubisoft does sort their shit out. Yves needs to go.

Broadly excited by the idea of non-EA produced Star Wars games, less excited for Tom Clancifying the Stormtroopers or whoever. Still, at least Ubisoft will bring something different to Star Wars, even if I have no faith in them bringing something especially interesting.

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Ubisoft’s politics are the most nebulous thing about them, honestly. Same publisher that made Wildlands made Watch_Dogs 2.

Dunno what to expect with their star war


“When the Empire fell, did you have a blaster? Did your neighbour?”

Really, at this point I think Watch_Dogs 2 was a fluke in Ubisoft’s mire of eye-rolling politics.

Well, at least this game will look different. I was getting sick of the Frostbite Engine. Any engine where I can recognize it just by visuals has outstayed it’s welcome. Yeah, I’m also looking at you, Unreal Engine 3. Gears of War never actually looked good and your shine shaders were always shit. So help me if the Mass Effect remasters don’t have better looking windows.

There’s a concept art for The Division 2 that has American flags around the Washington Monument. They’re either rightside up, inverted, half-mast, full mast, or some combination of the four. It is a perfect illustration of Ubisoft’s stupid attempts to say their game’s aren’t political.

Now imagine that image but with Imperial flags.

Edit: Hey, you know what’s actually bugging me about the Star Wars? There’s still no proof that Jango Fett wasn’t some rando bounty hunter that stole that armor, pretended to be Mandalorian, and was even specifically denounced by the Mandalorian government of the time. People are acting like Boba proved it in that episode of the Mandalorian but all he shows is that Jango put his name on the armor so Boba is right that it’s his by inheritance. There’s nothing saying Boba didn’t inherit stolen armor. Bo-Katan still has all the reason to murder his ass.