Let's talk Fire Emblem Heroes?


Love Live is the only one of these that I’ve stuck with. Like you said, it’s just a fun rhythm game! It’s also pretty good about the free gems and frequent events. Helps that I also already care about the LL characters so playing to get the new stories is a big draw too.


So my Twitter feed has exploded with Nintendo UK excitedly revealing that you can now get some of the characters in swimsuits! Hurrah!


hell yes swimsuits give it to me i want a swimsuit corrin riding on a wyvern so I can give her the blue swords and team her up with people with hone and fortify fliers and get an extra 30 damage on all her stuff


Shout out to another Love live fan. Couldn’t keep playing with how slow it was getting new characters.


Gotta admit I really enjoy how the story points around the swimsuit units involves a very base admission that this is fan service that Anna (a stand-in for the developer) is pursuing strictly for profits.


I think I liked the first round of swimsuit designs a little better, but sure I’ll roll on some of these new ones too once that first set rotates out (with earned orbs, obviously, I’m still adamant about not buying stuff because I need to not fall down that hole).


this game is pretty cool! it’s pretty simple in its core concepts which makes it easy to get into and the story may not be the deepest but it is engaging and i’d like to see where it goes next. also: hoping they release libra soon

my favorite thing about it as a person who has only played fire emblem: awakening is that it introduces me to characters that i’ve never seen before and makes me appreciate them. it hasn’t gotten me to play another fire emblem game yet but it’s tempted me. the sheer amount of characters i don’t know about can be bewildering though especially since it’s pretty light on information about them

all that said i’ve stopped playing it a lot aside from getting my daily gifts and playing any new paralogues and story chapters that come out. it’s a little light on things to do that interest me on a daily basis and i’m not attached enough to the franchise to get past that. the gacha game that i play the most is fate/grand order instead, since there’s a lot more trivia on the characters available in the game and a lot more to do though it’s much more of a mixed bag in terms of character design*

*it’s fanservice hell


I guess I’m the type of person in Heroes that always get back into the game for the events. I don’t do regular plays as often as I should (Hench the trash collection of units). I’m wondering if I’m not alone on doing this kind of playing in a game like Heroes.


The events always get me back as well. That and the end of every month when I need to finish the quests before they expire. It basically all comes down to the fear of missing out on easy orbs and rare units.


Is the trivia in Fate/Grand Order related to the historical figures or the characters of the franchise? I am watching the show for the first time and am intrigued but don’t know if the game would be too overwhelming in terms of material I don’t get.


a bit of both! the servants are of course based on historical and mythological figures but fate tends to have its own (sometimes hilariously bizarre, check out thomas edison) interpretations of this. you don’t need much or any knowledge about the fate material the characters are from to understand them though. many of the servants are fate go exclusives as well. as far as the non-servant characters of the franchise, they’re sometimes referenced but i don’t think previous knowledge of them is not required as fate grand order is not connected to any of the other storylines in the fate universe

however the rules of the world and its magic can be confusing if you haven’t watched one of the animes (fate/zero or unlimited blade works are good starting points) or read the fate/stay night VN first so i’d suggest having at least that much background knowledge since the fate/grand order english localization doesn’t do the most coherent job of explaining the basics. if you’re watching one of the shows right now and understanding it you’re probably good though

sorry everyone this was a pretty long post not about fire emblem heroes to put on a thread about fire emblem heroes! uhh my favorite unit that i have right now in FE:H is gaius but he really isn’t great. if anyone else uses gaius and has found a good strategy with him please advise so i can never bother to level up any of my better units


I checked it out for a little last night… not crazy about the sprites and combat animation and wow buddy I think “fanservice hell” might be a polite understatement. I may fiddle with it a little more this week but I feel like I have only got the mental capacity for one gacha game and it’s going to be Heroes.

Speaking of Heroes, has anyone had any luck with a team of flyers? As the month comes to a close, I am struggling to complete the challenge of winning the 9th stratum 15 times with a team of flyers. I have four 4 stars (Caeda, Subaki, Cordelia, Michalis) and they seem really really really pathetic. I haven’t done anything to improve these units because it feels almost pointless and I am planning not to spend any orbs until 2018 (we’ll see how far I make it…). I don’t know if I am looking for suggestions so much as griping.


That’s less because you have a team of flyers (unless you’re just running into a lot of archers) and more that the 9th stratum with a team of four stars is rough. You probably won’t have much luck unless you get one or two of them to five star.


I haven’t done fliers or armour this month. Fliers seem like the toughest for me since there are no healers and no dancers, which seem to be a key in most builds, at least for me. I have upgraded some of my fliers though, since A. my barracks are full and B. two of my first five 5-star units were fliers, so they have SP to blow. Reposition is a good perk for them since it allows them to move ground units past obstacles.

I really need to work on my armour group. I only have two level 40s, and one of them is bronze. I’ve got 2 more in the low 30s and the final two are below 10. I just got a 5 star Sheena and she seems useless.


Fliers are definitely still a challenge for me, but they’re really improved by movement support skills like Reposition or Draw Back. Those moves really let them abuse terrain by, say, attacking from a mountain tile and then pulling back out of range from the unit they just attacked.


Reposition. Hone Fliers. Fortify Fliers. You have the most mobility and they get +6 to every stat by being good friends that enjoy each other’s company.


I only have 15 orbs for hero fest because I was trying to orb snipe for Summer Corrin or Xander and didn’t get them anyway.:sob:


I have around 40 orbs right now and am telling myself I won’t spend any until 2018 (thought it would be fun to save up for a few months and splurge) but hero fest is gonna be awfully tempting.


I seem to be a magnet for Green Tomes. I haven’t spent any money on orbs and have 5-star Sonya, Julia, Merric x2 and Elise (Summer) to go along with my 4-star Soren, Boey, Merric again, Nino+, Robin and Cecilia. There’s only so much green tome a guy needs. Sonya is probably my best mage overall.


Sounds like a pretty solid haul. I have like 4 or 5 four 4-star Cecilias at this point. I am a little torn as to if I should turn the one I actually use into a 5-star or just merge them all at 4-star. However, these little deliberations are why I like the game. I was going back and forth on whether or not I would sacrifice a Subaki I had to my Reinhardt for Quick Riposte so I could clear the Infernal rank BHB. I ended up doing the SI but it wasn’t necessary for my final strategy!