Let's talk about variety shows

Hi, everyone~

Some people like watching movies on TV, others series, other documentaries, but I always favored watching variety shows.
As I grew up in Brazil, I’d love to sit in front of the television with my family and watch our variety shows. As the years went by, no new, creative and exciting shows were appearing, and I stopped being into them until years later when I discovered shows from other countries (american, latinoamerican, japanese and korean shows), and my passion was renewed :smile:

Right now I’m binge watching Crime Scene, a south korean show where the members have to solve a fictional murder while also roleplaying characters related to victim, including the culprit, by analyzing alibis, evidence, and interrogating each other. The third season started last Friday, but I’m moving through Season 1 now.

Now tell us: are you into variety shows? What other great shows do you know? Maybe would you want recommendations?

Thanks for participating!

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My boyfriend and I burned through all of The Genius, which was some of the best television I have ever watched. Lately I’ve been watching a bit of Running Man, and I really enjoy it, but it’s so daunting since there’s a million episodes and they’re all very long.

I have yet to watch The Genius!

During the holidays, I binge watched the last 4 years of 1 Night 2 Days, which is a little similar to Running Man, and those were long too, haha.

The genius is on YouTube! And it has so much entertainment value and (especially from season 2 on) some amazingly designed games to play along with.